Meet Dr. Tory, Sundays’ Co-Founder & Chief Veterinary Officer

by Sundays

We took some time to chat with Dr. Tory to learn more about Sundays for Dogs–and to get to know her better too.

Dr. Tory is Sundays for Dogs’ Co-Founder and Chief Veterinary Officer. A practicing small animal veterinarian for over 8 years, Dr. Tory graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and has an undergraduate degree in Animal Science from Cornell University. 

We took some time to chat with Dr. Tory to learn more about Sundays for Dogs–and to get to know her better too. Take a look: 

Why did you start Sundays? 
I started Sundays because I wanted to feed my dog the best possible food but as a working mom (with both four and two legged children) I barely had time to cook dinner for our family every night let alone our dogs. I wanted to be able to feed my dogs something that was as healthy and nutrient-dense as home-cooking, but also something that required no preparation. The idea of Sundays began between Michael (my husband and co-founder) and I in 2017. It first just started as a conversation between us. Michael wanted to know why we fed our dogs what we did, and if there was something better out there. Once we started digging, we realized there wasn’t the perfect food that we were looking for–as easy as kibble but as healthy as homemade.

Can you tell us about your dogs?
Mabel is a terrier mix. She came into the hospital as a stray when I was working as an emergency vet in NYC. The minute she came in, I turned to my co-workers and said, that’s my dog. We’ve been inseparable ever since. Schuyler is our little yellow lab from Canada. She is a constant companion to our children and my walking buddy. Both Mabel and Schuyler compete in dock diving and agility in addition to being part of our family. 

Sundays for Dogs' Dr. Tory and Mabel

What makes Sundays different from other dog foods? 
Sundays is human-grade from start to finish. From every ingredient, to our manufacturing to our packaging and fulfillment. It means increased cost at every step but all worth it to hold ourselves to the highest standard. In addition, Sundays contains no added vitamins and minerals. If you look at a traditional dog food, most contain more than 40 added vitamins and minerals. Sundays is complete and balanced using only natural sources of vitamins and minerals like zucchini (high in potassium!) and beef liver (high in zinc!). I like to compare it to a healthy well-balanced diet. Are you better off eating McDonald’s then taking a multivitamin to ensure you receive adequate nutrition, or eating a well-balanced diet with copious fresh fruits and vegetables to help you meet your nutrition needs? We often joke that our dog’s diet is healthier than our own!

Moreover, we hold ourselves to an incredibly high food safety standard. All of our ingredients are tested before they are added to our food to ensure they meet our high standards. In addition, every single batch of our food undergoes microbial and nutrient testing to make sure it meets our requirements. We do not release any food to customers until I personally review every single test run on our food. 

Who Should Consider Switching to Sundays?
Sundays is the perfect choice for someone who wants to feed their dog the highest-quality, minimally processed food with natural sources of vitamins and minerals but just as easy as kibble. I wanted to feed my dogs the best to give the best chance at a long and happy life. And when we couldn’t find it–we made it. 

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