Most Popular Terrier Mixes & Their Breed Characteristics

by Hannah Roundy

What does it mean to be a Terrier Mix?

The American Kennel Club recognizes over 30 different terrier breeds–so there is an endless list of terrier mix combinations. The most common terrier mix breeds such as a Chihuahua Terrier Mix or Jack Russell Terrier Mix. With so many terrier breeds, it can be challenging to point out a terrier based on one characteristic alone. 
Terriers were initially bred to guard homes and farms by hunting vermin. The smaller terrier mix breeds were meant to go underground to catch rodents, while the larger terriers had longer legs to dig them out. 
Most terriers have the similar look, with a long head and square jaw. They are mostly known for their short, wiry coats. Since they were bred to hunt, most terrier mix breeds love to run, chase and bark. But the characteristics of a terrier mix really depend on the other breed they are mixed with. 

Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Jack Russell Terrier mix dogs were popularly used for hunting during the mid-1800s. They are named after Reverand John “The Sporting Parson” Russell, who would breed the terriers to be fox-working dogs. 
Dogs who have a Jack Russell Terrier mix tend to be white with different colored markings on their body, according to the American Kennel Club. They have the trademark wiry coat of a terrier. 
Jack Russell Terrier mixes are too smart for their own good! They can easily learn tricks and commands, but need constant stimulation to keep them motivated. That’s why a Jack Russell Terrier mix is perfect for families with children who love to run and play games. 

Chihuahua Terrier Mix

Chihuahuas are most commonly bred with Rat Terriers, Jack Russell Terriers, and Yorkshire Terriers. Both terriers and Chihuahuas are known to have high-energy levels. While terrier dog breeds are easier to train, Chihuahuas are more stubborn–depending on the type of Chihuahua Terrier mix, training could be difficult. 
Since most terriers are on the smaller side, a Chihuahua Terrier mix only weighs about 6 to 25 pounds. The coat of a Chihuahua Terrier mix is often dominated by the breed they are mixed with, but tends to be smooth rather than wiry. 

Chihuahua Terrier mixes are best for families with no kids or older kids. They aren’t great at socializing, either, so homes with no other pets are best for these mixes. 

Rat Terrier Mix

How did the Rat Terrier get it’s name? The American Kennel Club says the name was given by former president, Teddy Roosevelt, for the breed’s noteworthy rodent hunting abilities. 
But Rat Terrier mix dogs don’t just love to hunt. They are also known to be very social and playful with others. A Rat Terrier Mix loves to be affectionate and cuddle with their family. They are still protective of their homes, but aren’t as territorial as other terrier mixes. 
Rat Terrier mix dogs are usually combined with other small breeds like Chihuahuas, Beagles or Dachshunds. A healthy weight for a Rat Terrier Mix ranges from around 8 to 25 pounds. 

Pitbull Terrier Mix

As a breed, Pitbulls are descended from a mix of bulldogs and terriers, so they do belong to the terrier group. They are also known as American Staffordshire Terrier or American Bullies. The most common breeds within a Pitbull Terrier mix include Boston Terriers, Jack Russell Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers and Wheaten Terriers. 
A Pitbull Terrier mix tends to take on more traits from the Pitbull rather than the combined breed. They usually have boxy heads and smooth, short coats. 
Since Pitbulls already fall into the terrier family, a Pitbull Terrier mix will get double the “terrier temperament.” This means high levels of curiosity, playfulness and mischeviousness. 
Pitbulls are known to be aggressive, but that myth has recently been debunked. Your Dog Advisor says that Pitbulls have one of the most powerful dog bites in the canine kingdom because of their jaw strength–but they are not inherently more aggressive than other breeds. 

Terrier Poodle Mix

“Doodles”, or poodle mixed breeds, have become quite popular in recent years. Terrier Poodle mixes are common but they typically take on different names like “Jack-a-poo” for Jack Russell Terrier Poodle mixes or “Roodle” for a Rat Terrier Poodle mix. 
Poodles are a popular group for crossbreeding because they are often hypoallergenic and shed less often than other breeds. People who want a terrier dog but want to avoid shedding, they might opt for a Terrier Poodle mix. Of course, mixing the breeds does not always result in a non-shedding dog. 
Since most terriers are small, a Terrier Poodle mix doesn’t typically exceed 45 pounds. The size really depends on the type of terrier and size of the poodle. 
Poodles and terriers are both known for their high-intelligence and energy. But they are also famous for being stubborn. The temperament of a Terrier Poodle mix varies, but you can expect an independent and playful pup. 

Mabel the Terrier Mix

Sundays was created for an adorable terrier mix named Mabel. She was found as a stray in New Jersey and was eventually adopted by our co-founders, Dr. Tory and Michael Waxman. 
Mabel is a terrier mix through and through with a breed combination of Yorkshire Terrier, Bulldog, Miniature Pinscher, Beagle and more. 
When Mabel got sick, her parents set out to find a dog food that would help her get better. Dr. Tory Waxman is a practicing veterinarian and she used her expertise to create Sundays with a team of vets and pet nutritionists. 
Sundays was created to be the healthiest and easiest food for your dog. It helped Mabel get better and Sundays continues to help dogs around the country!

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