Sundays' Customer Spotlight: Our Largest & Smallest Dogs

by Hannah Roundy

With so many canine customers, which of our subscribers has the smallest and largest dogs?

Sundays is lucky enough to feed thousands of dogs around the United States. With so many canine customers, which of our subscribers has the smallest and largest dogs?

Nutrition for Dogs of All Sizes

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, from 200-pound Mastiffs to 2-pound Maltese. But how do you find the best dog food for small breeds, large breeds, and everything in between?

Any pet parent will tell you how anxiety-provoking it can be to find the right food for their pup – especially folks with the smallest or largest dogs. It’s a challenge to find a high-quality dog food that meets your dog’s nutritional needs and doesn’t break the bank. If your pup is a picky eater, it’s even trickier to find food that they will actually enjoy. 

Sundays simplifies the dog food drama with their air-dried jerky food. It’s 100% human-grade, made with only whole, all-natural ingredients, and contains zero artificial or synthetic additives. The air-drying process kills bacteria while preserving natural flavor and nutrients – so even picky eaters can’t get enough of the taste! 

Founded and formulated by a veterinarian, Sundays USDA Beef recipe is AAFCO approved for dogs of all life stages. Puppies, seniors, and adult dogs of all sizes receive complete and balanced nutrition when they eat Sundays for Dogs. 

Sundays is even perfect for the largest dogs because it’s nutrient dense. Giant breeds require a lot of calories to keep their bodies going, so feeding them traditional dry or canned food can get expensive. With Sundays, you can save time and money by feeding smaller serving sizes without compromising their nutritional needs. 

Meet Our Largest Subscriber: Bumi the Great Dane

Which of our subscribers holds the title for the largest dog? That would go to a sweet Great Dane named Bumi and his pet parent, Will. 

“Bumi is our big boy weighing in at 180 pounds at almost two years old,” Will said. “Bumi gets his name from the goofy Earth King, Bumi, from the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Will says that Bumi definitely lives up to his silly namesake. Bumi loves laying upside down, snuggling pillows, and doing zoomies with his little Great Dane sister, Birdie. He does not like getting his nails trimmed or waking up from his pre-bedtime nap. 

Great Danes are considered a giant breed and can weigh anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds as an adult! It’s no wonder Great Danes are some of the largest dogs in the world. 

“The best part of having a gentle giant is the extra loving and cuddles,” Will mentioned. “The challenges are cleaning extra large slobbers off everything and bath time.”

Giant dogs like Bumi need a quality protein-packed diet to keep their big bodies healthy and moving. That’s why Will feeds his pups Sundays for Dogs. 

“Bumi has been on Sundays his entire life. His older brother, who has since passed, was the reason our family found Sundays!”

Will feeds his pups Sundays for Dogs because he knows the fresh ingredients provide natural nutrients to his giant Great Danes. 

“I like that Sundays has top-of-the-line ingredients,” Will explained, “and you can tell that the people who make it really care. I have even had an order stopped because it may have been part of a batch that didn’t meet their standards. You know you’re getting the best stuff when you get that Sundays shipment!”

The bigger the dog, the more food they need every day. But since Sundays air-dried dog food is nutrient-dense, Will began feeding smaller serving sizes without compromising Bumi’s nutritional needs. 

“We had been through so many ‘gourmet’ brands that take up the fridge or freezer space and had so many problems with shipping and breakages,” Will said. “Sundays was an incredibly high-quality food and the storage took up even less room than kibble did because it goes further per meal.”

Bumi and Birdie love the USDA Beef recipe of Sundays for Dogs. Will feeds them around 2 ½ cups a day in conjunction with their other food. He also repurposes smaller pieces as training treats!

The Smallest Sundays Subscriber: Paprika the Toy Poodle

One of the smallest dogs subscribing to Sundays is a tiny Toy Poodle named Paprika. Her pet parent, Ariel, got Paprika as a puppy in 2021. 

“She was 10 weeks old and 1.3 pounds the day we took her home! She wore a tiny bell whenever she roamed around the apartment so we’d know exactly where she was at all times,” Ariel said. “Now that she is fully grown, we’ve fully adjusted to the tiny pup life.”

Now 2 years old, Paprika weighs in at just 3 pounds! That makes her one of the smallest dogs that eats Sundays for Dogs. 

She’s the cutest pint-sized pup that loves puppachinos, stealing socks, napping on Ariel’s lap, and a good game of fetch. Paprika’s dislikes include missing out on the action when her humans are hanging out with friends, sticking her head out the window on car rides, and when Ariel says “outside, all done.”

“The best part [of having a small dog] is that we can take her almost anywhere,” Ariel said, “and she isn’t very destructive because she’s so small. She’s adorable – basically like a living teddy bear!”

Ariel explained that one challenge of having a tiny dog is finding appropriately-sized playmates, toys, or dog accessories. She will often give Paprika cat toys because dog toys are too big. 

Small dog breeds such as Toy Poodles, Dachshunds, and Maltese are infamous for being picky eaters. Before switching to Sundays, Ariel had a hard time finding the right food for Paprika. 

“For a long time, we used kibble. But it was hard to find one that didn’t give Paprika digestive troubles,” Ariel said. “Additionally, she was not super motivated by kibble and would only eat little bits at a time despite the many tricks we tried.” 

Even the smallest dogs like Paprika deserve big nutrition. That’s when Ariel decided to Sundays. 

“We were excited to try out Sundays because the food was the most nutrient-dense and high-quality food we could find,” Ariel said, “and thankfully, she loves it!”