How to Give Back with Sundays

by Hannah Roundy

Sundays announces the Sharing Sundays Program, encouraging others to donate their unused dog food to local shelters & rescues.

At Sundays, our mission is to feed 1 million dogs and help 10 million more dogs in need. We’ve created our Sharing Sundays Program to help us accomplish our goal!

Giving Back

Helping rescue dogs has always been a priority for our company. In November 2021, we teamed up with animal advocate Jill Rappaport, and the Black Dog Project. Black Dog Syndrome refers to the common issue of black dogs in shelters being the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized. To tackle this, Sundays sold limited-edition cereal boxes featuring black dog photographs by Fred Levy. 100% of the proceeds from those sales were donated to Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue to specifically aid in the adoption of black dogs. 
We value rescues because Sundays wouldn’t exist without them! The Sundays story began with a special rescue pup named Mabel. She was adopted by Dr. Tory Waxman, a veterinarian, and Michael Waxman, an engineer, when Mabel got sick. From there, her parents became obsessed with finding the best dog food to help her get better. When they couldn’t find a healthy alternative to kibble that was easy to feed and prepare they created Sundays! 

The Sundays Promise

Sundays is expertly formulated by Dr. Tory and a brilliant team that includes board-certified veterinary nutritionists, animal nutrition PhDs, and a human food scientist to fit the nutritional requirements for All Life Stages (yep, even puppies!). Our food is 100% human-grade because we only use all-natural, whole ingredients. We don’t even need to add synthetic or artificial ingredients to our recipe because the ingredients are so packed with natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Sundays is gently air-dried to preserve the nutrients essential to keeping your dog happy & healthy. 
The love Dr. Tory and Michael have for Mabel is why Sundays became the healthiest, tastiest, and easiest dog food on the market. To put even more love into our work, the Sundays team wants to be able to share our food with the pups searching for their fur-ever homes. Here is where you come in!

Sharing Sundays Program

To achieve our goal of helping 10 million dogs, we need your help! 
If Sundays is no longer a fit for your family, we are now offering a way for you to give back to your community and still get back some of your money. While Sundays is shelf-stable, the food is perishable, so we are unable to accept returns back to our warehouses. We don’t want unused food to go to waste, so we created the Sharing Sundays Program. This allows you to donate unopened boxes from your most recent order to your local shelter and in exchange, we will gladly refund 50% of the purchase amount
How does it work?
  1. Research local shelters & rescues in your area & contact them to ask for the best way to donate food. 
  2. Make sure your Sundays is unopened and in good condition. The food must be from your most recent order (we cannot process a refund for orders more than 1 month old).
  3. Ask the shelter for a donation receipt after the food is dropped off (we cannot process a refund without a donation receipt). 
  4. Email [email protected] a photo of the donation receipt within 30 days of delivery. *Bonus points for sending us a picture of the rescue dogs who are benefiting from your donation!*
  5. Our customer service team will ensure your refund is processed and quickly delivered.
If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service team at [email protected]
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