Sundays Ingredients that Support Your Dog’s Dental Health

by Sundays

close up of a dog's open mouth with clean teeth

It’s like we always say, when it comes to dog food it’s what is on the inside that counts. Every one of our human-grade ingredients benefits your pup’s well being, see which two help keep your pup’s teeth clean and breath fresh.

There was this old way of thinking that kibble helped clean dogs’ teeth because of the abrasion that would occur when chewing–but this is actually only scientifically proven with very specific dental foods–not kibble in general. While small amounts of plaque may be removed when a dog eats, dry dog foods could ultimately increase plaque and tartar levels overall. Most kibbles contain a higher percentage of refined carbohydrates and these ingredients contribute to tartar build up and the development of cavities (yes just like humans!). Simply, kibble has a higher likelihood of doing more harm than good when it comes to the health and cleanliness of dog teeth. 

No dog food–or treat for that matter–should replace brushing your dog’s teeth regularly. Brushing regularly is by far and away the best way to rid buildup around the gumline and ward off periodontal issues and disease. According to NCBI, “The most effective method [in preventing periodontal disease] is daily tooth brushing, which can result in plaque reduction of 37.4% and an 80.2% reduction of calculus compared with that in dogs with unbrushed teeth”.

That being said, there are food ingredients that can help keep your dog’s mouth in better condition in between brushing and regular cleanings. Parsley and kelp are the two star Sundays ingredients that go to work for your pup’s oral hygiene. Parsley has antimicrobial properties and in turn helps freshen breath. And kelp helps with tartar buildup as it contains alginate which has been shown to bind bacteria so it is easier to remove. 

Sundays’ recipes are filled with ingredients that together create a meal that is naturally complete and balanced, so your dog can enjoy real foods with real benefits. Take a look at our full list of human-grade ingredients

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