How to Teach Your Dog to Speak

by Dog Father 360

Dog sitting outside in alert stance ready for dog training

Teaching your dog to speak is not only a fun exercise, but also a very useful command for you both to know.

Let your dog's voice be heard — at the right times — with Dog Father 360's step-by-step tutorial for teaching your dog how to speak. 

As with any trick training it’s best to practice in small sessions that last 5-10 minutes and you can work in multiple little sessions throughout your day. It’s important to take breaks when teaching your dog a new command or trick.  Let's begin! 

How to Teach Your Dog to Speak Step 1:

Have your high value rewards in your pocket or a treat pouch so they are easy to grab and you can reward your dog in a timely manner once they have barked.

Step 2:

Find what makes your dog bark! This may be the most challenging part of this command because different dogs will bark at different triggers. Remember to be patient with your dog and try a few things to see what makes them bark. Some general actions that can make dogs bark are: playing with a toy, squeaking a toy, knocking on the wall or the door, barking yourself or making noises, or just acting silly and having lots of energy around your dog. For my dog she barks when I tease her with the toy we are playing with. 

Step 3: