Chia Seeds for Dogs - Can They Eat Them?

Chia seeds are considered a “superfood” for human beings, but can dogs experience the same benefits? Sundays is here with all the answers!

Like any invested dog owner, you want to ensure that your dog is getting food that provides them with everything they need to live a healthy, fulfilling life. Perhaps you’ve heard about all the health benefits that chia seeds offer humans, and you’re wondering if you can harness the power of this popular seed for your dog.

Before you feed your dog anything new to them, you should always conduct some research to verify that the product is both safe and healthful for your furry friend. 

Chia seeds are no exception. That’s exactly why today, we’re going to discuss chia seeds and if they’re safe for your dog to ingest. Let’s get started! 

What Are Chia Seeds, Anyway?

First, let’s work out a definition for chia seeds. Perhaps you’ve seen them around at your local grocery store but don’t know a whole lot about them. Or maybe you even remember them from the time of Chia Pets. Well don’t worry! We’re here to help you figure out what exactly this product is and if it can factor into your dog’s diet. 

Maybe you’ve heard chia seeds referred to as a superfood before. In recent years, they’ve skyrocketed in popularity for their array of health benefits. Chia seeds are also popular because they’re a functional food, meaning that you can toss them on top of your meal for an added bonus. 

These seeds are harvested from a plant that was once a major food crop in both Mexico and Guatemala. The product has been a food source for a significant amount of time, going all the way back to 3500 BC. Chia seeds are rich in polyunsaturated fat, protein, fiber, calcium, zinc, and phosphorus. This is one reason that they’re illustrious: because these tiny seeds pack a real nutritional punch. 

In addition to this, chia seeds contain omega-3, which has proven to be healthful for both humans and animals alike. One potential benefit of omega-3 is that it can reduce inflammation. In addition to this, it can also support brain development for young puppies, help support a healthy immune system, potentially boost your canine’s heart and kidney health, and support a healthy coat. 

Can My Dog Eat Chia Seeds?

Now that we’ve discussed what chia seeds are, let’s dive into whether or not your pet can eat them. The answer is: yes! Your dog can certainly eat chia seeds. In fact, there are plenty of ways to use these superfood seeds to support your dog’s wellbeing. We’ll talk about those soon.

While chia seeds are certainly safe and nontoxic for your pet, you should be cautious about how you feed your pet these seeds. As they are small, they don’t really pose a choking hazard, but soaking the seeds prior to serving could help ensure that they go down smoother for your pup. 

Are There Health Benefits of Chia Seeds for My Dog?

Get ready to be wowed by all the amazing things that chia seeds can do for your pet, because there certainly are a lot of them. The health benefits of adding chia seeds to your dog’s diet are plentiful, and can be positively impactful in several different ways. 

Chia seeds contain several nutrients that establish them as healthful for your dog. We mentioned some of these earlier, but let’s recap. When you give your pet chia seeds, you’re giving them a healthy helping of phosphorus, zinc, iron, potassium, and magnesium. In addition to these, the powerful seeds are rich in antioxidants and fiber, too. 

Because they include fiber, chia seeds help your dog feel fuller. If your pup has a constant appetite, providing them with some chia seeds can help cut down the food they eat. If your dog is at an unhealthy level of obesity and needs to lose some weight, this could be an effective and safe way to do it. 

In addition to this, chia seeds can support regulated blood sugar levels. They can also work to strengthen cells in your dog’s body, encourage a smooth, silky coat, and work to support improved eyesight. Overall, this gives your dog’s quality of life a significant boost. 

The fiber content also makes them easy to digest, and they can provide your pet with some much-needed protein. Of course, chia seeds aren’t a substitute for the protein your dog will need to acquire from their daily food, but they can be a strong supplement. 

How To Feed My Dog Chia Seeds

There are several ways that you can feed your dog chia seeds. Since they’re so tiny, you don’t need to ground these seeds up before you give them to your pet. Arguably the most approachable way to do it is by soaking the seeds in water first and then sprinkling them on top of your pet’s food. 

Because the seeds themselves are fairly flavorless, this will help your dog have an appetite to eat them. 

In addition, you can also craft your own simple chia seed dog treats, but this requires some baking. Whatever you do, you’re helping your dog soak all the benefits out of this superfood, which is excellent. 

Can Chia Seeds Be Dangerous for My Dog?

As we mentioned, chia seeds are generally very safe for your dog. Nevertheless, there are some precautions that you should take when it comes to feeding them to your canine friend. 

The first thing that you should do is soak them. As we mentioned earlier, this will make them softer and easier for your pet to ingest. In addition to this, we want to remind you that you should provide your pet with these powerful seeds in moderation only. 

Before you start to include chia seeds in your dog’s diet, reaching out to a trusted vet could help you figure out the quantity of chia seeds you should administer in addition to the frequency. 

And while chia seeds are packed with nutritional benefits, they’re certainly not a substitute for a healthy diet that is catered specifically to your dog’s age, breed, and unique health conditions. Once again, if you have questions, simply reach out to your vet for guidance.

What is a Healthy Food Choice for My Dog?

So you want to give your dog chia seeds. Now what? The next thing that you have to do is find the perfect dog food to toss these seeds on top of. Ideally, this food will have a whole host of health benefits to your dog. We think you know where we’re going. 

Sundays for Dogs was created by a veterinarian, so you can be sure that what you’re giving your furry friend is quality. Not only are our products crafted in a USDA-monitored kitchen, they’re also human-grade (because why should your dog eat something you wouldn’t feel comfortable having?). 

Let’s run through some of the ingredients that establish Sundays as the ideal food option for your pet. For one, our products are created with ingredients that you have actually heard of. No long, confusing names that sound chemically engineered will be found here. Instead, you can feel confident that your dog’s food is real. 

Sundays also includes fresh, tasty air-dried meat. This will appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. We’ve also included digestive aids including pumpkin in ginger in the formula to make it even easier for your pet to digest. 

That’s not all! Sundays is rich in antioxidants, and has plenty of natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin—great for springy, healthy joints. We also included omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to support healthy coats, amongst other things. Finally, Sundays includes a helping of fiber. 

What doesn’t it include? We think that’s just as important to know. 

For one, Sundays will never, ever include common allergens including chicken and dairy. We also don’t believe in using anti-nutrients—that means no gluten, legumes, wheat, soy, rice, corn, or potatoes. Those products can interfere with your dog’s absorption of essential nutrients, so it’s a no from us. 

In addition to this, you’ll never find anything vague or sketchy in our food. We also are ardently against artificial or synthetic ingredients, so don’t worry about finding those on our label. A typical “natural” kibble actually has 30 synthetics in it, but that’s not the case with us. Finally, Sundays doesn’t require refrigeration or prep. Simple, right? 


Chia seeds are an excellent addition to your dog’s diet—but that’s exactly what they are, an addition. While they offer plenty of benefits, you should also ensure that your dog’s regular food is providing them with the nutrients they need and deserve. 

That’s where Sundays for Dogs comes into the picture. Don’t waste your time on other dog food that won’t provide you with half of the benefits. Get Sundays and see the difference for yourself and your pet. 

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