Unconventional Types of Dog Leashes: Which is Best?

by Hannah Roundy

Dog on a leash with person hiking at sunset

Dog leashes aren't one-size-fits all, check out new and innovative types of dog leashes that can take your walk with your pup up a notch.

Dog leashes aren’t just a rope and collar hook anymore. You’ve got options – various types of dog leashes are tailored to your pup’s walking style. 

Hands-Free Dog Leash

Best For: Small-to-medium breed dogs that don’t pull, hikers, and runners

hands-free dog leash

If you prefer to run with your pup instead of walking, try hitting the trail with a hands-free dog leash. These types of dog leashes are not handheld and are instead secured around your waist. You’ll still attach the hook to your dog’s harness or collar.

A hands-free dog leash makes it easier for you to focus on keeping up the pace with your pup. These types of dog leashes work best for medium and small-breed pups. Hands-free dog leashes can work for large breeds too as long as they don’t pull, which could cause injury to your back. 

Our favorite hands-free dog leash is the Hitch Hiker Leash by Ruffwear. This versatile leash has an adjustable length for you to decide how close you want your dog next to you on runs. You can use the leash provided or attach your own leash to the carabiner. There’s even a little pouch on this leash to walk essentials like treats or poop bags. 

Double Dog Leash

Best For: Pet parents who need to walk two dogs at the same time