Person and Dog Tarot Card Readings, Because... Why Not?

by Sundays

Looking for a little cosmic guidance for you and your dog? Pick a card and let it lead the way.

First: Pick a card from above. Just go with the card you are most drawn to and don't over think it! We'll get back to why in just a minute. 

Our dogs are such a huge part of our lives that it's no surprise that their energy can impact our own and vice versa. So when we're in a funk or just looking to gain a new perspective, why not consider how our dogs factors in, just as we would consider a partner or close loved one?

Tarot Card Readings for You and Your Dog

Tarot cards can make for a great way to think through every day challenges or opportunities through a different lens. You see, tarot is more so about allowing us to get in touch with our own truth and not so much about fortune telling. A person and dog tarot card reading can give you an opportunity to work through obstacles, so you can take advantage of what's in store for you both once you adopt a new outlook or determine a new goal.

We connected with Jackie Ortez, Reiki Master and spiritual counselor to extend a little cosmic gudiance to you and you pup. Take a look at what your chosen card from above reveals: 

dog tarot card readings

Card 1: Nine of Earth

Nine of Earth Dog Tarot Card

Life is always full of adventure and opportunity around every corner. If you picked this card, it feels like you and your doggy are entering a new era! Either you have recently adopted your little fur baby, or your dog has shifted in a way. Maybe a few new tricks or habits have popped up that are surprising you, in a really good way. Cherish this phase of “newness”, whichever way it’s coming about.

With spring here, the outdoors are calling, so spend some quality time with your pet by going on longer walks at a nearby location that you don’t usually frequent. The change in scenery will help strengthen your bond more and shake up the routine, bringing about more closeness in the relationship.

If your dog is a newer addition and being a little shy, lay on the floor near them to show you are a “safe” zone. This is a great way to engage with them, while showing you care. Playing some meditation music in the background will also help relax a new dog if they are taking a little bit of time to adjust.

Whatever the situation is, the most important thing right now is to enjoy every moment and cherish it. Fill your camera roll up with all the videos and photos to look back on for years to come.

Card 2: Six of Air

Six of Air Dog Tarot Card

Do you ever feel like your dog is a reflection of you? We have all seen those stories about how a pet parent and their dog look alike, but you truly feel this way! If you chose this card, you and your dog are one in the same. The bond you have with your dog, or dogs, is something only you and them can understand. Yes, we all love our pets and consider them a part of the family, but yours goes even deeper.

Recently, it feels like this has also become more obvious to you in some way. Like it is undeniable that you guys just get each other, maybe with just a look. A great thing to do is to take a little road trip and celebrate this bond. Whether it’s a day trip to a farmers market, a weekend away to hike in the mountains, or a quiet fishing trip, it’ll be nice to take a step back from every day life to appreciate your companion.

Life gets busy and we always want to make sure to take care of the ones we love, especially when they have been so loyal to us. If you can’t get away, another simple way to show your appreciation is to spend a few minutes a day with your full attention on your dog to show you care. No phones, TV or any other distractions during this time, just pure focus and some praise for them. Chances are that you already tell them how great and special they are about 75 times a day anyway, so this will be easy to incorporate!

Card 3: Page of Fire

Page of Fire Dog Tarot Card

Creativity is the key to fight boredom. If you chose this card, things have been feeling a little stale in your routine lately. Some say that structure brings freedom, but there might be too much structure going on.

Your companion could be showing signs of being discontent also by causing some mischief around the house. Maybe a couch cushion or two have been ripped open or the barking has increased. Not to fret, this can be easily solved with some creative thinking!

If work has taken more concentration lately, a simple dog puzzle for your pup can help pass the time spent without your focus. You can use a few peices of Sundays in the interactive dog, just a few peices can count as a treat in addition to their regualr meals. This will not only make your pup happy about extra goodies, but it assists in getting some much needed energy out.

During your free time, go to the park and have a pet picnic. Pack a fun meal for you and some chopped up veggies and Sundays for your dog. Take a ride or walk to the park or even just sit down in your living room floor or the backyard. Take your time “unboxing” the food in front of your dog so it adds an interactive component to it. Not only will this help to shake up a somewhat complacent routine, it also will make both of you happy!

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