"My dog LOOOOOVES this food. It's amazing that it is so healthy for him and convenient for me!"
"My dog LOOOOOVES this food."

Sundays for Dogs Reviews

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  • Antonia M. for Tesla Verified Buyer
    Nutritious, properly balanced, digestible dog food
    My dog is a 70lb. American Staffordshire/American Bulldog mix. He has a sensitive digestive system, and it is very hard to find a non-raw food that is near as healthy and free of synthetic and non digestible items. A full raw diet is too expensive to purchase as pre-prepared patties for his size. I can't feed him chicken every day. This food is expensive, but not quite as expensive as raw, and less than freeze dried for sure. Properly formulated air-dried food is the next best choice, and the Sundays food ingredients are safe enough and contain no synthetic vitamins. He loves it, and digests it well as I can see by his poop. I am looking forward to other meat choices for him. It would be nice it their business grew a lot so they could discount the food a little more, or even reward regular customers after a certain number of purchases.
  • Ann M. for Bridget, Danee, Kacee, Luckee, Rudee, Rylee Verified Buyer
    Sundays is amazing food esp for picky eaters
    My Danee, is spoiled, more than the rest of my dogs ( for a lot of reasons she says!) Danee is 12.5 yrs old and has always been a very discriminating eater. She just Loves Sundays!! And has since the first day we tried the sample box. Actually all of my dogs love it and they range from 9 months to 13.5 years. The only drawback is the cost of such quality. Because of that they all get it as a special meal on - you guessed it- Sundays. That is except Danee. My excuse is she is recovering from knee surgery and we needed to make sure she ate nutritious meals. And eat it she does !! 2x a day every day her bowl is empty. Danee is the mom or grandma if all my dogs, but Bliss, so of course she needs THE best food and Sundays is it!
  • Kevan L. for Murphy Verified Buyer
    Can't imagine life without Sundays
    We are huge Sundays fans. Our dog has always been a careful eater, packing food around the house in his cheeks to eat it on soft carpets far from his bowl. With Sundays, he gobbles it right down -- it's too tasty to wait. Plus, the best part is that he's healthier, more active, more energetic, and his best self when he's on his Sundays food vs. other store-bought / generic food. We love Sundays!
  • Judith L. for Buddy Verified Buyer
    I am thrilled with Sundays
    I have a very picky eater puppy. It brings me such pleasure to see his clean plate each day now that I am feeding him Sundays.
  • Edith H. for Angus Verified Buyer
    Sundays is extremely responsive to individual need. They expedited my shipment without extra cost when I needed this to be done because I was running out of food! Thanks to Brittany and her team for their spectacular service!
  • Melissa K. for Gemma Verified Buyer
    They LOVE it!
    Thank you for making a great food for our pups! They have become very fussy about their food and the minute I put Sundays in their bowl they gobbled it down.
  • Matthew J. for Beau Verified Buyer
    Amazing customer service
    The actual food speaks for itself. Let any dog sample the food, and you will have your answer. The customer service provided by Sundays is unlike any service I've seen before. Fast responsiveness that have gotten me out of more than a few sticky situations. Very happy customer!
  • Mindy A. for Chappie Verified Buyer
    Sunday’s delivers tasty food and care
    My dog has had allergy issues since receiving his vaccines. He is such a picky eater and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much he loved Sunday’s food. He gobbled it down and was eager for more. When our subscription shipment was not quite on track with how fast our dog ate the food, Sunday’s took care of us with an overnight package to get us through the weekend until our next delivery arrived. All I can say is wow! What exceptional care and customer service - I am very impressed with this company and highly recommend Sunday’s. Thank you very much!
  • Priscilla B. for Annabelle Verified Buyer
    It is easy to use, my dogs devour it, and both are picky eaters.
    They love it, and after spending a small fortune on fresh food brands, I have my freezer back!
  • Cherie & Sanjiv M. for Aanya Verified Buyer
    Sundays is THE BEST! ... in every regard!
    Great product - our Aanya girl absolutely LOVES it (dances around when she sees it going into her bowl) PLUS they provide OUTSTANDING customer service. We used to only give home cooked food to Aanya ... but are now doing a hybrid (between home cooked and Sundays) with the intention to fully migrate to Sundays in the near future. Brittany is awesome, very friendly, very professional , very quick, very thorough, and most thoughtful. Our recent order was somehow delayed by UPS ... but she ensured we had enough before we ran out. Also, she proactively shipped it sooner (than our "ship/refill" date) when there were anticipated shipping delays due to COVID/holidays. It's a real pleasure working with Brittany - a real model for absolutely commendable customer service - who CARES for the customer! We feel very well taken care of and wholeheartedly recommend Sundays.
  • Deborah B. for Lola Verified Buyer
    Sunday’s is a game-changer for my sweet Lola!
