Sundays with Danielle Duboise & Zen Bowie

Welcome to our "Sundays with..." series, featuring modern dog parents who inspire us! Today we're getting a look into the family life of Sakara Life Co-Founder and Co-CEO Danielle Duboise and her dog, Zen!

Tell us about your dog. What’s your dog’s name and what is the meaning behind it? What breed are they? What’s their personality like? 
Zen Bowie is a 4-year old mini Aussie and my first baby! She’s a wild one. The name Zen does NOT fit her personality but that makes it all the more cute. She’s a mini Aussie with full Aussie energy. She just wants to run, chase a ball and cuddle. She’s the sweetest soul I know. 
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How did your dog become a part of your life? Were dogs always a part of your family? 
I desperately wanted a dog but my fiancé (now husband) wasn’t so sure. But I put the pressure on for my 30th birthday gift and he came through! And now he and Zen are BFF’s. In fact, we had a pet psychic (long story) tell us that Zen is madly in love with my husband… so that makes two of us.
What does your typical Sunday routine look like? 
We start the day around 7am by going for a walk in the park. It’s quiet and peaceful in NYC before 8am. We feed Zen right before we leave the house. Then, we usually go for coffee in our neighborhood and now that everything is outside only, Zen comes with us everywhere! She usually tries to steal a pastry from my 2-year-old… 
Noon is naptime! This is a quiet time in the house, where Zen and our daughter nap and my husband and I either catch up on housework or with each other. 
Mid-afternoon, if it’s rainy, maybe we’ll sneak in a movie and all cuddle up together. If it’s nice out, we’ll go to the park again. 6pm is dinnertime for the whole family!
What do you personally do to decompress on Sundays?
We try and stay away from work and phones. Dedicating one day to family has been a tradition since we first got Zen. If it’s nice out, we drive up to Central Park for their off-leash hours. Next to my husband, Zen’s most beloved thing in the world is chasing the ball. 
How has your Sunday morning routine changed over the years, and especially since getting a dog? 
More of a reason to stay home and cuddle! 
How has being a dog parent enhanced your life? Do you consider your dog to be a member of the family?
Zen helped me understand how much I yearned to be a mother-- she was my first baby. I had no idea how much I could learn from her when she joined our family. And I love the relationship that my daughter has formed with Zen. My heart melts seeing them together. They’re best friends. 
What tips or advice do you have for a new dog parent that wants to ensure their dog is happy and healthy?
Ingredients matter. What we put in our bodies is so important to our well-being, and the same applies to your new family member. Our pups deserve human-grade, all-natural food to help them thrive! And also be patient… a dog trainer once told me we can never blame a dog for bad behavior, rather it’s a reflection on us as the parent.

About Danielle: Danielle DuBoise is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sakara Life, the wellness and lifestyle brand rooted in nutrition. Sakara Life provides all the tools for people to love their bodies in order to live a mindful, healthy life, delivering millions of meals in 2019. She is the author of National Bestseller “Eat Clean Play Dirty,” along with Sakara co-founder Whitney Tingle. 
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