How to Make a DIY Dog Valentine

by Hannah Roundy

It's so easy and so cute, you might want to keep it for yourself!

This year, axe the flowers and chocolate to make a dog valentine for your furry friend or pup-loving pals. You may even want to keep this special valentine for yourself! 

Hands & Paws Dog Valentine

This easy DIY dog valentine will melt the hearts of your pup parent friends. You can give dog valentines to friends, family, significant others, or even your own furry friend. 

All you need is a scanner, some paper, and your pup.

A homemade valentine seems intimidating, but you only need three things for this project: a scanner, paper, and a dog. You can even make multiple dog valentines if you have more than one pup in your house. 

Before starting your dog valentine, make sure your pup is comfortable with their paws being on the scanner. Some dogs are very sensitive about people touching their paws and you don’t want them feeling scared or stressed.

It might be helpful to have another human there when you make the dog valentines. It’s not completely necessary to have two people, but it could help you focus on keeping your dog comfortable rather than having to multitask and operate the scanner.


  • A copier or scanner
  • US Letter paper (can be white or a light color)
  • Your hands
  • Your dog’s paws
  • A towel or rag (to clean your dog’s paws)

  • Tip: Take a little time to clean your dog's paws before you get started.


  1. 1. Prepare your copier or scanner. Ensure there is paper loaded into the print tray and your computer is hooked up to it so you can see a preview of the scan before it prints (if necessary). 
  2. 2. Gently clean your dog’s paws off with a towel. You want them to look nice and clean on the scanner! 
  3. 3. Slowly put your dog’s paws on the scanner. Spread the paws out so they are in the shape of a V.
  4. 4. Put your own hands on the scanner on the outside of your dog’s paws. Mirror the same V shape so that it looks like a heart. 
  5. 5. Press the scan button and see your dog valentine come to life! Some scanners allow you to see the preview on your computer or they may automatically print after scanning. 
  6. 6. Repeat the process 2-3 times just in case the scan came out blurry. After you approve the scan, you can print it out! 
  7. 7. Give the scanner a quick wipe-down with a towel or glass cleaner. You don’t want paw prints on your next scanning project.
  8. 8. (Optional) Customize your dog valentine by printing it on brightly-colored paper. If you prefer the black-and-white aesthetic, sign your name and your dog’s name. 

  9. Remember to have fun in the process!

Voila! Your DIY dog valentines are complete and ready to give to the special person (or paw-son) in your life. Have a happy Valentine’s Day from Sundays!

Your DIY Dog Valentine is Ready!

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