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"Even picky eaters will go berserk"

"Easy for me and healthy for him" - Kate Bosworth

Healthy Without The Hassle.

Dogs are family, not pets. They deserve real food, not kibble. But who has the time for dealing with the fridge, prep, and clean-up?

Cleaner Ingredients, Cleaner Bowls.

From Our Family To Yours

When Dr. Tory Waxman, a veterinarian and her husband, Michael couldn't find the perfect food for their own two dogs, they decided to make it.

What People Are Saying
...On Behalf Of Dogs.

  • @jamiejchung
    This food has cleared up his itchy red spots. This is NOT an AD... Thank you for caring enough to make quality foods for pets!
  • @lilybug_lqb
    Her skin and coat improved when we transitiond to Sundays!
  • @pupnamedhattie
    I'M SHOOK. It looks and smells just like human beef jerky! Your dog will think it's treats
  • @voyagewilder
    Sundays is easy to store and makes feeding time quick without taking away what makes a raw diet great! The jerky-like food is a huge favorite in our house and even our pickiest eater has no complaints!
  • @jeditheshihtzu
    It’s air-dried, so it’s easy for me (no refrigeration, prep or cleanup needed), but also healthy for them (no artificial ingredients, locking in peak nutrients).
  • @susieq_the_aussie
    I’m not kidding- this is the first food that Susie literally drools over when I get the box out.
  • @vontuckerpup
    No crazy scientific chemicals or additives but instead I was reading off things like: beef (one of my proteins of choice), kelp (amazing for keeping those teeth white!), blueberries, carrots, and so many other household names. Why is that? Because Sunday’s is human-grade dog food.

Because They'd Do It For You

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