"My dog LOOOOOVES this food. It's amazing that it is so healthy for him and convenient for me!"
"My dog LOOOOOVES this food."

Sundays for Dogs Reviews

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  • Kristi for Willow Verified Buyer
    My dog loved her food trial!
    I am very picky about what foods I get for my dog. I received a free sample of Sundays dog food to try. It unfortunetly was a very small sample. It was not even enough for one meal so Im not able to say for sure if it's a food I would switch her to. She did seem to really like it. One of my only issues with it was the unpleasant smell, but she didnt seem to mind. I would need to do some more research before I made a decision on feeding it full time to my dog.
  • Candi for Rex Verified Buyer
    Worth trying to very healthy
    I received a free sample from pinch me . When I received the item I was impressed with the packaging very simple, inviting and straight forward. The ingredients were all ones I recognized and there wasn’t any fancy technical wording. My dog was a little timid at first to try it but he finished the entire serving . I will consider purchasing this product in the future .
  • Manya for Chickpea And Dewey And Marcy Verified Buyer
    Happy dogs
    I received a sample of Sundays food for dogs-chicken sampler from PINCHME. My dogs were very happy to receive this. My daughter fed it to them on a Sunday. I guess you could say it made Sunday funday.
  • Jayme for Tigger Verified Buyer
    My dog went crazy for this food
    I’m received this dog food as a sample. I decided to use it as a treat for my dog to make it last longer. He absolutely loved it! Unfortunately it’s out of my price range, but it’s very good if you can afford it.
  • Jacqueline W. for Fia Verified Buyer
    my picky girl is eating sundays.
    She likes the food very much. I hope she continues to enjoy the food.
  • Janelle for Mukwa & Moose Verified Buyer
    Dogs love it!
    My dogs first time trying this and it was a hit! They're usually picky with anything new but loved the taste and ate up what was given to them! Will be buying soon.
  • Kristina Tull for Harley Quinn Godzilla Hunsley Verified Buyer
    My dog enjoyed it
    I got a free sample from PinchMe, and let my dog try this as a treat, instead of a meal. She really enjoyed this! I feel like Sundays Food for dogs is a great, healthy choice for my pup!
  • Andrea for Muneco Verified Buyer
    My dog loved it
    My dog was excited and ate it like it was a special treat.
  • Sarah D. for Doggy, Ginger, Felix Verified Buyer
    So far so good
    I like that it doesn’t have a strong smell and my dogs seem to like it. One dog is very picky and so the fact that he will eat it is a big deal. His poops are much better now. I do wish they would change the packaging. That is my only issue with this brand. Too much waste in the packaging and not eco friendly. A bag within two boxes is a bit much. Otherwise, the product itself seems great and very good quality.
  • Susan Allan B. for Lili, Finn, Cash Verified Buyer
    My picky eater loves it!
    Two of our dogs are extremely picky eaters. I practically have to beg them to eat for me. One of them has esophageal dysmotility which means it is a problem if he decides to try and eat all of his food at dinner instead of having two meals during the day. I’ve only switched one of their kibble to the Sundays food, it’s only been five days. Tomorrow I will switch to 1/2 of their kibble. So far so good, no stomach or intestinal issues and they seem to really love it. Customer service was excellent. I was able to speak to a live person. an issue not being able to get the turkey recipe for all three of my dogs. For some reason two of my dogs were on, and the app would not allow me to change it. it was frustrating trying to reach a live person because there is no phone number on the website. Once I sent a message through the website, I eventually was able to speak to a live person, all of my questions were answered, she switched all three dogs to the same formula, we combined two of the dogs into one shipment so that I could get a 20% discount on a larger amount of food which helps a lot since I have three very large dogs. I had asked about a multi dog discount when I signed up but no one addressed it. All they can say is if you have more than one dog, just be persistent and they will be helpful. I didn’t give five stars because they do not have a phone number on their website, it did take a while to figure out my issue, but the food itself is fantastic and everything is straightened out now.
