Sundays with Jen Selter & Gram

by Susie Atlas

Welcome to our "Sundays with..." series, featuring modern dog parents who inspire us! Today we speak with professional trainer & fitness influencer, Jen Selter and her dog Gram, about tricks & treats for the modern dog parent.

Tell us about your dog, Gram! What's the meaning behind his name? 

Gram reminded me of a little "Graham Cracker" with his funky coloring so then we named him "Gram" short for Instagram.

What breed is Gram? 

I adopted Gram years ago so I am not completely sure what breed he is but he does look like a German Spitz!

What is his personality like? 

Gram is a very affectionate and loving dog! He is very playful and energetic! Gram loves people and always puts a smile on everyone's face! The one thing he does not like is other dogs though, he thinks he is a cat and loves cats!

Sunday breakfast with Jen Selter and Gram.

What are his favorite things to do?

When Gram is in NYC he is not much of an outdoors dog but when he is at the summer house or somewhere more quiet, he LOVES being outside and running around! He LOVES hanging with new people and just getting rubs/attention! He also loves eating! 

Have dogs always been a part of your family?

My parents actually grew up with cats but when I was in high school, I was surprised with a Maltese named Brody for my birthday since I wanted a dog SO bad! 

Walk our audience through a typical Sunday routine with Gram. What time do you wake up? 

On Sundays, we try to sleep in and not set an alarm! We usually wake up anywhere between 9-10 AM. 

What time do you eat breakfast and what do you typically eat?

We eat our breakfast shortly after we wake up. I usually always make myself eggs with some oatmeal or fruit! Gram loves eating his Sundays for Dogs chicken or beef mixed with some cheese or a little egg! Shortly after breakfast, we get some fresh air and clean up around the apartment!

What activities do you like to do with Gram?

Gram never wants to be alone so he is lucky I am a homebody! I love making him play-date with a friend's cat since he LOVES them! We also love watching movies and Gram barks at the screen every time an animal appears! 

What do you do to decompress on Sundays? What self-care rituals do you reserve for Sundays that are essential to you? 

Sundays are my favorite days to reset and decompress. I love getting a little workout in, tidying up my apartment, looking over and prepping my schedule for the week ahead, as well as cooking/baking. Sundays are my days to take things slowly, relax and recharge! 

How has being a dog parent enhanced your life?

Animals can teach you so many things and even prepare you for being a real parent! Everything from responsibility, patience and trust! I really feel like Gram has increased my happiness. Being around him makes me feel less anxious and more safe.

Jen Selter feeds her dog, Gram, Sundays for Dogs chicken recipe.

What tips or advice do you have for new dog parents that want to ensure their dog is happy and healthy? 

Pay attention to them and their needs! Dogs are "man's best friend" because they require the same amount of love and attention as any being does! Gram is super simple and is very low maintenance as long as he's given love, attention and the occasional treat, he's amazing! 

A few tips:
  1. 1. Choose the right food
  2. 2. Train consistently
  3. 3. Know your dogs needs

What similarities are there between your nutrition and Gram's?

The biggest similarity is the I feed Gram brands that I trust and that are completely transparent in their ingredients and efforts. My nutrition is filled with natural and whole ingredients just as Gram's is with Sundays for Dogs. I love a healthy selection with options. Since I'm always on the go and busy, having foods available that are both easy and healthy is super important - and Sundays for Dogs is exactly this! 

How has Sundays impacted your lifestyle with Gram? 

Sundays for Dogs really has allowed me to stress less when it comes to feeding him since I know the exact ingredients and how clean and healthy it is for Gram. Gram is a very picky eater so finding this brand for him was GOLD!
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