Sundays with Kate and Happy

We speak with Kate Bosworth and her dog Happy about how they met and how they like to spend their Sundays together.

Tell us about your dog. What’s your dog’s name and what is the meaning behind it? What breed are they? What’s their personality like?

HAPPY. And he truly lives up to his name! He was born with a smile on his snout.

How did Happy become a part of your life? Were dogs always a part of your family?

My husband and I saw someone walking around a house party in LA with a puppy unlike one we had seen before. She told us the dog was a blue Piccardy French Spaniel ... and there was a brother left in the litter. We fell in love with Happy instantly.

I have always had dogs since I was a kid. We rescued a dog who was half coyote when I was 6. We named her “Lucky.” Our dogs really do become a part of our family.

What does your typical Sunday morning routine look like with Happy? Walk Sundays’ audience through your typical Sunday routine with your dog in as much detail as possible with timestamps. What time do you wake up? What time do you eat breakfast and what do you typically eat? What parallels are there between your nutrition and that of your dog’s?

7.30 am Happy normally wakes me up with a lot of excitement. He is generally always VERY happy to be alive each day and see the people he loves.

8 am my husband normally takes him on a walk in the neighborhood, sometimes I go (but most days this is Michael & Happy time). Happy loves to chase the many wild rabbits in our neighborhood. He’s a pointer so he stands at attention in a perfect posture before the chase. He doesn’t ever get the bunnies though, Happy tells me they just like to play.

8:30 — I feed Happy. He is truly obsessed with Sundays For Dogs. If I’m not looking, Happy will literally try and break open the big yellow box and remove the bag of kibble himself!

9 am — My meditation (Happy always likes to join and often gets most curious when his mom does some deep breathing).

10 - 3 pm — These days I work from home and sometimes Happy will make an exciting zoom appearance. The other day he said hello to someone in London!

We are lucky to have a big yard that Happy likes to play in. On very hot days he will join me for a swim in the pool.

5 - 8 — I feed Happy dinner about 5 pm. He sits like a very good boy when he sees his favorite yellow box :) My husband and I love to cook so the evening is spent together as a family, cooking and enjoying the evening.

10 pm — We normally tuck in to watch a movie or read (I’m an avid reader) ... but Happy wouldn’t really know because he’s normally zonked out by then! Chasing bunnies is hard work for a dog.

What self-care rituals do you reserve for Sundays that are non-negotiables and essential to you? For example, yoga, meditation, journaling, cooking, going for a walk, etc.

Meditation. I try to do it every day actually! Sunday’s are reserved for as little phone time and as much family time as possible. We also love watching football on Sundays in the fall!

How has your Sunday morning routine changed over the years, and especially since getting a dog?

I’ve always observed Sundays as a day to rest and recharge.

How has being a dog parent enhanced your life? Do you consider Happy to be a member of the family?

Yes! He is always there for me when I’m down, and as the pandemic has brought a ton of stress and anxiety generally, I appreciate his cuddles now more than ever.

What tips or advice do you have for a new dog parent that wants to ensure their dog is happy and healthy?

Make sure the breed you are getting is one that suits the lifestyle of the family. Sadly, I’ve seen many dogs returned or unhappy because the family didn’t do proper research into a good match. And, diet is huge. We have always fed Happy grain free, natural and healthy ingredients... To keep him healthy, and yes, Happy!

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