Why Should I Buy Dog Food Made in the USA?

by Hannah Roundy

Golden Retriever puppy with red collar and blue food bowl behind them

Every country has different laws and practices for dog food manufacturing. The United States is known to have stricter regulations than other countries.

Location is everything when it comes to the quality of your pup’s diet. Delve deeper into the benefits of USA-made dog food and learn why it’s the top-tier option for your pup. 

What does “dog food made in the USA” mean? 

Just as the name suggests, “made in the USA” is when virtually all parts of the product are made in or sourced from the United States of America. That means that brands advertising as “made in the USA” get their ingredients, packaging materials, and even labor to assemble the product from the US. 


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) monitors the marketing of USA-made products. However, there is no initial approval required by the FTC to market as “made in the USA” and some businesses use that lack of supervision to deceptively promote their products. But you can count on the FTC to hold businesses legally responsible for falsely advertising a product as USA-made. 


What makes USA-made dog food special? 

Every country has different laws and practices for dog food manufacturing. The United States is known to have stricter regulations than other countries. The word “strict” may sound negative, but it’s actually a huge pro for pet parents feeding their pups USA-made dog food. More restrictions on pet food means your dog is getting more quality nutrition in every bite. 


Better Meat Quality

Meat should always be the first ingredient in your dog’s food. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requires ingredients to be listed on dog food labels in order of weight. Our pups require a protein-rich diet to stay happy and healthy – so real meat should always be in that #1 spot. 


The United States has higher safety food standards for meat compared to other countries. Selecting dog food made in the USA means your pup is getting high-quality protein. That’s one reason why the first ingredient in every Sundays for Dogs recipe is always real meat. 


Less Artificial Vitamin and Minerals

Traditional dry dog food is cooked under extreme heat and pressure. Even if these recipes have healthy ingredients, the natural nutrients from the food are lost in the manufacturing process. To meet nutritional requirements, many dog food companies add artificial vitamins and minerals to supplement the lost nutrients in their recipes. 


Many vitamin and mineral supplements aren’t made in the US. Vitamin C, an essential nutrient for dogs and humans alike, is only made outside of the country and has to be imported for American companies to use. 


This means that USA-made dog food has to meet dog dietary needs the old-fashioned way and balance true food ingredients as much as possible. Sundays USA-made dog food achieves the AAFCO standards for complete nutrition without the use of added vitamins and minerals. Instead, they rely on the balance of natural nutrients in fruits, vegetables, real meat, and whole grains


High-Quality Ingredient Sourcing

It’s not uncommon for pet food brands to source or manufacture their food outside of the US. Many businesses choose to do so because ingredient and production costs tend to be cheaper internationally. 


The downside to this cost-cutting measure is that cheaper ingredients are usually lower in quality. There’s more peace of mind with USA-made dog food because you can trust that the ingredient quality is right up there with the food you eat yourself. 


Supporting the US Economy

Companies with fully USA-made dog food are making a positive contribution to the United States economy. From ingredient sourcing to packing up the product, it takes a lot of people to make a quality dog food diet. Local manufacturing creates more new jobs in the US and can reduce taxes for consumers. 


Is dog food “made in America” or “made in the USA” the same thing?

Surprisingly, dog food made in the USA is quite different from food that’s “made in America”. 

Although people typically refer to the United States when they say “America”, the NAFTA free trade agreement includes Canada and Mexico in America, as well. 


Companies can use this common misconception to fool consumers into believing their products are made in the United States of America. In reality, products labeled “made in America” may instead be manufactured in Canada or Mexico.


Is it bad if my dog’s food isn’t made in the United States?


There’s nothing inherently wrong with internationally-made dog food. Some countries, like New Zealand, actually have pretty high standards for pet food production. But you can expect a significant dip in ingredient quality when dog food is made in less-regulated countries. 

If you live in the US, you may feel more comfortable giving your pup dog food that’s made with the same ingredients you buy at the supermarket. Sundays for Dogs is just that – 100% human-grade dog food that’s made in a USDA-monitored facility right here in the American Midwest.

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