"My dog LOOOOOVES this food. It's amazing that it is so healthy for him and convenient for me!"
"My dog LOOOOOVES this food."

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  • Kk for Verified Buyer
    Made my dog sick.
  • Lori L. for Lily Verified Buyer
    Dog Hates It
    My dog won’t eat it, very dissappointed.
  • Robin M. for Yoshio Verified Buyer
    My dog refused to eat
    I was very put off that you basically told me new customers aren’t important by saying existing customers go out first. That’s fine but to me you should’ve just said Covid delays. How your delay email is worded tells me you don’t care about new customers so I’m not interested in buying your product even if my dog liked it.
  • Ilene I. for Kyah Verified Buyer
    Wouldn’t order again
    Hire some staff? Not sure. But that’s how I feel above!
  • Nikki for Verified Buyer
    Scam - Avoid at all costs
    Avoid this company. Poor quality control and poorer business practices. What a shame. I really wanted to like this company and was excited when I could give them a try while traveling to the US. But the food quality and their customer service were such a terrible let-down. The bags arrived moldy, so I tossed them out, and moved on. But, unbeknownst to me, they had signed me up for recurring delivery thanks to their sketchy business model where you think you’re buying a bag of food, when in fact they’re signing you up for a subscription at 2X the price. I’m back home now, so the hotel I was staying at in the US going to receive a second order of possibly-moldy food. Customer service refused to cancel the order that they had placed for me saying it was out of their hands. Please do yourselves a favor and avoid this company.
  • Lesa M. for Asia Verified Buyer
    picky eater
    My dog will not eat it. I like the convenience and the fact that it is not hard kibble but my dog does not like it.
  • Beth S. for Maizel, Maizle Verified Buyer
    Maizel will not eat this.
    I have tried to slowly introduce Sunday to Maizel with no luck. Please cancel any subscription I may have. Thank you
  • Rong Z. for Pinky Verified Buyer
    I really wanted to like it but…
    I heard so many good things about this dog food but unfortunately even with only 5 tiny pieces daily added to my senior Maltese’s current diet, he began throwing up after only 2 days. So I have to stop. Very unfortunate and disappointing at this point.
  • Gage M. for Olivia Verified Buyer
    Great Food, Horrible Customer Service
    Actually gave accurate information on how long the orders last, shipping information, and delivery estimates. Also, the least you can do is respond to your customer service inquiries on a waylaid order you've already charged your customer for.
  • Maddie for Kai Verified Buyer
    My picky eater doesn't like this
    She gobbled up the sample and now won't touch the food from the box. I keep trying.
  • Mariana H. for Molly Verified Buyer
    It hurt my dogs tummy
    My Yorkie ended up having tummy/poop issues after eating the beef plan. Molly's poop started to get small and hard then today it was still small and hard but with mucus on it. I always keep two bowls of fresh water out for her so I know she has had plenty water available. I followed the transition plan and the quantity of food that should be given. I am very disappointed and now I have a big bag of expensive food that I will not be giving to Molly and a dog with a tummy issue.
  • Sally V. for Heidi Verified Buyer
    my dog will not eat it
    I think it neeeds to have more smell and flavor
  • Douglas W. for Carson Verified Buyer
    no one responds
  • Gary P. for Bear, Abby Verified Buyer
    Abby and Bear will not eat this food
    Bear had bad diarrhea after I hand fed him the food the first night. Looked like he was going to like it but now that he was sick, he will not eat it
  • Barry W. for Puppet Verified Buyer
    Not reliable for shipping
    Signed up as a new customer. Got email that product would ship and arrive by a certain date. 2 days after that date saw that product hadn't even shipped. Contact customer service who say it's the post offices fault because they didn't pick it up and this is normal. This wasn't true as there hadn't even been a label created to scan. Cancelled membership.
  • Danna C. for Skye Verified Buyer
    If it were more moist. Customer support borders on flippant. No help when I asked.
  • Ashley for Chubbs,Rosalie, Scrappy Verified Buyer
    My dogs are picky eaters and don't like this food

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