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by Sam Howell

This Air-Dried Dog Food is Like Kibble But Better

Review originally posted by The Dodo & written by Sam Howell on June 6, 2021.

Feeding your dog dry food is super convenient, since you don’t have to worry about saving space in the fridge or letting it go bad (at least not for a super long time).

But the problem is you’re not convinced it’s the healthiest option for your pup.

So, The Dodo tested Sundays dog food to see if there’s a dry food option that’s actually good for your BFF — and one that he’ll actually like.

The verdict? It earned our Paw of Approval. Here’s why.

What Is Sundays?

Sundays is dog food that’s been slowly air-dried, which, according to the company, allows its ingredients to retain their nutrients while also giving the food a jerky-like texture.

It’s human-grade, too — meaning you could eat it if you really wanted to.

According to Sundays, their dog food has a whole bunch of health benefits for your pup, including:

  • It’s easy on sensitive stomachs
  • It’s full of antioxidants
  • It’s good for joint health
  • It keeps coats shiny and healthy
  • It helps with digestion

And because Sundays is a dry dog food, it doesn’t have to be refrigerated like most human-grade dog foods.

Once you open the box, it’ll be good for four to six months. If your Sundays box is unopened, it’ll last up to a full year.

You can buy boxes individually or, if you’d like to save 20%, you can sign up for their subscription option.

The Judges

We picked three picky eaters to give Sundays dog food a try.

“Doc has always been SUCH a picky eater that no matter how much money I spend on his food or no matter how palatable his food is, he will eventually grow tired of it and frequently skip his meals. It's super frustrating to have to beg him to eat.” — his person, Catherine Yi
“He enjoys food but doesn't always finish his whole meal.” — his person, Genevieve Farrell
“We've been recently looking for new food for Neptune. Neptune generally was a grazer with traditional kibble.” — his person, Ken Peltzer

So … Did Our Dogs Actually Eat It?

Even though our judges have picky palates, they all were super excited to scarf down their Sundays dog food.

“Doc’s normally very, very picky. Then I added in the Sundays and it became so much easier to feed him because he is now so excited to eat.” — Catherine Y.

“Bobo loved it immediately. We were sad when the bag ran out.” — Genevieve F.

“The first time, Neptune didn't really want it, but I think it was an off-day. The second time, he really enjoyed the food and ate the whole bowl.” — Ken P.

Neptune with his new Sundays food (Ken Peltzer)

What Pets Loved: It’s Delicious!

You would never know our dogs are picky eaters from the way they freaked out about Sundays dog food.

“Doc liked it right away. He jumped up sniffing at the counter and gets excited for mealtimes now. He reacts to this food the way he reacts to his treats, which is a welcome change since he normally does not get excited about his meals.” — Catherine Y.

“We immediately noticed Bobo’s eyes lit up when he tried this food/saw the bag. This is his favorite food!” — Genevieve F.
Doc is scarfing down his air-dried food. (Catherine Yi)

What Parents Loved: It Doubles As Healthy Treats!

Since their dogs love Sundays so much, our pet parents realized the individual pieces make great treats, too.

“The flakes of food are great because they are a good treat size as well.” — Ken P.

“I can even give Doc little pieces as treats — it has high treat value for him.” — Catherine Y.

But Sundays dog food is more than just a tasty snack. It’s actually helped out one judge with a particularly sensitive stomach.

“Doc had been suffering from a sensitive stomach since last November. No digestion problems since he's been eating Sundays and he hasn't skipped a single meal.” — Catherine Y.

They also liked that it has all the convenience of typical dry dog food.

“It’s relatively convenient. I don't have to prepare by mixing with water like some other brands.” —  Catherine Y.

“The box and packaging are great. I appreciate how easy it is to reuse.” — Ken P.

As an added bonus, the packaging was fun to look at.

“The design and packaging were super cute and aesthetically pleasing. I lined it up with my cereal boxes.” — Catherine Y.

“Loved the packaging! Very elevated branding.” — Genevieve F.

Any Downsides?

As with any dog food that’s made with real, human-grade ingredients, Sundays might not smell the best or feel the greatest if you have to touch it with your bare hands.

“The food smell is strong — stronger than traditional kibble and more akin to fresh food.” — Ken P.

Aside from that, the only issue our pet parents had was the price tag. Depending on your dog’s size, Sundays dog food ranges from $75 to $199 for a four-week supply (though truly huge breeds might need a little extra). So it’s definitely a splurge, but you can shave 20% off if you decide to set up a subscription.

While it is expensive, our entire pet-parent panel thought it was worth the price. All three also said they would recommend it to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: It’s A Healthy Dry Food Option!

Sundays dog food is made so that you could even eat it if you really wanted to. (Please don’t, though.) So you know your pup is getting a dry food that’s actually good for him.

Plus, he’ll have no idea that he’s even eating something healthy, since it’s so tasty it doubles as a high-value treat.

And since it’s air-dried, you know it’s going to last much longer than other fresh food options on the market.

So if you’re looking for the health benefits of premium dog food, with the convenience of a traditional dry option, the splurge is worth it.

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