Simple and Fun DIY Enrichment Boxes for Dogs

by Kaylin Haugen

Don’t put your cardboard straight into the recycling bin–let’s make an enrichment box for your dog! Here’s how:

Did you know that shredding, chewing, and foraging are natural behaviors for dogs?  Activities like this are the perfect outlet to meet your dog’s needs, that is as long as they're staying away from your shoe closet.

You can provide your pup with the perfect outlet for their somewhat destructive instincts by creating your own enrichment box for dogs. 

Of course, you should supervise your dog while they enjoy their enrichment box, and if you know your dog readily consumes paper products, this may not be the game for them.

Otherwise, follow the steps below for a simple-to-make and super fun-to-watch enrichment game for dogs. 

DIY Enrichment Box for Dogs 

What you'll need:
♻️ Empty box of Sundays for Dogs
♻️ A few pieces of Sundays food
♻️Toilet paper or paper towel tubes
♻️Packing paper
♻️Drink trays
♻️Egg cartons
♻️Paper bags (take off handles)
♻️Plastic bottles (remove caps)

Fold, crumple, and fill these items with dry food or treats. Place smaller items inside bigger ones; the more layers you make, the more challenging it will be, so make sure your box is just right for your dog!

Watch the How-To Video

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