How many times a day should my dog poop?

by Dr. Tory Waxman, VMD

Just like people - every dog is different when it comes to the number of times a day that is “normal” for them. Your dog should poop at least once a day and there should be some consistency in the number of times they poop.

Most dogs eat a fairly consistent diet and therefore should defecate fairly consistently. Many dogs will defecate within a half hour or so after eating a meal. This is a benefit to meal feeding instead of free-feeding your dog - their bathroom habits will be much more predictable. The most important thing when it comes to bathroom habits is that they are consistent. If your dog normally poops two times per day, then if that number changes one day (whether increase or decrease) that could signal an issue and you should contact your veterinarian.

About the author

Tory Waxman, VMD

Co-Founder & Chief Veterinary Officer

Dr. Waxman is a practicing small-animal veterinarian.

She received a BS in Animal Sciences with Distinction in Research from Cornell University and her vet degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where she did original research at the Penn Working Dog Center. Tory completed her internship in veterinary medicine at the world-renowned Animal Medical Center in New York City where she treated an actual lame duck and saw a hungry snake that hadn’t eaten in a year.

Tory grew up outside of Chicago with chocolate labs. She’s not sure why she ever gave up her first job, which was as a dog beach attendant on Lake Michigan. Over 9 years ago she rescued a mixed breed terrier named Mabel who is obsessed with tennis balls. Mabel is also her tireless running buddy who completed a 14-mile run while Tory was training for the Chicago Marathon. Tory enjoys dog training and competing in dog sports such as agility and dock diving.

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