The 4 Types of Boyfriends as Dogs

by Hannah Roundy

Woman with husky boyfriend on a hike

“What type of dog is my boyfriend?” Walk through dog breed stereotypes with us to see which pup your partner's personality most resembles.

Every dog is different, but breed type can play a role in your pup's personality. Did you know dog breed behavior can also apply to your SO? 

Boyfriend Dog Breed Challenge 

If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok lately, you’ve probably noticed the dog breed boyfriend challenge. People have noticed that their partner’s personality is pretty close to that of a classic dog breed. Wondering “what type of dog is my boyfriend”? Let’s review the common types of boyfriends as dogs. 

What type of dog is my boyfriend? 

There are so many different types of boyfriends as dogs. The American Kennel Club recognizes over 200 different types of dog breeds – so there are plenty of options. But what are the most common types of boyfriends as dogs? 

Golden Retriever Boyfriend 

Golden Retriever boyfriend

Characteristics: Friendly, happy-go-lucky, affectionate 

Interests: Hanging out with friends, trying new things, FOOD

Dislikes: Being alone, mean people 

The most popular partner type is the Golden Retriever Boyfriend. Like a typical Golden Retriever, these types of partners are incredibly social and easy to get along with. They might be more outgoing and friendly than their partner, but that’s why opposites attract. 

Most Golden Retriever Boyfriends have partners that are the reverse of their personality. If you are more introverted and quiet, odds are you are dating someone with a Golden Retriever personality. 

Rottweiler Boyfriend

Rottweiler boyfriend

Characteristics: Defensive, introverted, loyal

Interests: Being with their person, long walks, listening to music

Dislikes: Large crowds, anyone except their partner 

Rottweiler Boyfriends are quite the opposite of Golden Retriever Boyfriends. These partners are more reserved and observant. In a group setting, they may not contribute to the conversation much but that doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention. 

Similar to the Rottweiler breed, these partners are defensive when the situation calls for it. They are ready to pounce if someone is rude to them or their partner. People-pleasers often pair up with Rottweiler Boyfriends because they make them feel safe. 

Husky Boyfriend

Husky boyfriend

Characteristics: Adventurous, brave, high-maintenance

Interests: Running, any outdoor activities, singing

Dislikes: Heat, sensory nightmares

If your partner is a mix of fearless and fussy, they’re most likely a Husky Boyfriend. These types of partners love a good, old-fashioned outdoor adventure. Camping, hiking, and skiing are all in their wheelhouse – but only if the conditions are just right. 

Although Huskies have wild roots, they are a pretty high-maintenance breed that needs constant grooming and companionship. Husky Boyfriends have a pack mentality and love to be around their partner and friends. But don’t be surprised if your Husky Boyfriend is picky about food, clothes, and weather. 

German Shepherd Boyfriend

German Shepherd boyfriend

Characteristics: Intelligent, watchful, devoted

Interests: Sports, learning new tricks, cuddling

Dislikes: When their partner is sad 

What type of dog is my boyfriend if they aren’t quite a Golden Retriever or a Rottweiler? If you have a sweet, social partner who’s got your back in awkward situations, you might be dating a German Shepherd boyfriend. 

German Shepherd boyfriends are more approachable and friendly than Rottweilers. But they are ready to attack if someone is rude to their partner, much like the breed itself. Don’t mistake a German Shepherd boyfriend’s kindness for weakness.

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