Tips for How to Store Sundays for Dogs

by Sundays

While not necessary, there could be some reasons why you might want to keep Sundays in the fridge. Here's why.

The beauty of Sundays is that you don’t have to sacrifice premium nutrition for convenience. It’s really never been easier to feed your dog a nutritious meal designed for their optimal health. Because Sundays is air-dried, it’s not only nutrient dense, but shelf stable. That means you can keep the resealed bag out on your counter or stored away in your pantry. It’s also super travel-friendly and can be tossed in your car for feeding anywhere, any time. 

All that being said, because Sundays is made with fresh ingredients, some pups and their people think its deliciousness is enhanced when you store it in the fridge. 

So, should you keep Sundays in the fridge? 

While not required for safe or optimal feeding, storing Sundays in the refrigerator will extend the freshness of the food after opening. And some customers think that their dog enjoys the taste even more when the food is refrigerated. So, if you have a picky pup, you might want to consider chilling their next serving and see how they like it.

You might also want to store your Sundays in the refrigerator if you live in a hot or humid climate. Doing so will ensure maximum freshness and shelf life. On a similar note, you could toss your bag of Sundays in the fridge over the summer months and keep it on the counter throughout more mild seasons. 

Wherever you decide to store your Sundays, make sure to always seal the bag completely after every feeding to keep food fresh for longer. 

Want to learn more about serving Sundays? Ensure you’re feeding your dog the proper amount of our nutrient dense food and take a look at our recommendations for daily feeding frequency.

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