"My dog LOOOOOVES this food. It's amazing that it is so healthy for him and convenient for me!"
"My dog LOOOOOVES this food."

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  • Katie for Freddy and Hudson Verified Buyer
    I didn't think I could be convinced that a dog food would make such a difference, but I was definitely wrong.
    I think Sundays has created monsters out of our dogs. They wake up every day SO excited to eat their breakfast, which was a definite change! Hudson has been a bit of a nervous eater since we adopted him at 6 months old, but he gobbles down his Sundays faster than anything I've seen. Freddy is getting his puppy energy and back at 6 years old, and his coat is becoming super shiny and soft, thanks to Sundays.

    I didn't think I could be convinced that a dog food would make such a difference, but I was definitely wrong. I (and the pups!) are so happy to have found this amazing product that makes them both happier and healthier.
  • Sam for Shelby Rose Verified Buyer
    Shelby is obsessed with Sundays!
    It was difficult to transition her because she would just pick out the Sundays and not eat her old food. We used to free feed her but now she finishes her meal as soon as we put down the bowl of Sundays!
  • Bowie via Jess Verified Buyer
    I love my new food so much, I think they are treats
    It smells so much like human jerky that I had to tell my humans that it was not for them. I love my new food so much, I think they are treats. But, I also know that my food is nutritionally balanced and healthy for me and allows me to lead my best dog life.
  • Angela Verified Buyer
    My dog LOOOOOVES this food.
    It's amazing that it is so healthy for him and convenient for me! Will tell all of our dog friends too!
  • Dan for Zoe Verified Buyer
    Woah - Zoe loves Sundays!!
    She's a big fan. I might eat some... looks great. Like beef jerky. We've been joking about bringing it to Burning Man. But we actually might do it. One of the cool things is that it looks and smells like her high-end treats. So she literally thinks she’s eating treats. Which she loves.
  • Aneesha for Gideon Verified Buyer
    Absolutely love Sundays!!
    Sundays has been the best dog food I could get for my dog, Gideon. Before Sundays, I had to choose between kibble that Gideon detested eating and wet/fresh food that he loved, that threw his bowel movements out of whack (no matter how high-brow I went with the can). Now, Gideon is excited for every meal (he loves the taste of Sundays). And for me, he poops every time we go on a walk, which means I have much less dog poop related anxiety. Absolutely love Sundays!!
  • Marci for Angie Verified Buyer
    Angie loves Sunday’s so much that by the 2nd day she refused her regular food.
    She left it and came back to it later in the day when there was nothing to eat but that!
  • Dan for Coco Verified Buyer
    She would move all the Purina aside and only eat the Sundays
    When we were trying it, she would move all the Purina aside and eat only the Sundays. Keep in mind that we often supplement Coco’s kibble with rotisserie chicken - so this is a very discerning, high class pup :)
  • Rebecca for Matador Verified Buyer
    Thank you so much for the hard work and effort that went into creating such a clean and tasty food for dogs. Well done!
    I got to try a sample of your food, and my dog went nuts. He’s a picky little guy, so it’s always good to find something he loves!
  • Erin for SPCA Cincinatti Verified Shelter
    SPCA Cincinnati Loves Sundays!
    We see a lot of scared and nervous dogs. We had some boxes of your food donated to us, and we have been AMAZED to see how much the dogs love Sundays; we like to give the dogs treats and food to let them know we aren’t bad guys and to provide a happy first experience as we know how scary the shelter can be. We’ve been astounded at how much even the most of nervous of dogs will eat Sundays. Some of them prefer Sundays over wet cat food which is really amazing.
  • Leslie for Meg Verified Buyer
    Forever grateful for more time with Meg
    Unfortunately our dog Meg became very sick in her last few months and refused to eat anything, not even steak. We tried Sundays and Meg took to it right away. Having her appetite back meant that we got to spend one last summer with her and we are forever grateful.
  • Matt for Abby Verified Buyer
    My dogs are obsessed!
    Finally I don't have to wait around and see if they decided to eat. It is now a delightful frenzy as soon as the bowl goes down. I have wonderfully picky dogs that will happily go a day or two without eating for whatever dog reasons they have. That happens no more with Sundays for Dogs! Good poops and good energy.
  • Alina for Emma Verified Buyer
    It’s the food she looks forward to the most
  • Dawn for Murphy Verified Buyer
    From the packaging on the outside to the yumminess on the inside Sunday's is like a box of sunshine!
    He loves the taste of Sundays! He gets so excited for mealtime!

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