Why These Pet Parents Switched From Raw Dog Food to Sundays Air-Dried

by Hannah Roundy

Did you know that feeding Sundays is like feeding a raw dog food diet without worries?

Raw food diets for dogs are a natural approach to your pup’s nutritional needs. But this feeding method takes more effort, time, patience, and space in your refrigerator. That’s why these dog parents made the switch from raw dog food recipes to shelf-stable, air-dried raw Sundays. 

What is Raw Dog Food?

A raw food diet for dogs gives pups direct access to the natural nutrients found in fresh meat, vegetables, and fruits. Pet parents who feed their pups raw dog food have reported improved digestion, dental health, higher energy levels, and a shinier coat. 

The most traditional raw feeding method is buying fresh ingredients from the grocery store and making the food yourself. Raw dog food recipes usually consist of raw muscle or organ meat, bones, whole fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, and uncooked eggs. 

Premade fresh, frozen, or freeze-dried raw dog food can also be purchased online or at pet stores. The drawback is that many of these recipes require refrigeration, dethawing time, and prep work. 

A more convenient way to feed raw is Sundays for Dogs. Their recipes are made with raw, whole ingredients and are air-dried to preserve natural vitamins, minerals, and flavor.

Dogs love the taste of Sundays air-dried jerky because it has the taste and texture of a treat. Just pour it into your dog’s bowl and watch them fall in love with mealtimes again.

Since Sundays is an air-dried raw dog food, it’s shelf-stable and requires no refrigeration! It’s truly the best of both worlds – whole raw nutrition that’s as easy to serve as kibble.

Raw Dog Food Recipes vs. Dry Dog Food Recipes

Before they were domesticated, dogs had carnivorous diets consisting of mostly raw meat and bones. Dogs were able to thrive on a simple diet – so why are we feeding them processed kibble today?

Kibble is typically manufactured by cooking the food with extreme heat and pressure (a process called hot extrusion).

Hot extrusion causes the ingredients in these recipes to lose their natural nutritional value – and there isn’t much, to begin with. Kibble and canned food are often packed with more carbohydrates than protein to cut down on cost. 

Pet parents who want their dogs to have natural ingredients in their diet have started to turn to raw dog food recipes.

Of course, using raw ingredients does come with a few risks. Bacteria found in uncooked meat can be harmful to both dogs and humans. 

If you do choose the make the raw dog food recipes yourself, you also run the risk of an unbalanced diet. The nutritional value of each ingredient should be carefully calculated to ensure your dog is getting enough calories. 

Go with an AAFCO-approved and veterinarian-founded dog food brand like Sundays. The recipes are made with 90% fresh meat and 10% superfoods to provide complete and balanced nutrition for your dog. 

The air-drying process of Sundays cooks the food low and slow to eliminate any harmful bacteria. It’s raw dog food without worries.

Raw Food Diets for Dogs on the Road

Rosalind is a Sundays subscriber and dog parent to a beautiful 2-year-old Labrador/Pointer mix named Pumpkin. After their retirement, Rosalind and her husband decided to travel part-time in an RV. 

“After losing our 3 beloved pups to old age, we missed having a furry travel companion,” Rosalind said, “so we started searching for a young, fun, energetic buddy to share our adventures.”

Pumpkin, who also goes by the punny nickname Spice Girl, checked all the boxes and settled into life with her new family.  

“I have been a long-time proponent of the raw food diet and its benefits so I immediately switched our Spice Girl over from kibble,” Rosalind said. “She flourished, as expected, with improved digestion, endless energy, and a shiny coat.”

With Rosalind’s family on the road, there wasn’t enough freezer space or grocery shopping options for Pumpkin’s raw dog food recipes. That’s when Rosalind found Sundays. 

“I was intrigued by the air-drying process and impressed with the quality ingredients created by a vet, so I placed an order,” Rosalind explained. “Pumpkin loved the food immediately and easily made the transition to Sundays.”

Air-dried raw dog food like Sundays is shelf-stable and requires no prep or refrigeration – so it was the perfect fit for Pumpkin and Rosalind’s lifestyle on the road. 

“I could not be happier with the decision I made to place that first order. The food arrives on my doorstep and meal time is a breeze compared to measuring out raw ingredients, not to mention storing them.”

Even more, Rosalind says that Pumpkin licks the bowl clean and is a perfectly healthy and happy pup. 

“Thank you Sundays for making our life a little easier,” Rosalind said, “we’ll be customers for life!”

Making Raw Dog Food Recipes More Convenient

Riggs (3) and Remi (1.5) are both long-coated Red German Shepherds that made the switch from raw dog food to Sundays. The pups are actually siblings from different litters, so they have a 1.5-year age gap. 

Their pet parent, Melissa, describes Riggs as a sweet, laid-back boy who loves to greet everyone at the door and usher them inside. His favorite thing to do is stick his head over the top of the windshield in Melissa’s jeep and let the wind whip his face! 

Remi is “a very chatty girl” and will let you know exactly how she’s feeling. Melissa says that Remi loves to play and is very high-energy girl. 

“I loved feeding a raw diet because I knew exactly what was going into their bodies,” Melissa explained. “The downfalls were the price, the fact that I had to go to the pet store every 4 days to get a new box, and the freezer space that it took up.”

Melissa ended up seeing an advertisement for Sundays and tried a free sample of the food. She loved that Sundays was a limited ingredient dog food that didn’t take up space in her freezer. 

“Sundays is easier to feed over the frozen raw diet because I can open the bag and scoop rather than waiting for the raw to thaw,” Melissa said. 

Even though Sundays is shelf-stable and convenient to feed, Melissa didn’t have to sacrifice the quality of the ingredients she fed her dogs.

“This is a whole food that is more nutrient-dense,” Melissa explained, “so when you are feeding your dog less [Sundays], they are getting the same nutrients, if not more, than in a regular kibble type of food.”

Riggs and Remi loved the taste of their raw dog food recipes and now they are getting even more natural flavor and nutrients with the air-dried raw blend of Sundays. 

How Air-Dried Raw Dog Food Can Improve Your Dog’s Health

Another pup who benefited by switching from raw dog food to Sundays is a 4-year-old Boston Terrier and Pitbull mix named Kobe. His pet parent, Donna, says that Kobe likes to play catch and is very loving. 

Donna was feeding Kobe a raw dog food diet and liked that it came in various different proteins. What she didn’t like was the time it took to dethaw and prep the food for Kobe. 

“After Kobe started getting really picky with his food, I Google searched dog food for picky eaters and Sundays dog food came up,” Donna said. “I read a lot about it and decided to order a free sample.”

Kobe immediately took to the sample and gobbled it up like Donna had never seen him do before! 

“It definitely is so much more convenient than feeding raw,” explained Donna. “I also love the density of the food. Sometimes, I feed Kobe some of the pieces as a treat.”

After switching from raw dog food to Sundays, Donna noticed that Kobe’s health was improving. 

“I definitely noticed Kobe is not itching and scratching anymore and he is maintaining a good weight,” Donna mentioned. 

Donna also said that she prefers feeding Sundays because she can see how much her dog loves it!

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