"My dog LOOOOOVES this food. It's amazing that it is so healthy for him and convenient for me!"
"My dog LOOOOOVES this food."

Sundays for Dogs Reviews

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2467 reviews
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  • Pavel T. for Quito, Onyx Verified Buyer
    excellent food!
    Add other flavors (you already working on it)
  • Dan for Mochi Verified Buyer
    I love my dog and want the best for her
    If the ziplock component on the package was easier to close.
  • Victoria L. for Ginger, Ginger Verified Buyer
    It's a good service
    Nothing would make it better
  • Kathy S. for Tuffy, Curly Verified Buyer
    Sundays is awesome
    I love it just the way it is
  • Gisele S. for Nubbins Verified Buyer
    Sundays is definitely preferred by my dog over other foods
    I think Sundays is fine the way it is.
  • Jane M J. for Emmie Verified Buyer
    Sunday’s is awesome because the ingredients are designed to meet my dog’s nutritional needs, and my dog loves the taste
    Ordering is easy and delivery is exceptional.
  • Karen W. for Lucy, Ricky Verified Buyer
    Sunday’s is a Awesome dog food!
  • Christina M. for Ringo Verified Buyer
    My picky eater loves Sundays....
    It would be great to see Sundays come in other proteins like chicken or lamb or duck.
  • Lisa S. for Jack, Verified Buyer
    My dog loves Sunday’s
    Sunday’s would be better if it came in different flavors.
  • Annie N. for Bijou Verified Buyer
    I like the ingredients and the manufacturing process of Sundays dog food.
    Would love to have other flavors, my dog gets bored with same food after a while.
  • Bobbi P. for Bailey Verified Buyer
    I love Sundays because it is convenient and easy to use. My dogs love it. They think it’s a treat rather than a meal.
    Unfortunately, many times I end up with a lot of powder in the bag. As expensive as it is, that can be a real negative to the buying experience. I’ve mentioned it in the past, but it seems that it is a byproduct of the drying process and may need some more tweaking.
  • Alexis B. for Coci, Coco Verified Buyer
    Something my dog will eat!
    Variety needed.
  • Teresa F. for Doogie Verified Buyer
    Sundays is awesome because...
  • Elizabeth T. for Wesley Verified Buyer
    It is a very high quality dog food!
    Change the texture so that the pieces do not break and crumble.
  • John L. for Benji Verified Buyer
    My Dog Loves It
    I was having some problems receiving my supply of Sundays on time. This last batch arrived the day after I had used the last of the previous box.
  • Vickie M. for Ebby Verified Buyer
    Easy to serve, healthy, real food, fun company
    My picky eater’s first tail wag was with Sunday’s !!!
  • Laurie H. for Charley Verified Buyer
    Sunday’s is awesome because my Charley loves it!
  • Amy M. for Bailey Verified Buyer
    My dog acts like she is getting a treat every time I feed her!
  • Sharon T. for Zeus Verified Buyer
    Dogs enjoy a little sunday everyday
    Other meats would be great
  • Patricia A. for Missy, Josey Verified Buyer
    They love Sundays!
    Pretty good now!
  • Alan A. for Dobby Verified Buyer
    Sundays is the highest quality food I can feed my dogs.
    More recipes!
  • Barbara B. for Oso Verified Buyer
    Sundays is awesome!
    I can't think of a way you could make it better...
  • Ronald L. for Piper, Pippin Verified Buyer
    Double Orders
  • Edith H. for Angus Verified Buyer
    Sundays is extremely responsive to individual need. They expedited my shipment without extra cost when I needed this to be done because I was running out of food! Thanks to Brittany and her team for their spectacular service!
  • Marvin S. for Eli Verified Buyer
    Healthy delicious food
  • Lois T. for Charlie Verified Buyer
    Sunday’s is a great dog food all good ingredients
    I miss the box there is powder in the bag from the shipping food broken down
  • Scott L. for Chief, Bear Verified Buyer
    The Best Dog Food bc it's Real Food
    The website is a bit difficult to deal with, and the logistics need improvement as you grow.
  • Leslie S. for Dakota & Lola Verified Buyer
    Sundays is awesome because their food is human grade quality.
    I wish that the food was more affordable. I have 2 rather large dogs, which makes this a true luxury. But, if it can benefit them in the long run as far as keeping them healthier, that means less trips to the vet.
  • Linda T. for Coco, Lola, Doti Verified Buyer
    My dogs love it. Of all the foods I have tried my smallest schnauzer, Coco, it is the only one he likes. I give a little to my other two for treats.
    If I could afford to get more of it I would.
  • Laura B. for Maddox, Finnegan Verified Buyer
    My picky eaters LOVE it!
    Both of my dogs absolutely love it! I am able to stop buying treats to train them now, bc i use it as treats! I was using raw food and was tired of begging them to eat it everyday. I have never seen so into food before!

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