"My dog LOOOOOVES this food. It's amazing that it is so healthy for him and convenient for me!"
"My dog LOOOOOVES this food."

Sundays for Dogs Reviews

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  • Sammi W. for Tucker Verified Buyer
    He actually thinks it is a treat!
    Tucker loves his new food. He begs for it daily. His feet used to smell like corn chips and he bit at them daily. The smell is gone and he doesn’t bite them. His coat is softer as well.
  • Christine N. for Lokis Verified Buyer
    Great food
    My super picky furbaby loves the food. He is also a grazer and will return to his bowl multiple times a day and nibble so I love the fact that i don't have to worry about it spoiling before he can eat it all.
  • Lisa K. for Nina Verified Buyer
    Best poop my puppy's had
    You guys are great but it would be great if you made it more easy to control how frequently and how much food you get. I know you can by talking to customer service, but it would be nice to control it yourself.
  • Tammy V. for Coco Verified Buyer
    For the first time in 3 years, our shorkie went right into this!! She loooves it! If you have a picky eater, this may be your resolution!
  • Sandra W. for Fancy And Reece Verified Buyer
    My pups new favorite!
    I first time we tried Sunday’s for Dog was when I received a sample from Pinchme. My pups have been in love with this food because it is real meat nothing more nothing less. As a dog mom, knowing there is no added fillers or chemicals our dogs don’t need. I believe in this food so much, I purchase more for our girl pups. If you have a picky eater, try Sundays for dogs
  • Ann M. for Bridget, Danee, Kacee, Luckee, Rudee, Rylee Verified Buyer
    Sundays is amazing food esp for picky eaters
    My Danee, is spoiled, more than the rest of my dogs ( for a lot of reasons she says!) Danee is 12.5 yrs old and has always been a very discriminating eater. She just Loves Sundays!! And has since the first day we tried the sample box. Actually all of my dogs love it and they range from 9 months to 13.5 years. The only drawback is the cost of such quality. Because of that they all get it as a special meal on - you guessed it- Sundays. That is except Danee. My excuse is she is recovering from knee surgery and we needed to make sure she ate nutritious meals. And eat it she does !! 2x a day every day her bowl is empty. Danee is the mom or grandma if all my dogs, but Bliss, so of course she needs THE best food and Sundays is it!
  • Cissy W. for Stella Mae, Stella Verified Buyer
    Stella Mae Approved!
    My little Cockapoo absolutely got so excited at the first taste of Sunday's food which was a relief for me. It has been a breeze transitioning her over from her old food. I now feel better knowing that Stella is getting quality ingredients and better nutritionally sourced food that is convenient to use.
  • Hayley S. for Tito Verified Buyer
    We love Sundays!
    Sundays is easy to serve, no prep involved. Tito is always running around in circles with excitement while I'm putting it in his bowl. He is usually the pickiest when it comes to food and stops eating it after a few months - I've tried so many brands before landing on Sundays. He can't get enough! Happy pup, happy life :)
  • David Barnes for Jasmine, Marley Verified Buyer
    Jasmine and Marley found their foodie!
    We went from making homemade food and probably switched a little faster so the first couple of days they were being very picky which I read as them not liking it so I canceled my subscription. I continued to feed what I had left and on the 4th day they were picking out the Sundays and leaving the rest. I called customer service and reinstated my subscription. Now they attack their bowl and leave it clean. It's also great to not have to refrigerate their food. My wife and I are truck drivers and not having to refrigerate their food is a super benefit!
  • Julie C. for Katie Sue Verified Buyer
    Finally, I don't have to beg her to eat!
    Katie loves this food and eats every bite. She doesn't look like we're starving her! Well, except while she's eating! Love the convenience, too.
  • Ward L. for Cooper Verified Buyer
    My cooper gets so excited about this she loves it!!
    Fast service and my dog loves it !!
  • Gail B L. for Penny Verified Buyer
    No issues!
  • Cosby P. for Dakota Verified Buyer
    He is now excited for his meals
    Good. No complaints
  • Tia A. for Dug Verified Buyer
    My picky eater loves this food!
    My dog is the pickiest eater, so much so he will refuse to eat at all. I switched to Sundays and he gobbles his food down at every meal and is finally gaining weight. He has energy and his coat is very shiny.
  • Susan O. for Tj And Eve Verified Buyer
    Both dogs love this food
    Excellent response and always helpful
  • Deborah A. for Ruby Verified Buyer
    Our Dog LOVES the beef SUNDAYS! Gobbles it up like a steak dinner! Eventually we will try the chicken, too, for variety.
    Now that the product comes in little pieces, the serving suggestions should be updated, as more food fits into a cup now. Instead of 1/2c, Ruby only needs a little less than 1/3c. Luckily I have a kitchen scale to accurately measure her portions so that she doesn't gain weight. The website needs to be more user friendly. A product page that clearly states what is offered, the sizes, nutrition, servings chart, and the cost.
  • Christine W. for Mango And Luke Verified Buyer
    Luke and Mango approved!
