"My dog LOOOOOVES this food. It's amazing that it is so healthy for him and convenient for me!"
"My dog LOOOOOVES this food."

Sundays for Dogs Reviews

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  • Antonia M. for Tesla Verified Buyer
    Nutritious, properly balanced, digestible dog food
    My dog is a 70lb. American Staffordshire/American Bulldog mix. He has a sensitive digestive system, and it is very hard to find a non-raw food that is near as healthy and free of synthetic and non digestible items. A full raw diet is too expensive to purchase as pre-prepared patties for his size. I can't feed him chicken every day. This food is expensive, but not quite as expensive as raw, and less than freeze dried for sure. Properly formulated air-dried food is the next best choice, and the Sundays food ingredients are safe enough and contain no synthetic vitamins. He loves it, and digests it well as I can see by his poop. I am looking forward to other meat choices for him. It would be nice it their business grew a lot so they could discount the food a little more, or even reward regular customers after a certain number of purchases.
  • Edith H. for Angus Verified Buyer
    Sundays is extremely responsive to individual need. They expedited my shipment without extra cost when I needed this to be done because I was running out of food! Thanks to Brittany and her team for their spectacular service!
  • Matthew S. for Toby Verified Buyer
    Former picky eater is now a clean plate ranger
    Toby used to barely touch his old food, and if he did, it wasn’t till late at night. Now that we switched to Sunday’s, I can barely put the bowl down before he’s going at it. It’s such a relief that he’s excited to eat now. It also seems like he’s more energetic (in a good way!) and I swear he’s been shedding less since the switch. On top of all of that, the customer experience and service has been top-notch. Can not recommend enough. Dogs deserve to love their food, too!
  • Deanna H. for Griffin Verified Buyer
    Best food ever!
    I LOVE this food. It is nice giving him food I know is healthy and not full of fillers and junk. Since it is a dry food, my little grazer can continue to graze and I don’t have to worry about waste which also helps the budget! Griffin loves it as well - he still thinks they are treats and not “food” (and I am hoping he never catches on!). Total value and worth it!!!
  • Kevan L. for Murphy Verified Buyer
    Can't imagine life without Sundays
    We are huge Sundays fans. Our dog has always been a careful eater, packing food around the house in his cheeks to eat it on soft carpets far from his bowl. With Sundays, he gobbles it right down -- it's too tasty to wait. Plus, the best part is that he's healthier, more active, more energetic, and his best self when he's on his Sundays food vs. other store-bought / generic food. We love Sundays!
  • Judith L. for Buddy Verified Buyer
    I am thrilled with Sundays
    I have a very picky eater puppy. It brings me such pleasure to see his clean plate each day now that I am feeding him Sundays.
  • Jamie B. for Beacon Verified Buyer
    Sundays in truly quality and the difference is visible
    I can see, feel and smell the difference between sundays and other brands. I think the dog can do. I know the nutrients are still in the kibble and my dog is way more excited about Sunday’s than any other brand
  • Karen K. for Rosie Verified Buyer
    My Frenchie love Sundays
    It’s so easy to store and feed. It took some hit and miss to find the perfect serving to maintain a healthy weight. She eats 1/3 twice a day.
  • Wanda M. for Kaya Verified Buyer
    Sundays has been great for Kaya
    Kaya actually eats and enjoys this food.
  • Hayley S. for Tito Verified Buyer
    We love Sundays!
    Sundays is easy to serve, no prep involved. Tito is always running around in circles with excitement while I'm putting it in his bowl. He is usually the pickiest when it comes to food and stops eating it after a few months - I've tried so many brands before landing on Sundays. He can't get enough! Happy pup, happy life :)
  • Salina S. for Jedi, Tim Tam Verified Buyer
    Finally a human grade, all natural, limitedly processed food I care about!
    We’re a raw-fed household here, but sometimes preparing fresh meals isn’t possible, so we’re always looking for a convenient (but just as nutritious) option for the pups. I was so excited to hear about Sundays for Dogs, a new, all-natural, human grade food made by a veterinarian and an engineer. It’s air-dried, so it’s easy for me (no refrigeration, prep or cleanup needed), but also healthy for them (no artificial ingredients, locking in peak nutrients). We all love the jerky-like texture which makes it easy to eat on its own or inside puzzle toys and snuffle mats. We’re on the subscription plan for additional savings and peace of mind. Highly recommend!
  • Trish W. for Bishop, Finley, Ozzy Verified Buyer
    My dogs LOVE it!!!!!
    We have three dogs who are all very picky. They have never been able to all love one food so we had multiple kinds of dog food at all times. I have tried cooking for them, and I have tried every food. What I love the most is that with three dogs ~70 lbs each, most of the "delivery" dog food companies were way too expensive and Sunday's offers an affordable option for high quality food. Also, this company has been awesome to work with helping me get the scheduling right and the feeding amounts so we always have fresh food on hand. I highly recommend giving it a try!
  • Wendy C. for Amber Verified Buyer
    Sundays is awesome!
    I love the values of this company and the process they use for making the food. The ingredients are real food of excellent quality and my dog loves the taste. The food itself is fantastic for the way I feed, which is not in a standard bowl. The pieces can be easily broken up and fed for training treats or other enrichment activities. Any small bits that end up on the bottom of the bag are perfect for mixing into the filling I use to stuff toys like Kongs.
