Time for Sundays

A generation ago, dogs slept outside and ate kibble. Today, two-thirds of US dog parents let their dogs sleep in bed with them, and yet 95% still feed kibble or canned food. Dogs have transformed from pets to family members, but dog food hasn’t caught up.

When a veterinarian and a software engineer couldn’t find a food we felt great about feeding our own dogs, we decided to make it.

We tried over 30 different brands, but everything was either kibble (which was low quality and heavily processed no matter how fancy the marketing was) or refrigerated food (which was an unbelievable inconvenience--you have to thaw it, prep it, and clean it up twice a day!) We joke that we would do literally anything for our dogs… except prepare their food for an hour a day.

We wanted something that was healthier and tastier than kibble, but just as easy.  

Today, we’re so proud and excited to launch Sundays and make it publicly available beyond our waiting list.

Sundays is the result of years of hard work.

It’s the first ready-to-eat, human-grade dog food. We start with all-natural, USDA meats and veggies, then gently air-dry them to preserve nutrition and taste while killing germs. The end result is a jerky-like texture that tastes like a treat (dogs go crazy for it!) but doesn’t require any special storage, prep or clean-up. Just pour it into a bowl, and you’re done.

We make it at a USDA human-grade jerky kitchen not too far from us in Ohio. It meets the AAFCO nutrient requirements for All Life Stages including puppies, and Tory worked with a team of boarded veterinary nutritionists, animal nutritionist Ph.D.’s and human food scientists to pioneer this first-of-its-kind food.

Today, over 1,000 dogs are happily eating Sundays and we’re excited to share it with even more dog families :) 

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who helped us get to the starting line. Our friends and family (and all their dogs who served as taste testers); our moms, Diane and Jean who helped us ship hundreds of our first orders; Bondfire for helping us create the brand; our investors: Box Group, Red Sea, Great Oaks, SV Angel, Lunch Partners, Bam, Shrug, Foundation, and some great angels; and all of our early customers who trusted us to feed their family members :)

Here’s a quick trip down memory lane to how we got here:

We traveled to the ends of the earth (literally) to find the best manufacturing techniques and ingredients. Here’s a pic of Tory with our then-infant daughter in a meat locker in New Zealand:

We had to develop new manufacturing techniques to create an entirely new product. Classic hairnet shot:

Shortly we after we soft-launched COVID hit, and we had trouble sourcing meat and shipping to customers. Not before long, we were having pallets of dog food dropped off at our front door, and we shipped over 1,000 packages from our house:

And of course, we have to thank our fearless taste-testers Mabel and Sky, who have dutifully eaten over 100 test batches of food to arrive at the recipe we have today:

Try Healthy, Easy Sundays