Air-dried, human-grade dog food from a veterinarian, an engineer, and their scruffy pups.

After our dog got sick, we—Dr. Tory Waxman, a veterinarian and Michael Waxman, an engineer—became obsessed with finding the best dog food: something healthier than kibble, but easier than home-cooked foods. When we couldn't find it, so we made it.

The Fam

Tory Waxman, VMD

Co-Founder & Chief Veterinary Officer

Dr. Waxman is a practicing small-animal veterinarian.

She received a BS in Animal Sciences with Distinction in Research from Cornell University and her vet degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where she did original research at the Penn Working Dog Center. Tory completed her internship in veterinary medicine at the world-renowned Animal Medical Center in New York City where she treated an actual lame duck and saw a hungry snake that hadn’t eaten in a year.

Tory grew up outside of Chicago with chocolate labs. She’s not sure why she ever gave up her first job, which was as a dog beach attendant on Lake Michigan. Over 9 years ago she rescued a mixed breed terrier named Mabel who is obsessed with tennis balls. Mabel is also her tireless running buddy who completed a 14-mile run while Tory was training for the Chicago Marathon. Tory enjoys dog training and competing in dog sports such as agility and dock diving.

Michael Waxman

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael’s first word was dog. He grew up in Ohio with 6 family dogs.

Michael graduated from Yale University and became a software engineer and product designer. Previously, he started the group dating app Grouper, which was funded by Y Combinator, featured in The New York Times, and parodied by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Michael first became obsessed with dog food for his pit mix named Stevie. Currently his BFF is a lab named Schuyler.


Chief Tasting Officer

Mabel is a mixed breed of who-knows-what, but looks like a terrier. She would do literally anything for a tennis ball. She kind of resembles the Hollywood dogs from Benji and Anchorman, but she has no acting talent that we know of. She was runner-up at both the 2018 and 2019 AKC Dock Diving National Championships. Maybe she can win in 2020! Also known as May-Pole, May-Bull, Table Tennis, Tennis, and Bullhuahua.


Assistant Lab Manager

Schuyler, aka "Sky," is a small labrador retriever from Canada. She loves anything to do with water, retrieving things, chasing birds and a variety of dog sports, but, surprisingly, doesn't like hockey. Also known as Schuyler Sister, Ski, Skylos, and Sky-tie.

Our Mission

To make it easier to be an awesome dog parent.

Sundays Values

Lived, not barked...


The Best

Only the best for our best friends. The best ingredients. The best science. The best customer experience: for humans and hounds alike. The best for the best.


Be Easy

Like a Sunday morning. There's nothing wrong with being lazy. Just ask a pup. We work hard so that you don't have to. Sound familiar?


Love like a dog

We love our dogs, but we can't compete with how they love us. Unconditionally. It's something us humans could take a lesson from.


Let's Play!

We're always ready to play. We never take ourselves too seriously, even though we're very serious about making the best food for dogs out there.


All in the fam

We treat dogs and customers like family.

Aren't you a lucky dog?

Made for dogs. Designed for humans.