Ask Dr. Tory: What are your favorite Sundays ingredients?

by Dr. Tory Waxman

Human-grade organ meat in Sundays ingredients

Apparently love is in the... organ meat. That's right high-quality beef, chicken and turkey hearts and livers are top Sundays ingredients, for good reason.

All of Sundays for Dogs recipes feature human-grade, all-natural ingredients—including many real foods you include in your own meals. USDA-grade beef, eggs, pumpkin and kale are all makings of a delicious meal you'd eat yourself and you'll find those foods along with a short list of other clean ingredients in our food for dogs.

We use all of those real foods' natural occurring vitamins and minerals to make our recipes complete and balanced without the use of synthetics or artificial ingredients. It can be a true balancing act to do this, which is why we never rush the development of our new recipes and are sure to take the proper time to come up with the perfect formulation when we release a new protein offering. 

A huge help in making our meals naturally complete and balanced includes the use of high-quality organ meat in our recipes. Hearts and livers are a premier source of protein and rich in natural vitamins and minerals. Many raw feeders can attest that the inclusion of these ingredients can greatly help them hit the required nutrient intake dogs need. 

In fact, organ meats are higher in nutrients than muscle meats, these foods are incredibly nutrient dense with significant amounts of iron, riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin A, and copper.

This means your dog is getting the nutrition they need from real food that oftentimes would otherwise end up in landfills. It’s not to say that many of us let it go to waste because it is unhealthy for humans. It can be just as beneficial to our health, but hearts and livers are not considered as appetizing to all as say chicken breasts, turkey legs and center cuts have come to be. In other countries these cuts of meat are considered delicacies but unfortunately in the United States almost all organ meats are not consumed by humans.

That is why I have to name organ meat, out of all of the other healthy and delicious foods we include in our recipes, as my standout favorite. Its natural vitamins, minerals and protein allow for us to keep our food for dogs filled with only the good stuff and no added junk. Plus dogs love the taste of organ meat so we don’t need to pump each morsel with fake flavor and fillers. 

When it comes to organ meat, to me, beauty is in the eye of the beholder–the beholder of dog food recipe formulations especially–and I don’t think our human-grade hearts and livers could be any more perfect.

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