  • Colleen for Jasper Verified Buyer
    Pup enjoyed it
    Good I enjoyed the shape of the food. Kind of like treats so my pup actually went right for it. He is a picky eater
  • Lindsie for Daisy Verified Buyer
    My picky eater loves this
    My daughter's dog is a very very picky eat and she didn't even budge to eat it which was mind blowing. I'll be purchasing this.
  • Shay for Frizzo Verified Buyer
    Didn't upset his tummy!
    My dog seemed to really like this. My dog has a very sensitive stomach and I was so surprised this didn't irrite his belly. Definitely will be buying some and possibly switching. I GOT A FREE SAMPLE FROM PINCHME.COM
  • Ken G. for Buster Verified Buyer
    great quality
    unfortunately, because it is so calorie dense it leaves my dog hungry due to the small portion.
  • Larry P. for Goose Verified Buyer
    Cumbersome to get responses
    Dog, goose, loves the food… You should work on customer service
  • Tricia C. for Cooper Verified Buyer
    My indecisive eater…
    I liked that it was not wet food. He would eat it sometimes and other times would not. So, I have used it to supplement his prior dry food. It is fine for now.
  • Zoey for Bella Verified Buyer
    My picky eater loved this.
    I received a FREE product from PINCHme for my honest review. My dog loved this SUNDAYS FOOD FOR DOGS - CHICKEN SAMPLER.
  • Whitney C. for Gordy Verified Buyer
    Gordy loved in the beginning now is slower to eat
    Easy delivery, he likes it sometimes still seems humgry
  • Susan N. for Berry Verified Buyer
    My picky eater will not eat it
    My experience with Sundays has been great, but my dog refuses to eat the Turkey recipe. My next order will be the chicken recipe and I’m hoping he’ll like it, but I’m not holding my breath.
  • Nancy B. for Theo Verified Buyer
    My Theo loves this.
    Theo loves this but he seems very hungry and begs for food all day. They say to feed him 1/4 cup 2times a day which is a lot less than what he was eating. He is drinking a lot too.
  • Sandy L. for Kirra, Keelee Verified Buyer
    Going good so far
    Item arrived fast
  • Jackie R. for Henri, Resnesme, Millie Verified Buyer
    Just getting started.
    I like the ease of feeding this food. My 6 month old puppy is still getting use to the food, but so far so good. I am mixing his kibble with the freeze dried and he is eating it but slowly. I would recommend this food.
  • Nader M. for Doggy, Diesel, Cleo Verified Buyer
    Dogs definitely enjoy eating it
    Price is high for the amount you get. It's like buying a big bag of dog treats.
  • Kelly K. for Anastasia, Nash Verified Buyer
    Dogs love it
    My two pups love this food. Their coats are very healthy and digestive systems are as regular as clockwork. My only issue is that I feed them and the dry food in a slow feed Reggie mat and the food gets broken down to powder in the container. This makes them sniff up those tinier particles while they are foraging and causes some issues in their nasal passages right after eating.
  • Stephanie for Doc Verified Buyer
    Just what the "Doc"tor ordered
    Loved this. My dog really isn't a picky eater but after reading the ingredient list I was very excited to feed this to my dog. The fact that the ingredients are human grade was excellent.
  • Kay for Pine Verified Buyer
    Great training treats
    These work well as a high value treat for my puppy and training is going well with them!
  • Jessica for Letty Verified Buyer
    My pup enjoyed this
    My pup enjoyed it.
  • Eileen Taylor for Oakley Verified Buyer
    My dog ate this up!
    I received a sample of SUNDAYS FOOD FOR DOGS - CHICKEN SAMPLER free to try from PinchMe. My dog seemed to really enjoy this kibble, and I like that it is a weight control formula. I like that it is human-grade dog food and meets FDA standards. The Sundays Food for Dogs generic dog food formula comprises all-natural ingredients. There are no added fillers, and it doesn’t contain legumes or potatoes. Instead, it includes over 90% fresh meat, organs, and bones. Overall, a great dog food brand.
  • Kristi Fernandes for Mia And Cricket Verified Buyer
    My dogs loves this food
    Sundays chicken flavor dry dog food was a win for my dogs. But I couldn’t find it in my local pet store.
  • Linda C. for Cole & Parker Verified Buyer
    They love it!
    Love that my 2 boys love it.!

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