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Review originally posted by HelloBark! on January 28, 2022.

Trying to pick the right food for your dog can be confusing and overwhelming.

Many dog owners may be used to feeding your canine companion a big-name commercial brand that you can pick up at a supermarket or pet store.

However, there’s a big shift towards feeding canines a balanced, complete and fresh diet to protect their long-term health.

As humans, we place great importance on our own nutrition so it’s only fair we show the same consideration to our four-legged friends.
Sundays For Dogs are one such brand that provide human-grade all-natural dog food that has been gently air-dried.

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In this article, we’re going to take a look at how their recipes are created, what customers are saying about the food and whether their meal plan represents value for money.

Sundays for Dogs - The Basics

Sunday For Dogs (Photo:

Sundays For Dog was created by Tory and Michael after their dog became sick.

It began a quest to find the best dog food. In doing, their website explains that they set about creating dog food that is healthier than kibble but easier than home-cooked foods.

Sundays For Dogs have some key values that they list on their website to give pet parents an insight into their ethos where creating healthy dog food is concerned.

The believe in using the best ingredients, best science, best customer experience and being the best dog food for the best dogs!

If you’ve got a busy social or work schedule, you want feeding your dog to be easy. Hence why Sundays For Dogs have opted for a simple air-dried food formula.

The unique selling point of Sundays For Dogs is their food is air-dried, unlike other dry dog food brands that we’ve reviewed. Their website explains that their unique air-dried approach helps to preserve the nutrients and flavours.

Not only that, their air-dried food uses human grade ingredients so there’s no added minerals or vitamins unlike kibble that they claim has up to 30 additives.

How Sundays For Dogs Works

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While Sundays For Dogs state on their website that they want their food to be less hassle than the home-cooked foods that we’ve previously reviewed, they have kept the questionnaire format to get key details about your dog.

So, you’ll need to enter key details such as age, breed, body type, exercise routine, allergies, pickiness, sensitivity to food and much more. They appear to have every base covered.

Sundays For Dogs write online that they believe they’ve found the best of raw and home-cooked dog food thanks to their air-drying method which gently dehydrates food low and slow to preserve nutrients and flavours.

They add on their website that their meals are a good option for pet parents with picky eaters given their air-dried meals retain all their flavour coupled with the jerky-like texture.

Sundays For Dogs point out that their food is ready-to-eat because there’s no meal preparation involved. You simply pour the food direct into your dog’s bowl.

You can also have peace of mind knowing that Sundays For Dogs was created by co-founder and vet Dr Tory Waxman. Joined by a team of experts, she’s created her dream dog food for her dogs Mabel and Schulyer as well as canines around the world.


Sundays For Dogs offer a number of different recipes for dog owners looking to adopt a healthy and tasty approach to pet nutrition.

During our research, we could only find a beef recipe on offer. We’ll keep you posted if we find other flavours that your dog can enjoy.

To their credit, Sundays For Dogs have a clear list of ingredients.

Beef recipe – USDA Beef, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Bone, Pumpkin, Quinoa, Zucchini, Wild Salmon Oil, Sea Salt, Kale, Flaxseed, Sunflower Oil, Kelp, Parsley, Dried Chicory Root, Turmeric, Natural Preservative, Ginger, Selenium Yeast, Blueberries, Carrots, Apples, Tomatoes, Shiitake Mushrooms, Broccoli, Oranges, Cranberries, Spinach, Beets, Tart Cherries, Strawberries.

Meal Preparation

Sunday For Dogs (Photo:

As we mentioned above, Sundays For Dogs believe their air-dried approach is the easiest way to feed your dog.

Their meals don’t require any preparation so that means no adding water or anything else. It’s a simple as pouring the food into the bowl.

You can store Sundays For Dogs in your cupboard or the counter top.

Price And Delivery

Sundays For Dogs provide a healthy and premium service so you’ll end up paying a little more than dog food that you’d find at the local pet store or supermarket. Having said that, they’re competitively priced within the tailored dry food market.

