Say “I Love You a Latte” With a Trip to East Village Dog-Friendly Cafe

by Caitlin Ultimo

Plus get a DIY recipe you can make at home.

My dog Dodger loves to go out to eat. Seriously, he loves to sit and people watch on his little cooling mat. He gets some special treats and tons of extra pets from passers by. When we lived in the sunshine state, I’d take him out to happy hour at least once a week. But when we moved back north, those dinner dates became fewer and fewer. Sure, we get some lunches in during spring and summer–even in fall if it’s a particularly sunny day. But winter outings are pretty limited. 

Well, lucky for me and other New York-area dog parents, there’s a way for Dodger to get his outing and for me to get a cup of coffee–or a can of wine. Boris & Horton is the first dog-friendly cafe in New York’s East Village. Named after the co-owners two adorable rescue pups, the community space was founded in 2018 and worked within the Department of Health Guidelines to offer a way for dogs and their people to order food, coffee, even wine and beer and enjoy it indoors–together. 

Boris & Horton's Walk Up Window
This is just the kind of place for me and Dodge. He’s not your adventure hiking kind of dog. He’s an elderly Chiweenie who likes laps, attention and prefers sidewalks to grass. I mean, if I was a local I would totally take advantage of their coffee club membership which gets you eight specialty beverages per month. But as a New York adjacent resident I’ll be planning on coming in one of these days for one of their many events, including adoptions and fundraisers, held throughout the month.

People come to work and pups come to play at Boris & Horton.

Co-founder Logan Mikhly has a history of working with animal organizations including the management of operations for New Orleans-based Used Dogs, a no-kill dog rescue. And in addition to running Boris and Horton, Mikhly also currently serves on the board of Muddy Paws Rescue.

Dogs can be off leash, just like a dog park.

We asked Mikhly to share a special treat with us, so pups anywhere in the world can get a little dose of dog-friendly cafe life. Check it out: 

Love You a Latte Dog Parfait Recipe

  • ¼ cup of whipped cream cheese 
  • Drizzle of unsalted peanut butter
  • ⅛ cup of Sundays for Dogs

  • Horton enjoying his dog parfait

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