Can Dogs Eat Apples?: What You Need to Know

Every dog owner has at one point or another googled “Can Dogs Eat (fill in the blank)”. Whether your pup is mischievous and got a hold of some of your pizza, or you simply want to see if you can give them a special treat, this is a commonly asked question. 

While it may seem like there are countless human foods that dogs cannot eat, there really only are about a dozen or so foods you should be wary of. Natural and whole foods like fruits and vegetables are generally good. They are great for giving your dog an extra boost of vitamins and minerals, so you can feel good about giving them these healthy treats. Apples, strawberries, oranges, green beans, and carrots are all excellent whole food snacks for dogs. 

Apples are a fantastic choice for dogs because they are tasty, have nutritional value, and many health benefits. Apples have two alternative benefits, including helping to keep them regular and keep their teeth looking clean and fresh. The skin and white part of the apple can be eaten, but your dog should not eat the seeds or the core of the apple since they can be toxic. To avoid this from happening, you can prepare it by cutting the apple into slices and throwing away or composting the core and seeds. 

The Benefits of Apples for Dogs 

Apples have so many benefits, so if you are searching for the perfect healthy snack for your dog, these may be it. Have you ever heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” This is because of its intense nutritional value. It has many vitamins and minerals that help the body do its job. An apple a day might not keep the veterinarian away, but apples could definitely help boost your dog’s health. 

Dogs clearly can’t brush their teeth on their own, and it can be very difficult to get them to cooperate with you brushing their teeth. If your dog is persistent on having no teeth brushing sessions, finding something else to promote dental health is key. When a dog chews on something hard, it helps remove plaque on the teeth in the same way a toothbrush physically removes plaque from your teeth. An apple is hard enough to help remove build-up from teeth but soft enough that it shouldn’t damage the teeth or gums. 

In addition to being a sneaky toothbrush alternative, apples also have a high fiber and water content to help keep dogs hydrated and to help clear out their system they are constipated. 

You do want to watch out for one thing when it comes to apples: they have a high sugar content. Because of the higher sugar levels, you will want to be careful and only give apples in moderation, no matter how hard your dog makes it with their puppy dog eyes. 

 How To Feed Apples to Your Dog 

Now you know Fido can have apples, but there are many ways to prepare the tasty treat. One way is to remove the stem, core, and seeds, then serve as fresh slices. Here’s a quick tip for all the owners whose dogs get a little hangry: cut up and freeze apple slices so you can whip them out on a moment’s notice. This is a great way to plan ahead, prevent the apples from going bad, and can help to cool your dog down on a hot summer’s day. 

If your dog loves apples, try giving them an all-natural apple sauce. Finding an all-natural apple sauce without preservatives ensures that your pup is getting only the good stuff and none of the sketchy preservatives.

Apple sauce is particularly handy because you can utilize it in conjunction with a treat toy or even freeze it into cubes. Having it in a ready-to-eat form makes it much easier to feed apples to your dog, which is especially great if you utilize it as a treat for training. (You can also hide pills in it, but, shhh--don’t tell your dog.) 

Other Healthy Fruit 

While the benefits of apples for your dog are seemingly endless, it isn’t the only whole food you can give to your best four-legged friend. Other whole foods you can feed your dog include strawberries, oranges, green beans, and carrots. Each food can be made into a healthy snack that your pup will learn to love and get excited about.

Strawberries are a fun snack to share with your pup on a nice summer day in the park. You can freeze them or let your buddy enjoy them fresh. Strawberries come packed with vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, so be prepared for some pretty excited tail wags. 

Oranges are known for fighting off scurvy, but they are also known as some pup’s favorite treats. Oranges are a great snack for your pup. Toss an orange right into your bag for a hike and split some with your trail hiking companion. Just like any other sweet treat, it is important to only give your pup oranges in moderation as they are high in sugar.

Healthy Veggies

Green beans go great with grilled salmon, but they also can be great for your pup’s overall health. Green beans are great because they add fiber as well as vitamins and minerals to your dog’s diet. While fresh and steamed green beans are fantastic for your dog's health, it is important to steer clear of canned green beans with seasonings, added salt, and any green beans cooked with onions. 

Carrots are a great dog bone alternative that can provide all the cronch your pup desires from their favorite bone without harming their teeth. If you have a hard chewer, you can even freeze the carrot and give it extra crunchy powers. With a stick-like appearance, you could also have them handy to help break your pup from gnawing on splinter-giving twigs and branches. 

While carrots make for a good natural and safe chew toy, they are also good for your dog with all of the fiber it adds to your dog's diet. 

Sundays As Your Source for Healthy Whole Foods

After reading this article, you may find yourself buying a picnic basket and filling it with goodies from the farmer’s market for your loyal pal. While this is fun (and we totally want to see the pictures of this on Instagram), your dog needs a more routine way of getting all the healthy foods that they require.

Sundays for Dogs includes all of the fruits above in addition to other human-grade ingredients like USDA grade beef and quinoa. Feeding your pup Sundays allows your dog to have a picnic every day and enjoy every mouth-watering bite. 

Sundays is the ideal source of healthy whole foods. Our food goes through minimal processing, and we can brag about our full transparency of ingredients and nutrition. Processes like heat extrusion and adding fillers and preservatives are common practices in the world of standard dog food because they see it as a feed-grade product. 

We understand that your pup is a part of the family, and they deserve only the very best and freshest ingredients. That is why Dr. Tory Waxman and Michael Waxmen embarked on a journey to create the best dog food possible. Looking at dog food through the lens of human-grade rather than feed grade makes a world of difference to your pup.

In Summary 

So yes, dogs can eat apples, and they most likely love this healthy snack as an occasional treat, just like we do! With its many benefits, apples are a welcomed addition to any canine’s diet. Apples are only the tip of the iceberg for whole foods your dog can enjoy. Other fun treats include strawberries, oranges, green beans, and carrots.

Sundays implements many of these whole foods into our dog food to provide your pup with a powerful bump of vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. Pairing occasional whole food treats with Sundays is a healthy way to keep your dog fed, happy, and healthy for years to come. 

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