Can Dogs Eat Apples? And Are Apples Good for Dogs?

by Sundays

Can you add apples to list of human foods that dogs can eat?

You know the saying about an apple a day, but can dogs eat apples, too? Let’s find out if you can give your pup apples as a crunchy treat and how to do it safely.

Can Dogs Have Apples?

Yes, dogs can eat apples, as long as you follow some simple precautions. This includes all varieties–dogs can eat green apples and all of the red varieties.

Apples are tasty, have nutritional value, and several health benefits for dogs. You can feed them as occasional treats in moderation. The skin and white part of the apple can be eaten, but your dog should not eat the seeds or the core of the apple. 

If your dog ate a few seeds, it’s okay, but they do contain trace amounts of cyanide that is released only when the seeds are chewed up. However, it would take a ton of apple seeds to poison a dog–we’re talking the seeds from a couple hundred apples!  Don’t let your dog eat the apple core to make sure they don’t choke on it. 

Are Apples Good for Dogs? 

Apples have many benefits, so if you are searching for the perfect healthy snack for your dog, these may be it. Apples have many vitamins and minerals that help the body do its job, like vitamin C plus antioxidants. Apples also have fiber in their skin to help keep dogs regular and have benefits for their teeth, too! An apple a day might not keep the veterinarian away, but apples are definitely a good snack option. 

Dogs clearly can’t brush their teeth on their own, and it can be very difficult to get them to cooperate with you brushing their teeth. We’re not saying to ditch teeth brushing sessions, but an apple can help out a little.

When a dog chews on something hard, it helps remove plaque on the teeth in the same way a toothbrush physically removes plaque from your teeth. An apple is hard enough to help remove build-up from teeth but soft enough that it shouldn’t damage their teeth or gums. 

In addition to being a sneaky toothbrush alternative, apples also have a high fiber and water content to help keep dogs hydrated and clear out their system if they are constipated. 

Can Apples Be Bad for Dogs?

You do want to watch out for one thing when it comes to apples: they have a high sugar content. Because of the higher sugar levels, you will want to be careful and only give apples in moderation, no matter how hard your dog makes it with their puppy dog eyes. Dogs with diabetes or those on a prescription diet should not be fed apples or other fruits. 

How To Feed Apples to Your Dog 

Now you know dogs can have apples, but there are many ways to prepare this tasty treat. One way is to remove the stem, core, and seeds, then serve up some fresh slices. 

Here’s a quick tip for  dogs that get a little hangry: freeze the apple slices so you can whip them out on a moment’s notice. This is a great way to plan ahead and prevent the apples from going bad, and it can help cool your dog down on a hot summer’s day. 

If your dog loves apples, try giving them an all-natural applesauce. Choose an  all-natural applesauce without preservatives or added sugar to ensure that your pup is getting only the good stuff and none of the sketchy stuff.

Applesauce is particularly handy because you can freeze it in a treat toy or an ice cube tray.. Having it in a ready-to-eat form makes it much easier to feed apples to your dog, which is especially great if you use it as a treat for training. (You can also hide pills in it, but, shhh--don’t tell your dog.)
Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Other Human Foods That Are Safe for Dogs

So yes, dogs can eat apples, and they aren’t the only human foods you can give to your best four-legged friend. Other fun treats include strawberries, oranges, green beans, and carrots.

Sundays implements many of these whole foods into our dog food to provide your pup with a powerful bump of vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. Pairing occasional whole food treats with Sundays is a healthy way to keep your dog fed, happy, and healthy for years to come. 
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