National Puppy Day: Celebrating Puppies Raised on Sundays

by Hannah Roundy

Take a look at three puppies who were raised on Sundays for Dogs to see how it benefited them.

March 23rd is one of the best days of the year for dog lovers because it’s National Puppy Day! Get in the Puppy Day spirit by learning training hacks and meeting subscriber dogs that started Sundays while they were young. 

All About Puppy Day & Puppy Dog Food

Who doesn’t love puppies? They are the dogs we know and love in an even cuter, pint-sized package. With their tiny paws and playful spirits, it’s a challenge not to fall in love with puppies. 

In fact, young dogs are so universally adored that some countries have a dedicated puppy day holiday. In the US, National Puppy Day is celebrated annually on March 23rd. 

Puppy Day also serves an important reminder that dogs need quality food from a young age. To keep them cute and cuddly, they need to be fed a complete and balanced diet. 

Puppies require more food than you think. Their growing bodies need more food than even adult or senior dogs. Dog food made with whole ingredients will give them the natural vitamins and minerals they need to grow. 

Start your puppy off with food like Sundays for Dogs. The air-dried dog food only has natural ingredients and zero additives. The beef recipe is even AAFCO-approved to provide complete nutrition for all life stages of dogs, including puppies.

The Importance of Quality Puppy Dog Food

Snoop is a Cavamalt (half King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and half Maltese) that belongs to Sundays subscriber, Cati. His favorite activities are eating, playing tug-of-war, and fetch.

Snoop has been on Sundays since puppyhood!

He was adopted by his human family when he was a puppy right after the pandemic began in April 2020. It’s all thanks to Cati’s daughter, Leah, who begged for a dog. 

“She presented me with a PowerPoint that included all the reasons why we needed a dog, a list of what we would need to buy, and several endorsements from the other pets she had previously cared for that attested to her skill at taking care of animals,” Cati explained. “We had never had a dog before, so it was an adventure right from the start!”

Snoop was the runt of the litter.

Weighing only 1.5 pounds, Snoop joined their family and was the runt of the litter. The next step was finding puppy dog food that worked best for him. 

“We tried a few high-end kibble brands before switching to Sundays, but none of them seemed to work well with his sensitive tummy,” said Cati. “We want Snoop to be around as long as possible, and we also want to feel good about the food we feed him.”

After seeing a Facebook advertisement for Sundays, Cati decided to give it a try. Snoop tasted and tested both flavors, but ended up loving the USDA Beef recipe.

“His digestion is so much better on Sundays,” Cati said. “He has never been a picky eater, but Sundays was a great fit for his sensitive stomach.”

All grown up, Snoop is not a runt anymore!

Switching to Sundays gave Cati and Leah peace of mind about feeding their dog quality food. They also mentioned that walks are easier because now that Snoop’s digestion has improved – his poops are easier to pick up! 

Snoop is definitely not a runt anymore and weighs a healthy 20 pounds. This National Puppy Day, we celebrate dogs like Snoop who have benefited from eating Sundays for Dogs. 

How Sundays Helps Puppies With Digestion

Another mascot for Puppy Day is an 11-month old Goldendoodle named Pretzel. She loves going on walks, romping in the snow, and playing in the shower. Pretzel was adopted by her pet parent, Blake, in May 2022.

Pretzel as a picture-perfect puppy.

Before trying Sundays, Blake fed Pretzel a kibble diet and noticed that the pup struggled with loose stool and diarrhea. They ended up treating Pretzel for some parasites and her symptoms improved slightly but never got back to normal. 

“Her bowel movements were wildly inconsistent and she would often growl any time we touched her abdomen,” Blake said. “We wanted to try something healthier, so we slowly transitioned her to freeze-dried food with the go-ahead from our vet. She seemed better than she had been on the kibble, but continued to struggle on and off with horrible gastrointestinal upset and itchy skin.”

Blake tried feeding Pretzel different proteins and even tried fresh food to see if it could improve her health. 

