The Meaning Behind Dogust: The Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs

by Hannah Roundy

Happy Dogust! Sundays is celebrating National Dog Month this August by sharing pet stories from members of our team.

So, What is Dogust?

Many dog parents call the eighth month of the year Dogust because it’s National Dog Month. But Dogust also refers to the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs on August 1st. This special day was made to honor the pups in our lives who were adopted or rescued. 

It can be difficult to track down an adopted dog's birth date since the rescue or shelter may not know their background. Dogust was created to ensure that every dog gets a birthday, even if it's not their real one. On August 1st, spoil your dog with a new toy, treats or even a big box of Sundays for their Dogust birthday bash.

Even if you know your dog's birthday, August is the perfect time to party with our pups because there are many dog-themed holidays.

Here are just a few of the holidays you and your dog can look forward to in Dogust:
  • August 1st - DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs
  • August 4th - Assistance Dog Day
  • August 5th - Work Like a Dog Day
  • August 10th - Spoil Your Dog Day
  • August 23rd - International Blind Dog Day
  • August 26th - National Dog Day

Dog Adoption Stories

Many Sundays team members have interesting pet stories, but Jeremy and Victoria have a special pup family. 

Jeremy and Victoria McDonald are a Sundays power couple because they are married and both work on our customer experience team! They live in Tennessee with their pups and have been together for 19 years. The McDonalds love horror movies, Halloween, music and nature. Victoria’s dad raises, rescues and rehabs exotic lizards and tarantulas–so even after Sundays work hours are done, they are helping other animals stay happy and healthy.

Their dog adoption stories begin in 2014 with Byron and Lydia. The puppies were found outside a friend’s house, cuddling against each other for warmth due to the freezing temperatures. Jeremy and Victoria’s friend posted a picture of the siblings asking if anyone wanted to adopt them. Even though they had just moved into a new house and were not planning to adopt, they knew Byron and Lydia were meant to be. 

“After work we went over to our friend’s business and there in a box were two tiny pups,” Victoria explained. “Lydia looked up at me so I had to pick her up first. She instantly fell asleep on my shoulder. We both knew we couldn’t leave without them.”


Age: 8
Likes: Pretending to be a “big baby”, burrowing under the covers, learning new tricks, being with his mom
Dislikes: When his mom & dad are anxious 

lydia.jpg 75.1 KB
Age: 8
Likes: Taking care of people, giving kisses, stealing & hoarding shoes, 
Dislikes: Going to the vet and not getting attention

In 2016, Baxter and Piggy were adopted by the McDonalds. Baxter is the older of the two pups and is described by Victoria as a “gentle giant”. He is the largest of all the dogs in the house, but he still loves to cuddle. 

Piggy has crystal blue eyes and is snuggly just like Baxter! He got his name because when he’s excited he makes oinking noises. 

Both Piggy and Baxter have a thyroid disease, which means they need extra love and care. Baxter has a more severe case that requires him to be on medications since he’s extremely prone to ear, skin, and eye infections. Victoria and Jeremy switched Baxter’s diet to Sundays to alleviate some of his symptoms. 

“Our vet was shocked with how much he has improved since his last visit, she asked what we were doing differently,” she explained. “We told her about Sundays and we truly believe it’s the reason for his improvement.” 

Age: 6
Likes: Jumping on furniture, getting kisses on his head, anything apple or cinnamon flavored
Dislikes: Eating anything other than Sundays

Age: 6
Likes: Blue blankets, blue toys, snuggles, giving “human kisses”
Dislikes: Loud noises and being afraid

Victoria’s brother serves in the military and is currently deployed in Romania, so they took in his pup, Recon. He is an Italian Greyhound mix and has been living with the McDonalds for a little over 4 years. Recon is obsessed with his monthly Barkbox and gives a “baroo” sound when it arrives. 

Age: 9
Likes: Toys, toys, and more toys!
Dislikes: Toys that rip apart too easily 

Sephora belongs to Victoria’s brother, but she spends several hours a day at Jeremy and Victoria’s house, so she is part of the family. She is a Mountain Cur Mix who is best friends with Piggy. Sephora is often called “Snorfler” because she makes snorfle noises when she is eating or excited. 

Age: 4
Likes: Playing with piggy, being sassy and snorfling
Dislikes: Being told what to do

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