    I received my first order and was hoping my pups would like it because of the healthy ingredients. This food di not disappoint! Typically their food is topped with cooked ground beef. The first day, we followed the 75% current kibble/25% beef Sundays. We didn't top with the usual ground beef, so we !weren't sure how they'd like it...turns out they LOVED it! To see my one dog especially, who's a very picky eater, droll over this food, was great. We're very impressed and happy there's a company dedicated to our pups health!
  • Corie K. for Max Verified Buyer
    Best dog food ever
    The only downside is the cost- I wish it was a little more affordable, but it's worth it for him to be so excited to eat. There were also issues with shipping delays in the beginning but the customer service team was very responsive and helpful.
  • Sharon Y. for Zoey Verified Buyer
    Sundays is awesome because
    Zoey can't wait to eat it! Zoey never ate her breakfast in the morning. We would come home from work and there would still be kibble left in her bowl. Now she wakes us up in the morning just to get fed! It's like a treat for her. In fact we have begun using Sundays as a treat....why not?!
  • Veronica B. for Hannah Verified Buyer
    She surprised me
    From the very first bite of Sundays, Hannah has shoved her usual food to the side and eaten Sundays. She may or may not go back and eat her usual food. She’s hooked.
  • Olga H. for Alpha, Lina, Tom, Lemon Verified Buyer
    Sundays is the best!
    Sundays would be better if it offered other flavors but Lemon doesn’t care as she is happy with the beef flavor. I think the Sundays paper could arrive more than just once with suggestions and stories from customers.
  • Linda H. for Millie Verified Buyer
    No more IBS symptoms
    Food excellent. Easy storage, she loves the food and looks so much better. No more rx diets and drugs that only treat symptoms. Staff friendly and helpful. Website and pricing nearly impossible to negotiate without staff help. Way too complicated. Need to simplify process and have a better way to calculate how much to feed. Example- check calories you are feeding now by looking on the back of your current dog food. Give an accurate calories per ounce of Sundays. Then you know just how much to feed. Use an inexpensive small kitchen scale for Sundays. Much better than measuring cup. Make it easier to buy and calculate food needed per day. Otherwise, well worth the expense.
  • Mtn Grrl for Bailey Verified Buyer
    My new dog gobbles it up!
    I recently adopted a new dog. At first I fed him the same thing his foster home did, which was Fromm, but I knew I wanted to try something healthier than kibble. For my previous dog (who crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this year) I was feeding Nom Nom (fresh food) until his food allergies developed. Then I started making his food from scratch. The former was great except that storing it became problematic when I moved into a really small home with a small freezer; the latter was worth it, but obviously a lot of work (at least a couple of hours every Sunday, plus the aforementioned freezer issue). For the new pup, I wanted something simpler. A while ago a friend mentioned Sundays to me, but I couldn't use it for Duncan because of his allergies. When I adopted Bailey, I decided to give Sundays a try. We didn't even make it through the entire 10-day transition period, because Bailey would pick out all the Sundays and ignore the Fromm. So now he's loving meal time, and I'm loving the simplicity of feeding him.
  • Aysha W. for Doggy, Gucci Verified Buyer
    My little girl loves Sundays!
    I’ve been looking for a healthy alternative from the fresh dog food I’ve been feeding Gucci because I’m starting to travel a lot and her refrigerated food makes it hard to travel with. All if a sudden Sundays popped into my social media and I thought I would give it a try. I’m so glad I did! Gucci loves it and no digestion issues during the transition phase. When I ordered it, it came super fast! I was worried after seeing how little I was supposed to feed her but I guess because it’s nutrient dense they don’t need as much. So, don’t be alarmed when it looks like it’s not enough to feed your furry family member. Thank you Sundays for making a great, healthy, premium dog food for my little girl that is easy to store and travel with! It’s just what we needed!
  • Rhonda T. for Stoli Verified Buyer
    Sunday’s is terrific!
    Keep up the great work! Loved the little box personalized at Christmas, how fun!!!
  • Debbie G. for Frieda Verified Buyer
    Frieda loves Sundays
    I recently rescued Frieda from Texas. She adores her meals. It is like having treats for dinner. She gobbles it up in no time and doesn't have any digestive issues.
  • Teresa T. for Echo, Enzo Verified Buyer
    Picky Eaters
    Some of my batches have more crumbs than while pieces
  • Elizabeth T. for Wesley Verified Buyer
    It is a very high quality dog food!
    Change the texture so that the pieces do not break and crumble.
  • Barbara Q. for Zuna Verified Buyer
    Sunday makes Zuna sit up!
    Easier open & close bag
  • Brandon K. for Milo Verified Buyer
    My picky dog goes crazy for this
    I'm currently feeding my dog freeze dried Primal and he seemed to be getting tired of it so I ordered a sample of Sunday and I've never seen him get so excited to eat. He acts like I'm giving him a treat. Great so far so I ordered a box.

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