Ask Dr. Tory: What is There to Know About Rotational Feeding for Dogs?

by Sundays

With rotational feeding for dogs, your pup can experience renewed enthusiasm at mealtime–not to mention extra health benefits too.

Sure you have your go-to meals that repeat, but generally speaking we like variety in our diet because we enjoy it. Not to mention, eating a variety of foods helps support our overall health, as different foods offer different benefits and nutrient profiles. 

Well, you might be thinking then, “Why am I feeding my dog the same thing every day?” This question may be even more apparent if your pup seems disinterested in mealtime and there’s no underlying health issue causing their lack of appetite. 

This is when rotational feeding for dogs could be a solution. Rotational feeding is simply a diet that rotates different protein recipes day-to-day for your dog. Much like your own diet, your dog will enjoy new tastes and can experience renewed enthusiasm at mealtime–not to mention gain exposure to a variety of health benefits that each individual recipe has to offer. 

Here, Dr. Tory shares what you should know if you’re thinking about trying rotational feeding for your dog.  

Can dogs eat different food every day?

Yes. But of course, there are guidelines to keep in mind and it might not be the best choice for some dogs. Generally speaking, adding variety into your dog’s diet can be beneficial for picky eaters. I do it with my dogs and they enjoy the variety and with each protein, they are eating a different amino acid profile. While all of our diets are complete and balanced and meet the AAFCO requirements for amino acids and other nutrients, I believe it is beneficial to vary the amino acid profile of your dog’s diet if this is something that you and your pup’s veterinarian think your pup’s digestive system can handle the change.

If you want your dog to have nicer hair and coat, better weight (whether up or down), and to be excited to eat everyday, you may want to switch to a rotational feeding diet for dogs.

When to Avoid Rotational Feeding for Dogs

Dogs that have a history of gastrointestinal  issues and tummy sensitivities and are currently doing well on their current diet, should not  rock the boat. Rotational feeding may prove to be too difficult  for these dogs and the benefits won’t outweigh the risks. 

Further, the jury is split when it comes to rotational feeding for puppies. Some vets think you should expose your puppy to a variety  of proteins and others think you should limit exposure. Ultimately, it will be a personal decision that you can inform based on your dog’s individual needs and experience. 

Rotational Feeding With Sundays for Dogs 

As always, we make it easy for you to provide your dog with the best taste and nutrition possible. We offer three human-grade, all-natural recipes, Beef, Chicken and Turkey, that complement each other and can easily be fed in combination. Each recipe contains 90% meat and 10% superfoods that enhance your dog’s overall health and well being. 

For now, you’ll add each individual recipe to your dog’s account separately. Please reach out to our dedicated customer service team at: [email protected] for help setting up your dog’s very own rotational diet plan. We’re always here and happy to help you give your dog the best mealtime experience possible.

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