For my three-year old 10-pound Alaskan Klee Kai, I can expect to pay $10.33 a week or $0.98 per meal.

Their air-dried dog food is stored in a cardboard box and you can set up automatic deliveries tailored to your pup so you’ll never run out of your dog’s human-grade food.

New customers can get 20% off their first Sunday For Dogs order when you use coupon code AFF20 at the checkout. To avail of this discount, click here.

What Are Customers Saying?

Sunday For Dogs (Photo:

We couldn’t find any reviews of Sundays For Dogs on an independent website but they do have a section on their website with a collection of customer testimonials. They’ve got 15 reviews and receive a glowing five stars.

Katie was skeptical about the benefits but was delighted to see the positive impact on her dogs, Freddy and Hudson.

"I think Sundays has created monsters out of our dogs. They wake up every day SO excited to eat their breakfast, which was a definite change! Hudson has been a bit of a nervous eater since we adopted him at 6 months old, but he gobbles down his Sundays faster than anything I’ve seen. Freddy is getting his puppy energy and back at 6 years old, and his coat is becoming super shiny and soft, thanks to Sundays."

Dan admitted that the air-dried food smells so good he’s been tempted to try it.

"She’s a big fan. I might eat some… looks great. Like beef jerky. We’ve been joking about bringing it to Burning Man. But we actually might do it. One of the cool things is that it looks and smells like her high-end treats. So she literally thinks she’s eating treats. Which she loves."

Finally, Leslie left a touching review about how Sundays For Dogs made their precious pooch more comfortable during her final months.

"Unfortunately our dog Meg became very sick in her last few months and refused to eat anything, not even steak. We tried Sundays and Meg took to it right away. Having her appetite back meant that we got to spend one last summer with her and we are forever grateful."

Our Verdict

Sunday For Dogs (Photo:

I was sent two boxes of Sunday For Dogs to try – and I was impressed!

Full disclosure – my dogs eat fresh dog meals but I used Sunday For Dogs as a tasty table topper. Their air-dried food was a big hit!

We like to play scent games in my home as an interactive mealtime and Sunday For Dogs was perfect as each piece of air-dried beef is easy to split in half and hide in spots around my kitchen.

They use simple but effective packaging in a yellow box with clear feeding instructions on the side plus a friendly reminder to ensure your dog always has plenty of drinking water to accompany their food.

Any Negatives?

Sundays For Dogs have a unique approach to dog nutrition.

We couldn’t find any flaws with their service so you won’t go wrong if you do decide to try their food.

Their air-dried method is certainly preferable to kibble but if you prefer fresh dog meals for you pup, you may prefer to look at other options.

Is This The Best Dry Food For Dogs?

Sundays For Dogs use an air-dried approach to their food.

If you’ve previously fed your canine companion air-dried dog food, you’re in good hands with Sunday For Dogs.

However, some pet parents may prefer to feed their dog customised fresh dog meals.

You can view our ultimate guide to the best dry food for dogs in the link below.

Anything Else To Consider?

Sundays For Dogs offer lots of advice where transiting your dog to their air-dried food is concerned. Your first order will come with personalized instructions to help you with the process.

Remember, their personalized feeding recommendations are based upon the information that you provide on your dog, such as age, weight, activity level, body condition and more.

Sundays For Dogs Conclusion – Our Final Thoughts

Sunday For Dogs (Photo:

We’ve reached the end of our Sundays For Dogs review.

They offer pet parents the chance to feed their four-legged furry friend their air-dried dog food.

Sundays For Dogs believe their air-dried food is tastier than many of the other options on the market.

Not only that, they add that you’ll have minimal fuss where meal preparation is concerned.

Sundays For Dogs are a great option for pet parents ready to try air-dried food.

New customers can get 20% off their first Sunday For Dogs order when you use coupon code AFF20 at the checkout. To avail of this discount, click here.
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