7 Summertime Activities for Kids and Dogs to Do at Home

by Amanda Flores

From swimming to dancing, you’ll find that these activities will keep your kids and dogs healthy both physically and mentally.

School is out and it’s time to find summertime activities to keep your kids engaged and entertained. That means your pup children too. Discovering fun things to do that they can enjoy together is a bonus. 

From swimming to dancing, you’ll find that these activities will keep your kids and dogs healthy both physically and mentally.

Summer Fun for Dogs and Kids 

1. Create a DIY Obstacle Course

Both your children and your pups love to be mentally stimulated during physical activities. To tap into both their mind and bodies, try creating an obstacle course in your backyard. Or on hotter days, you can try setting one up inside. 

Use cardboard boxes for tunnels or hula hoops for jumping. There’s no need to buy expensive pre-made items—just about anything you have laying around your house can be turned into a kid- and dog-friendly agility course. 

2. Teach a New Trick

The term “obedience training” can sound like tough work, but it can actually be a great bonding experience for your kids and dog. Find an age appropriate trick and let your kids spend time teaching it. They’re learning the skills of instruction and patience, and your dog will enjoy the extra attention. 

Treats are a great tool for positive reinforcement, but keep in mind the 10% rule. This means that treats should make up no more than ten percent of your dog’s daily diet. You may want to parse out a small portion of treats to give to your kids at the beginning of their session to avoid overdoing it.

3. Have a Dance Party

Your pup might not be able to do the “floss,” but they’ll have so much fun bouncing and moving around with your kids. Make a game of creating a playlist with dog- and puppy-themed songs to add even more excitement to your dance party.

It’s a good idea to supervise energetic activities that involve your kids and your pup. You’ll want to make sure that everyone’s having fun and that you’re able to intervene when it’s time to have some quiet downtime. 

4. Make Frozen Treats 

Popsicles are a fan-favorite all summer long. Engage your kids in a culinary-esque activity by making them at home. Choose dog-friendly fruits, like pears and apples, and blend with yogurt. Pour into silicone popsicle molds and freeze overnight. The next day, they can share their frozen treat with their pup. 

A DIY doggie dessert is delicious, but it’s always smart to limit sweet treats. To avoid unhealthy weight gain, be mindful of the amount of sugar—natural or added—in the ingredients. Most dogs love fruit and will chomp down on whatever you or your kids may feed them, so it’s up to you to keep an eye on what they’re given. 

5. Take a Walk

There’s nothing like a nice, long stroll to get out any extra energy. Not only is this a great way to get in some exercise, but you could also use it as an opportunity to train your pup to walk well on a leash and to help your kids learn how to walk them. You don’t need to go far. Even just a few minutes up and down your street is enough.

Your dog’s athletic ability, their stamina, and their ability to tolerate warm temps will determine the duration of the walk or hike. Stick to shaded areas to keep everyone cool and don’t forget to stay hydrated. 

6. Give Your Pup a Bath

Outside water activities are a summertime highlight. Your kids are likely already running around in their swimsuits enjoying a pool or sprinkler so why not throw in a grooming session? Set up an outside bath station using a kiddy pool, a hose, and dog-safe shampoo. 

Bathtime should involve the entire family, especially if your pup is larger in size. Talk your kids through the steps of what you’ll do ahead of time, and then guide them through the process. Find age-appropriate tasks for your kids. For example, smaller kids may enjoy helping you spread soapy suds along your dog’s coat, while an older kid might be able to handle rinsing with the hose.

7. Go for a Swim 

Speaking of pools, your kids and pup can have a lot of fun splashing around a pool. Or, if swimming isn’t an option, turn on a sprinkler and let them run in and out at their own pace. 

Just like with kids, your dog will let you know once they’re tired and need a break. They may be getting overexcited or they may walk away and lay down. This is your cue to end playtime and give your dog the space they need to rest and recharge. 

Finding activities for your kids to enjoy with the family pup is a priceless bonding opportunity. Your kids will have fun doing something different and your dog will enjoy feeling like part of the pack. Just remember, that no matter which activity you choose, you should always be involved. 

Creating an environment where your dog feels safe keeps it fun for everyone. 

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