  • Jane M J. for Emmie Verified Buyer
    Sunday’s is awesome because the ingredients are designed to meet my dog’s nutritional needs, and my dog loves the taste
    Ordering is easy and delivery is exceptional.
  • Ann M. for Bridget, Danee, Kacee, Luckee, Rudee, Rylee Verified Buyer
    Sundays is amazing food esp for picky eaters
    My Danee, is spoiled, more than the rest of my dogs ( for a lot of reasons she says!) Danee is 12.5 yrs old and has always been a very discriminating eater. She just Loves Sundays!! And has since the first day we tried the sample box. Actually all of my dogs love it and they range from 9 months to 13.5 years. The only drawback is the cost of such quality. Because of that they all get it as a special meal on - you guessed it- Sundays. That is except Danee. My excuse is she is recovering from knee surgery and we needed to make sure she ate nutritious meals. And eat it she does !! 2x a day every day her bowl is empty. Danee is the mom or grandma if all my dogs, but Bliss, so of course she needs THE best food and Sundays is it!
  • Vickie M. for Ebby Verified Buyer
    Easy to serve, healthy, real food, fun company
    My picky eater’s first tail wag was with Sunday’s !!!
  • Beth M. for Huckleberry, Pocket Verified Buyer
    We all love it!
    I feel like I trust what is in it, and our dogs LOVE it. Mealtime is a treat that we all enjoy. Not just a chore.
  • Sharon Y. for Zoey Verified Buyer
    Sundays is awesome because
    Zoey can't wait to eat it! Zoey never ate her breakfast in the morning. We would come home from work and there would still be kibble left in her bowl. Now she wakes us up in the morning just to get fed! It's like a treat for her. In fact we have begun using Sundays as a treat....why not?!
  • Kathryn L. for Milo, Timber Verified Buyer
    Sundays has been amazing!
    We love the ease of not having to refrigerate anything and yet has the nutrition of real food. Once a picky eater no more with Sundays!
  • Diana L. for Lotus Verified Buyer
    We love Sundays!
    I love this food! I have been searching for years for healthy & safe prepared dog food, and it has finally arrived. It is with peace of mind & heart that I add Sundays to my dogs home made food. It gives her the extra density needed & the moment she tasted it, she ran to the pantry to find the bag. So grateful to Dr Tory, Michael and Mabel & Sky for giving us a healthy option that dogs adore. Thank you.
  • Jodi S. for Bella, Boo, Toby Verified Buyer
    Love , love love!
    Wholesome and real! Beat for my dogs and super easy for me! Win win!
  • Donna H. for Rascal Verified Buyer
    Rascal loves this food.
    I like it because it is easy and It is high quality food that is good for Rascal’s health .
  • Laura W. for Lexi Verified Buyer
    Lexi loves her Sundays
    it is so fresh and healthy for her
  • Kyle B. for Joan Verified Buyer
    Great customer support, great product
    My toy poodle Joan is a picky eater. There were a couple brands of chicken flavored kibble that she would eat, but some days she wouldn't eat until it seemed like she was starved and had no other choice. This has all changed thanks to Sundays! Joan is finally eating in regular portions at a regular time. I feel less stressed, her energy levels have improved, and her general health and weight seem much better.
  • Allison P. for Tasman Verified Buyer
    Game changer!
    Our Aussiedoodle is not motivated by food. His full bowl of kibble would sit around all day, untouched. Our vet commented that he was underweight and that we'd need a new food solution. Enter Sundays and flash forward to present day. Tasman is at his ideal weight as healthy as he's ever been and he's absolutely obsessed with Sundays! So happy to have found this brand - it's been a true game changer for Tasman's health.
  • Alexis D. for Abby And Tucker Verified Buyer
    Sundays is the everyday treat in our house
    Our dogs go nuts when they see us reach for the Sundays bag. We use it as a topper to their dry food and they went from picking over hours to eating the entire bowl within minutes of setting it down. It’s easy to break apart into smaller pieces for our 11 lb pup or for us to use as treats. It’s very easy to see that it’s high quality food. I highly recommend Sundays and I think our pups would agree.
  • Shawna C. for Sailor, Dino, Bailey & Joey Verified Buyer
    Sundays is amazing because it's good for my pups
    I'm always looking for the healthiest, easiest and most cost effective way to feed my pups. With 4 mouths to fill (2 of which are Great Danes), we go through a lot of food. I've fed everything from kibble to raw. In my opinion, raw is the healthiest, but it's not always the most convenient. I think Sundays fills that gap perfectly. We're getting ready to take a road trip with our dogs and I love knowing that I have a great food that's easily transported for them to eat while we're on vacation. And all 4 of them love it!
  • Darla P. for Lo La Verified Buyer
    Love Sunday Dog Food
    My dog LoLa is a very picky eater! I’ve tried many different dog foods and this is the only one she loves! She has been on it about 2 months! It took about a month to totally transition. The only down side is that her bowels are very, very soft and hard to pick up......but guess that’s better than her being constipated!
  • Kellyann K. for Chloe Verified Buyer
    My dog is always happy to get Sundays mixed with her food or as a treat!
  • Melissa K. for Gemma Verified Buyer
    They LOVE it!
    Thank you for making a great food for our pups! They have become very fussy about their food and the minute I put Sundays in their bowl they gobbled it down.

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