Sundays with Nube the Samoyed

by Susie Atlas

Welcome to our "Sundays with..." series, featuring modern dog parents who inspire us! Today we speak with Nube the Samoyed and her pet parent, Alja, about their travels.

1. How often do you travel with Nube? How many trips have you taken together so far?

We take Nube almost everywhere we can, and we cannot imagine having it any other way. We usually plan the trips in a way that she can come with us. She is quite the traveler, she has been to 10+ countries and 6+ states. 

2. Why did you decide on Lake Tahoe?

Lake Tahoe was the first place she ever experienced snow as a puppy. We used to live in the Bay Area, so we would take day trips to Lake Tahoe in the winter. Since moving to sunny San Diego almost 3 years ago, we didn't have a chance to spend much time in the snow, though we did take yearly trips to Big Bear. Lake Tahoe got so much snow over the past few months so we thought it would be an amazing trip to celebrate Nube's 6th birthday!

3. What was your favorite part of the trip?

Since we had quite a drive 9+H to the Bay Area and another 4H to Lake Tahoe I couldn't wait for Nube to see the snow. My favorite part of the trip was Nube exiting the car and realizing snow is everywhere around her ! She loved playing in the snow and enjoyed every second of it.

4. What was the most dog-friendly experience you had while on the trip?

Overall, Lake Tahoe is a very dog-friendly place. Most of the hikes and parts of the lake welcome dogs, as well as the villages on the base of ski resorts. 

5. What was the most unexpected thing that happened along your travels this time?

While Tahoe has been having a lot of snowfall in the past couple of months, it wasn't on the weather forecast while we were there. Sunday morning we woke up and it started snowing, so Nube ate her birthday cake in the snow!