Characteristics of a Chihuahua & How to Care for the Pint-Sized Pup

by Sundays

Whether you already own or are looking to adopt a Chihuahua, here’s breed characteristics, potential health issues and care needs you should know about the tiny but mighty pup.

The Chihuahua has to be one of the most easily recognizable dog breeds out there. It could be thanks to some famous chis headlining national fast food chain commercials or starring alongside leading performers in major films. But we think that the tiny but mighty breed just has this inherent star quality–whether the camera’s rolling or not. Here’s all that you should know about the Chihuahua breed:

Chihuahua Dog Breed

Characteristics of a Chihuahua Dog 

Known as “purse dogs”, Chihuahuas belong to the Toy Breed category and typically weigh no more than six pounds. Teacup Chihuahuas are even smaller, with an average weight maxing out around three pounds. Physical Chihuahua characteristics can vary from short or long hair and come in a variety of colors including fawn, red, cream, chocolate, brown, mixed, white, black and even blue. 

The behavioral characteristics of a Chihuahua can be described as sassy, confident and loyal. From the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail, Chihuahuas can exude confidence and typically tend to take the “leader of the pack” role when among other dogs. 

Chihuahua Health Issues

Chihuahuas are generally a healthy breed. They can live long lives with an average age span of 12-20 years. They are however prone to some health conditions including spinal and knee injuries, heart disease, dental issues and eye problems associated with age. Most of these breed-related Chihuahua health issues can be prevented, especially with yearly well checks and regular dental care. 

Chihuahua Breed Health

Chihuahua Breed Care 

As just mentioned, Chihuahua’s teeth can become an issue with age so it is very important to not only keep up with regular brushing at home, but to also schedule vet cleanings as well. Your vet will be able to share the ideal frequency for professional dental work. In addition to dental work, Chihuahuas with short coats will require bathing and may be prone to shedding, so a deshedding brush could come in handy. Long hair chihuahuas require a bit more grooming attention and may need to be trimmed, but will shed less than their short-haired counterparts.
Chihuahua Breed Care

Breed Nutrition

Chihuahuas need nutrition that will fortify their little bodies and fuel their dynamic personalities. That’s why Sundays for Dogs is the perfect fit. You’ll be providing your pup premium, human-grade ingredients and no synthetic nonsense. If your Chihuahua tends to be on the chunky side, consider feeding them a lean protein like chicken to help keep extra pounds at bay. As added weight could exacerbate some health conditions like knee and heart problems. 

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