“It always made a mess and was almost impossible to use for the 24/7 training that she needed, but we were willing to do almost anything to help her feel better,” Blake explained. “To add insult to injury, her tummy only got worse and she even began throwing up her food.” 

The vet wasn’t able to find anything wrong with Pretzel and Blake tried all kinds of solutions to help her. But after doing research on Sundays for Dogs, Blake decided to give air-dried a try. 

“In our search for a food that would settle Pretzel’s tummy once and for all, [Sundays] was the only food we could find that had 100% ingredients I felt good feeding her, didn’t have any vitamin packs, and was within our own budget,” Blake said. 

Another selling point for Blake was that the food could be broken down into tiny pieces to use for training. Pretzel was motivated in her training by the tastiness of Sundays!

Once Pretzel made the switch to Sundays, her diarrhea seemed to disappear and her skin health improved. 

“Four days into feeding Sundays and [stomach issues] were gone,” Blake said. “No more diarrhea, no more loose stools, no more vomiting. Finally!”

Pretzel loves both Sundays recipes!

Pretzel was fed complete and balanced nutrition from the USDA Beef recipe since it’s made for all life stages (including puppies). She’s made the switch to our All-Natural Chicken recipe as she reaches adulthood. 

“She is so much happier,” Blake reported. “Less nipping, less trouble settling down, and no more grumpy puppy! I would be grumpy all the time if my tummy always hurt. Sundays was like magic for us!”

Blake mentioned that the automatic deliveries from Sundays give her peace of mind about running out of food. They also love to break the food into little pieces for training and puzzle toys. 

“Puppyhood is such an important part of a dog’s life,” Blake said. “They are growing, learning, and changing so much! I can’t imagine feeding Pretzel anything that wouldn’t give her the best start to life possible.”

Puppy Dog Food for Picky Eaters

Our last Puppy Day spotlight that has benefited from eating Sundays is an 8-month-old German Shepherd ironically named Friday. She was named by her pet parent, Ellen, after the old movie My Girl Friday.

Friday was a picky pup before Sundays Dog Food.

Ellen adopted Friday back in September 2022 and says bringing the pup home was one of the best days of her life. Friday is described as a “land shark” that loves to chew up and gnaw everything in reach. 

“She also has a great love for curling up on top of my feet and sleeping the afternoon away,” Ellen said. “Those are the moments where it’s all worth it.”

According to Ellen, Friday is “unbelievably picky”. She tried multiple dog food diets all the way from kibble to raw. Friday just kept losing interest and eventually refused to eat. 

“After about a month and half, I had gone through a good chunk of the main market food and was beginning to despair,” Ellen explained. 

Ellen decided to try Sundays for Dogs. Friday was still hesitant but showed more interest in Sundays than she’d shown in other foods. Through hand-feeding Sundays and weening her off toppers, Friday slowly made progress and started eating better.

“She gets two cups in the morning and by the end of the day the bowl is licked clean! It’s such a relief to know she’s finally eating a healthy, well-rounded food that’s also convenient for me to serve,” Ellen said. 

Fridays' favorite recipe is Beef!

Friday enjoys the USDA Beef recipe and her dog parent enjoys the convenience of automatic dog food deliveries straight to their door. 

“Sundays is also convenient in the actual feeding process,” Ellen mentioned. “When I was trying raw, it was messy and I was not a fan of the smell. There was a lot more prep involved, as well. Sundays is great for scoop and go.”

Not only have Friday’s eating habits improved, but Ellen also reports that her pup’s coat looks healthier and shinier. Friday also has more tempered energy levels and is acting like a normal, happy puppy again. 

“Just like people, dogs need a balanced diet. When they are young, it’s even more critical,” Ellen explained. “Food is the foundation of bodily function and I want to make sure I am providing the best I can afford to my puppy.”

Sundays’ mission is to make quality food for puppies, adults, seniors, and dogs of all breeds and sizes. We celebrate Friday’s health improvements (and general cuteness) on National Puppy Day! 

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