What to Know About Dogs and Wildfire Smoke

by Sundays

Your dog can be impacted by poor air quality, here's how to help keep them safe. Plus the signs to watch out for.

This blog post was published on June 7, 2023. 

There's currently an air quality alert for millions of Americans across 18 states from New Hampshire to South Carolina. New York City ranked second and Detroit third among major cities for the worst air quality worldwide.

The poor air quality and visible smog and smoke were caused by more than 400 wildfires that started last week in Eastern Canada. While much is being done to contain and address the source of the smoke and those near the danger zones have been evacuated, many of us are going about our usual schedules through the haze of it all. 

But what does this all mean for our dogs? Such poor air quality can impact both people and their pets. So here’s a quick look at what to do and what to watch out for: 

How to Keep Dogs Safe from Wildfire Smoke

Dogs at the highest risk include those with pre-exisiting respiratory conditions, senior pets and flat-faced breeds like bulldogs and pugs. 

1. Stay inside as much as possible

2. Keep bathroom breaks brief and don’t go on regular walks

3. Keep your windows closed 

4. Turn on the air conditioner to help filter the air and use air purifiers if you have them 

5. Keep your dog’s water bowl filled with fresh water 

Signs of Dog Smoke Inhalation 

Hopefully things will return to normal soon, but keep an eye out for these signs of smoke inhalation and contact your veterinarian immediately if you detect any symptoms. 

- Red or inflamed eyes and excessive tearing 

- Not eating or drinking 

- Coughing or wheezing 

- Trouble breathing 

- Unusual fatigue 

Unfortunately the frequency of wildfires is only expected to increase. It's even been predicted that the number of extreme fires globally will grow 14% by 2030. So it's important to know how to keep your entire family safe from the potential impact. 

We hope you and your pup stay safe and healthy, but if anything seems off remember to call your vet immediately.

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