Sundays with Lindsey Horan (USWNT) and her Frenchie, (Sir Alex) Ferguson

Professional soccer play Lindsey Horan enjoys healthy, easy Sundays with her Frenchie

Tell us about your dog. What’s your dog’s name and what is the meaning behind it? What breed are they? What’s their personality like?
My dog’s name is Ferguson. He is named after one of my favorite football managers, Sir Alex Ferguson. I do not support Manchester United, but I do highly respect Ferguson. He is a french bulldog! Fergs is very social and has soooo much personality. He will go up to anyone, any dog, literally anything and love it.

How did ​Ferguson become a part of your life? Were dogs always a part of your family?
Actually, Ferguson is my first dog! I’ve wanted a frenchie my whole life and this past year it finally came true. It was a blessing in disguise when quarantine came about, I was able to spend a lot of his puppy months with him, which normally does not happen in our careers!

What does your typical Sunday morning routine look like?
Every morning Ferguson and I are usually up around 7. We go straight outside for a lovely walk in the city and to one of my favorite coffee shops in Denver/Portland. I usually eat breakfast 1.5 hours before training, so dependent on when that is, is when I eat! I then feed fergs around the same time. I have a healthy cereal, yogurt and fruit while at the same time I feed my little man at the same time!

What self-care rituals do you reserve for Sundays that are non-negotiables and essential to you? 
Going for walks with Ferguson have been very great for both him and me. I think cooking is a huge deal for me but more importantly just what I put into my body. Food and nutrition is such a huge part of an athlete's game, so I try and stay as healthy as possible.

How has your Sunday morning routine changed over the years, and especially since getting a dog?
I now have more responsibility, which has been a huge change for me. I normally just had to take care of myself. With Ferguson, I need to make sure he is as healthy as possible, enjoying his life, and getting the attention he deserves. I feel so lucky to be his mom and take care of him for the amount of time I get!.

How has being a dog parent improved your life?
Ferguson is absolutely a member of my family, he is my son. I think my life has changed for the better. Ferguson brings so much enjoyment to me and everyone around him. I am so incredibly lucky to have such a perfect dog that cracks me up half of the time but also challenges me to be a good mom to him as well. I’m very grateful.

What tips or advice do you have for a new dog parent that wants to ensure their dog is happy and healthy?
For me, every dog is different. I try my absolute best to be there for him and give him what he needs. We will all get it wrong sometimes, but love the heck out of your dog and everything else will fall into place. When you love and care for something that much, everything comes naturally and it will always be a learning process.

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