"My dog LOOOOOVES this food. It's amazing that it is so healthy for him and convenient for me!"
"My dog LOOOOOVES this food."

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  • Mary B. for Peabody Verified Buyer
    My dog loves it no worries
  • Colleen D. for Cooper Verified Buyer
    small batch
    well I did quick my subscription bc it always arrived totally crumbled no pieces just crumbles
  • Lara W. for Nettles Verified Buyer
    Not sure yet— we are relatively new.
  • Sheri L. for Henry Verified Buyer
    It’s easy, and most importantly it is good for Henry!
    There were some variety like maybe turkey instead of all beef all the time
  • Leah L. for Kala Verified Buyer
    Kala loves Sundays.
    More recipes?
  • Joan D. for Sophie Verified Buyer
    Sunday’s Review
    To have less crumbs would make it so much better. Another plus would be to have another flavor choice.
  • Emily B. for Groot Verified Buyer
    Totally worth it!
    More flavor options
  • Thomas S. for Ida, Ida Verified Buyer
    Sundays dog food is the best !
    I don’t think you need to change anything with this dog food . But I might add . How about making treats for dog’s ?
  • Jana W. for Meeko, Mango, Coco Verified Buyer
    Coco, Mango and Meeko like it
    Cost less?
  • Michelle H. for Ziggy Verified Buyer
    Wonderful for picky eaters
    You added some more products! No complaints here.
  • Brenda M. for Addie, Jack, Cali Verified Buyer
    Sunday's is an awesome product
    The dogs love it, just wish it was cheaper so I could afford to feed all 3 of my 50 lbs.+ dogs complete meals, not just 1/3 of their meals.
  • Eve A. for Boris, & Mc Queen Verified Buyer
    Doggies love Sunday’s
    The idea of chicken sounds good and the amount of crumbled in the bottom of the bag is a money waste Boris doesn’t mind it sprinkled over his food but McQueen only wants chewy l
  • Jessica H. for Bandit Verified Buyer
    I feel confident that I’m feeding Bandit something that doesn’t just taste good- it’s also good for him.
  • Debra W. for Zacky, Winston, Riley, Zoe, Isabella Verified Buyer
    My five dogs love Sundays
    I have four poodles and a miniature schnauzer. They simply love the food. Hopefully one day the price will be a little bit better so that I can afford to feed it full-time.
  • Marion C. for Dolphy Verified Buyer
    It is human grade food
  • Milo F. for Milo Verified Buyer
    Milo loves it as a topper or as a meal.
  • Beth W. for Roxanne & Jasmine Verified Buyer
    Great product
    Price is prohibitive for a lot of people (especially with big dogs who eat more)
  • Gail B L. for Penny Verified Buyer
    No issues!
  • Carol R. for Schatzi Verified Buyer
    My picky eater loves this!
    I really can’t think of how it could be improved. The size, texture, and taste are spot on!
  • Rhonda T. for Stoli Verified Buyer
    Sunday’s is terrific!
    Keep up the great work! Loved the little box personalized at Christmas, how fun!!!
  • Bethia B. for Dierks Verified Buyer
    My picky eater loves it!
  • Robin M. for Curry & Endal Verified Buyer
    My dogs think this food is a special treat every time.
    I can't think of anything other than lowering the price but I do think the value is there as it is.
  • Linda L. for Sadie Verified Buyer
    Sadie loves Sunday’s
    Right off hand I cannot think of anything.
  • Jesse B. for Chili, Pup Verified Buyer
    Clearly the best dry, portable food
    There were some kind of "filler" to increase the volume a bit without increasing the calories. The correct caloric requirement for my pup is a very small volume of Sundays (which I learned the hard way by overfeeding and now hitting a weight issue). Using cheerios or another food is suboptimal and has me having to measure using a scale.
  • Jacqueline B. for Pepper Verified Buyer
    My Pepper loves this food...finally cleans his bowl as soon as I put it down.
    My dog likes it just the way it is.
  • Phyllis D. for Noelle Verified Buyer
    Sunday is great because if dehydration food
    Make it easier to switch if I want a different menu
  • Jeanette O. for Max, Darwin, Iris Verified Buyer
    Hugh Quality Dog Food
    Perhaps Sunday can expand into supplementing their dog with a bone broth. Obviously, I wouldn’t raise your prices more than where it is at, but a variety of different flavors would also be helpful.
  • Sarah J. for Aston Verified Buyer
    My dog loves Sundays!
    Compostable packaging or non-plastic bags
  • Ingrid V. for Meep, Zephyr Verified Buyer
    Sundays is my dog's favorite dinner!
  • Linda T. for Coco, Lola, Doti Verified Buyer
    My dogs love it. Of all the foods I have tried my smallest schnauzer, Coco, it is the only one he likes. I give a little to my other two for treats.
    If I could afford to get more of it I would.

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