Tips for Dog-Friendly Places + Places to Not Bring Your Dogs

by Sydney Hess

Dog pulling on leash outside with people

Nobody likes leaving their beloved pup behind, especially when you know they could come with you, but there are some places you're better off not bringing your dog. 

Summer is upon us and that means so is festival season. But before you leash up your pup to accompany you on all of these fun outings there are a few things to consider to make sure your destinations are truly dog-friendly places. 

It is sometimes necessary to evaluate if the situation you would be bringing your pup into will be enjoyable for your pet, or if it could actually end up being quite stressful for them. Keep reading to help yourself make a mental checklist of what to look for in a dog-friendly outing. 

Dog Vaccinations 

Firstly and most importantly, make sure your pup is up to date on all vaccinations before taking them out for a day on the town. Anywhere that pets are able to congregate will bring along an increased risk of transmissible illnesses, so it’s best to have your pups bases covered before bringing them out! 

Check the weather 

It just might get to hot to trot. Temperatures that feel wonderful to us can end up being sweltering for some breeds. 80 degrees doesn’t seem like it would cause any major issues, but if you own a breed that was bred to work long hours in the snow, this temperature could prove to be problematic. 

Heatstroke is incredibly common during the spring and summer months, and it can be quite devastating. It is important to know the signs of a heatstroke, and know your pup's limits. Be sure to keep your pup cool and hydrated

When the air starts to heat up, the ground does as well. By now most pet parents are aware that walking dogs on hot pavement can cause burned paws, and the quickest solution seems to be a pair of heat-resistant booties. While the right pair of booties can be a game changer during the warm months, we must also remember that booties can inhibit a dogs natural ability to release heat. Thus, putting booties on a dog could potentially cause them to overheat more easily. Dogs do not sweat in the same way that humans do, they release heat through their paws and by panting. If you are planning on adding a pair of booties to your dog's summer gear stash, make sure you pick boots that have adequate airflow to the paws! 

Large crowds and dogs 

Large crowds can be overwhelming for us humans, imagine being only a few feet off the ground like our dogs! Many dogs that have been properly socialized will tolerate crowds just fine, but it may be best to let them test the waters in more laid back environments before tossing them in an overstimulating situation. An overstimulated dog may trigger reactivity, leash pulling, and hypervigilance, which is not easy to handle in the middle of a crowded market. 

No matter your dog's socialization or training status, never forget to bring your high-value rewards! While a treat pouch might not always be the most stylish addition to your market outfit, it will be the most practical if you decide to take Fido along. Dogs (understandably) expect payment for their good behavior, and it will be important to have incentive when taking them to a more challenging environment. 

What to Bring 

Be sure to have all the essentials packed ahead of time. Here are a few of our favorite doggy-day-out approved supplies! 

  • Springer Travel Water Bottle. A water bottle and bowl all in one, so you never accidentally leave the house without a collapsible bowl again. 
  • Wilderdog Utility Pack. This stylish pack will fit your treats, poop bags, and even a wallet or phone. A regular fanny pack will do the trick as well, but if you want to get fancy, this is a great option. 
  • Wagwellies Mojave Boots. There are a lot of good dog booties on the market, but these definitely stand out against the rest! They offer ventilation holes to let those toes breathe, which as mentioned prior is essential during the warm months! 
  • Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Harness. Cooling vests use evaporation to keep your pup nice and cool. Ruffwear created an all-in-one harness and cooling vest, so your pup has one less thing to wear and you have one less thing to remember! 
  • Sundays for Dogs High-Value Recipes. Sundays makes it easy to incorporate your pup’s meals into training time with our mess-free air-dried food. 
  • Lambwolf Travel Mat. If you enjoy patio sitting with your pup, a travel mat may help your dog feel more comfortable settling in public! 

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