The Benefits of Eggs for Dogs

by Sundays

We think that eggs’ benefits are not only worth the extra cost these days–but the hype too.

The incredible edible egg has been making headlines recently thanks to rising prices. But we think that eggs’ benefits are not only worth the extra cost–but the hype too. 

Are Eggs Good for Dogs?

Yes, eggs are great  for dogs! They are a rich natural source of Vitamins B12, B2, D and Selenium. Furthermore,  eggs are rich in protein and low in fat. This makes them a great source of protein for dogs who may be overweight, senior or less active. Plus, less fat in your dog’s can encourage better digestion and improve stool quality. Here’s a closer look at the nutritional benefits of eggs for dogs: 

  • - B12 helps facilitate enzyme function.

  • - Vitamin B2, also referred to as Riboflavin, helps break down nutrients and converts them into other B-vitamins. Vitamin B2 can also help metabolize fats and turn them into energy. 

  • - Selenium helps support antioxidant function, plays a role in thyroid metabolism, and can help prevent cancer. 

Sundays for Dogs Recipes With Eggs

Egg is the third ingredient in our Chicken recipe. Ingredients in dog food are listed by the amount used in the formula, listing the most used ingredient first. The only ingredients to come before eggs are chicken and chicken liver. So you can feel good knowing that your dog will reap the benefits that eggs have to offer just by eating their Sundays.

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