Sunday Reset Checklist for Dog Parents

by Sydney Hess

woman walking up stairs with cleaning supplies

We've put together a dog-centric Sunday Reset checklist to help you tackle your pup’s messes and start the week off fresh.

After a long and busy week, Sundays are the universal day when most people can relax, recover, and reset. With more individuals sharing their lives on social media, the act of refreshing the home and preparing for the week ahead has been dubbed the “Sunday Reset”.

A Sunday reset routine will look different for everyone, and it can be difficult getting yourself into a groove at first. Most parents of furry children will need an especially specific Sunday Reset, because as we all know dogs come with their own unique set of messes. 

Below, we have put together a dog-specific Sunday Reset checklist to help you tackle your pup’s messes and start the week off fresh. 

1. Start the laundry.

This task generally takes the longest if you have multiple loads of laundry to get through, so starting it in the morning will ensure you and your pups are sleeping on fresh sheets going into the new week. To get the doggy smell out of dog beds, dog sheets, or dog blankets, use plain white vinegar on its own or in addition to a mild, unscented detergent, such as Nellie’s. It is important to be mindful of what you are washing your pup’s bedding in, as they are much more sensitive to the scents and chemicals that are in common detergents. And don't forget about the plush toys

2. Pick up the dog poop.

This chore will heavily depend on how many dogs you own and what size backyard you have, but picking up the poop should occur once a week at the very least. Nobody wants to smell the poop once it’s been picked up, which is why investing in a dog waste disposal system like the Pet Genie is a great addition to any yard. Nothing feels better than enjoying a poop-free backyard on a Sunday evening! 

3. Refresh your pup. 

No matter the breed, every dog can benefit from regular grooming. Set aside time to trim nails, brush out or de-shed their coat, and clean/moisturize their paws. Keeping your pup on top of grooming will help your Sunday Reset last a good bit longer. Just remember, that grooming doesn't have to mean giving your dog a bath, as it is possible to overbathe your pup

4. Wipe down and disinfect.

By the end of the week, nose prints have decorated nearly every window and there are slobber marks surrounding the water bowls. An easy (and inexpensive) way to clean those nose smudges is good ol white vinegar! Many window cleaners have harmful ingredients in them, and vinegar does just as good a job as any. For surfaces you need to disinfect, Clean Smart uses hypochlorous acid to disinfect while leaving no chemical residue. Hypochlorous acid is commonly used in skincare products, it disinfects better than bleach, and it breaks down into saline when it has done its job. 

5. Vacuum the doggy hair.

Whether you have a heavy-shedding Husky or a low-shedding Poodle, all breeds will leave behind hair along with whatever their paws track inside. A cordless vacuum like the Dyson Cordless V8 will simplify your life and take some of the annoyance out of this task. Take the time to vacuum under furniture and collect all the fur bunnies. You may find a long lost toy every now and then, which your dog will thank you for! 

6. Mop the floors. 

Pet parents may find themselves mopping more frequently than usual in the springtime as rain and muddy pawprints become a regular occurrence. As with all previously mentioned cleaning supplies, be mindful of what you clean the floors with as most contain harmful chemicals. Dogs are constantly picking up things off the floor and licking their paws, so it is important we are cleaning with products that will not leave a harmful residue. Dr. Bronners has a wide variety of multipurpose cleaners that are non-toxic to pets and their people, just be sure to avoid the tea tree scent as tea tree is not safe for dogs or cats.

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