How To Explain Your Love for Your Dog to Your Significant Other

by Sundays

Because sometimes it's not the easiest thing to explain.

It’s just an average day. Work is stressful, dishes need cleaning–the laundry list is long. Not to mention that the actual laundry needs to get done too. You barely have time to grumble good morning to your partner, but then your eyes catch a glimpse of pure perfection: your dog. And suddenly that list can wait. There is always time for a snuggle, pet session and positive affirmations when it comes to them. 

And while you are fully enveloped in the bliss that is giving your pup belly rubs, the inevitable happens. That partner of yours can’t help but chime in, “Why don’t you treat me like that–you must love them more.” 

Well, if you mentally respond, “Yup!”, you’re not alone. Still that thought may be better left unsaid. Luckily, there are few other ways to address their need for attention without being totally dishonest. Here’s a few of our favorites: 

“I don’t love them more, I just love them differently.” 

“They’re like my child, they need me!” 

“We don’t deserve their love, they’re just so perfect.” 

“They’re my best friend, you’re my [insert your partner’s official title here].” 

“A love like ours is not easy to explain.” 

“I match the energy they give me.” 

But if you really, truly want to be honest and the above responses don’t cut it, then say what’s in your heart. The answer may be “Yes, I do love them more.” And you can leave it at that. A real partner will understand that there really is no way to compare the love you have for your dog to any other love. 

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