    I am a first time pet parent and we love our 5 mo. old Shih Tzu beyond words can express. I noticed she wasn’t eating much kibble, so I trIed 2 different fresh food delivery companies ( well known brands) and Lola just didn’t like it. She hardly touched it , it was pricey, messy and stinky too. I found Sunday’s online and decided to try it. I am so happy to say my Lola loves it! She is finally enjoying her food and nothing makes me happier than to see her devour it. I am impressed with how the food is air-dried. It has the most nutritious ingredients and it smells so good! I love the packaging and extra touch with the welcome newspaper and stickers. It makes this such a special experience. Great customer service too. Thank you for creating Sunday’s for us pet parents who want the best for our dogs and see them love their food. I am your newest fan and subscriber!
  • Matthew F. for Griffey, Griff Verified Buyer
    Customer Service Experience
    Sunday’s team member Scout was responsive, clear, efficient, and professional in helping my needs and submitting a rush request for our monthly order to ship same day.
  • Shannon T. for Paisley Mae Verified Buyer
    Paisley Mae woofs (loves) Sundays for dogs!
    Paisley Mae has just done the 10 day transition plan and she is doing great with Sundays. She absolutely loves it. She is just getting into her senior years and she has started to be a bit picky with her regular dog food. She would not eat it without homemade chicken broth. Also, Paisley Mae just had her 4th surgery to remove mast cell tumors. I hate putting her through these invasive surgeries and one day I woke up and said enough. I have a dog that is prone to mast cell growths. Why in the world am I feeding her kibble that is heated to such high temps that it actually contains carcinogens? That is when I ordered Sundays for Dogs. Paisley Mae's coat just shines now. It is beautiful. She is a little more playful and energetic, but most of all, I no longer have a picky eater on my hands. I am hoping the dense nutritional content will also help her keep the mast cell issues at bay. When she sees the yellow Sundays box, her eyes get big and she licks her chops. It is so cute. I feel like I am being proactive in my dog's health and she enjoys every single bite. It is a win-win.
  • Angela M. for Mona Verified Buyer
    We love Sundays!!
    Cannot think of one thing! Even the packaging is perfect!!
  • Murrm for Verified Buyer
    My Dog LOVED it!
  • Lara W. for Nettles Verified Buyer
    Not sure yet— we are relatively new.
  • Leah L. for Kala Verified Buyer
    Kala loves Sundays.
    More recipes?
  • Kathleen S. for Hallie Verified Buyer
    Sundays is awesome because...
    Sundays would be even better if you sold a grain-free dental chew to go along with the great food.
  • Michelle H. for Ziggy Verified Buyer
    Wonderful for picky eaters
    You added some more products! No complaints here.
  • Robert R. for Laya Verified Buyer
    My toy fox terrier loves Sundays
    Laya wants you to add the Chicken Subdays.
  • Debra W. for Zacky, Winston, Riley, Zoe, Isabella Verified Buyer
    My five dogs love Sundays
    I have four poodles and a miniature schnauzer. They simply love the food. Hopefully one day the price will be a little bit better so that I can afford to feed it full-time.
  • Judith J. for Chloe Verified Buyer
    Chloe is very picky but likes Sundays
    It would be nice if there was a chicken option
  • Carole M. for Oliver Verified Buyer
    Super Sunday’s!
    I can’t think of an improvement that’s needed. Your customer service has been excellent. You’ve always responded quickly and thoroughly to any questions we’ve had.
  • Daisy B. for Tilly Verified Buyer
    She loves the food
    More meat flavors
  • Susan D. for Izzy Verified Buyer
    Clean food and dog loves it
    Sometimes the bottom of the bag gets pretty crumbly, but I know they are addressing this. I just mix up the crumbs with warm water to make a stew so she doesn’t inhale small particles. Also, it is expensive (as all fresh foods are). We use as a mix-in and hope that as the company grows, the price will go down.
  • Jesse B. for Chili, Pup Verified Buyer
    Clearly the best dry, portable food
    There were some kind of "filler" to increase the volume a bit without increasing the calories. The correct caloric requirement for my pup is a very small volume of Sundays (which I learned the hard way by overfeeding and now hitting a weight issue). Using cheerios or another food is suboptimal and has me having to measure using a scale.
  • Lindsey M. for Missy May Verified Buyer
    My picky puppy loves Sundays!
    I think my pup would like one or two more flavor options so I could change things up occasionally.
  • Jeanette O. for Max, Darwin, Iris Verified Buyer
    Hugh Quality Dog Food
    Perhaps Sunday can expand into supplementing their dog with a bone broth. Obviously, I wouldn’t raise your prices more than where it is at, but a variety of different flavors would also be helpful.
  • Danielle S. for Boomer, Mowgli Verified Buyer
    Really loved the personalized minis
    They arrived well after the holidays, please ship sooner to the holidays next year :)
  • John L. for Benji Verified Buyer
    My Dog Loves It
    I was having some problems receiving my supply of Sundays on time. This last batch arrived the day after I had used the last of the previous box.

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