Is Turkey Good for Dogs?

by Sundays

While perhaps less common, turkey can make for an excellent source of protein for dogs, take a look at all of the benefits.

Dogs love meat!. They will start to drool over just the smell of it. And so, you may be tempted to share a bite off of your plate. But, the best way for your dog to reap the benefits of protein is when it’s properly formulated to meet their nutritional needs and balanced with vitamins and minerals from other beneficial whole foods. 

Beef and chicken are two of the most readily available protein sources in dog food. Turkey is less common. But while perhaps less available, turkey can make for an excellent source of protein for dogs. Take a look: 

Benefits of Turkey for Dogs

As a main source of protein, turkey offers dogs a variety of health benefits that support their immunity, digestion, energy level and overall satisfaction at meal time.

Turkey is allergy-friendly.

As noted above, turkey is considered to be a novel protein. Novel proteins are meat sources that your dog has not been exposed to before. These typically do not include more common proteins like chicken and beef that make up the majority of dog foods and treats. If your dog has had allergies to a variety of dog food brands, it may be worth considering a recipe that features a protein like turkey that they have not been exposed to  before. The novelty  of the protein may be better accepted by your dog’s body. 

Turkey is  naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.

When used as a main source of protein in dog food it can support a very limited ingredient profile. This means that because turkey is so rich in natural vitamins and minerals on its own, you’ll need less ingredients in the recipe overall. Some vital nutrients naturally found in turkey include: 

 - Phosphorus: a mineral that combines with calcium to improve your dog's bone strength, muscle growth and tooth health

 - Potassium: aids in the functioning of electrical charges in your dog’s heart, nerves, and muscles

 - B vitamins: these vitamins are responsible for glucose generation, red blood cell and nervous system function, hormone regulation, immune response, niacin synthesis, and gene activation and help facilitate enzyme function

 - Choline: an essential nutrient for dogs that impacts healthy brain development, muscle function, heart health, liver function as well as the nervous system

Turkey is highly digestible.

Turkey has a rich amino acid profile. This is beneficial because amino acids act as the building blocks of protein and a multitude of other vital functions. They can help grow and repair body tissue, provide an energy source, build muscle and boost immune systems. 

Turkey  provides a moderate source of fat.

Just like humans, dogs need fat in their diets. That being said, the amount of fat a dog consumes should complement their activity level. Fat from protein will provide dogs with energy, but if that energy is not used it can lead to weight gain. Turkey acts as a nice middle ground source of fat for dogs who may not be superior athletes, but are moderately active and looking for a diet that will support the energy they need without providing fat they won’t use. 

Turkey is a more sustainable dog food protein.

Not only is turkey great for a dog’s overall health and wellness, but it also has a lower carbon footprint in manufacturing compared to other more popular protein sources for dog food. So it’s good for your dog and better for the environment. 

Does Turkey Make Dogs Sleepy?

When considering a turkey recipe dog food, your mind may immediately jump to that food coma you experience after eating turkey over the holidays. But the experience between tryptophan and dogs is a bit different from your own–especially when formulated specifically for a dog’s daily diet. 

A turkey recipe dog food will be created to support your dog’s energy needs, so you won’t have to worry about excessive sleepiness as a side effect if you choose a properly formulated food. Our new All-Natural Turkey recipe is vet-created and went through extensive testing to ensure it will support dogs’ optimal health and wellness. 

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