How Sundays' Recipes Helped Dogs with Allergies & Other Health Issues

by Hannah Roundy

Sundays for Dogs changed the lives of these four dogs for the better, see how our natural, fresh food helped.

Food is fuel – even for dogs! That’s why the ingredients in your dog’s food plays a key role in their overall health. Learn about how the natural ingredients in Sundays for Dogs helped four dogs reach their health goals and achieve some major glow ups! 

Signs & Symptoms of Dogs with Allergies

Allergies in dogs are very common, so don’t fret if your pup is showing signs of an allergic reaction. Dog ear infections, upset stomach, itchy skin, coughing, sneezing and diarrhea are all signs that your dog may have allergies.

There are a few different ways dogs can get allergies. It might be genetic and inherited from a relative. An insect bite can also cause an allergic reaction. 

Your dog can also show allergy symptoms when they come in direct contact with things like pesticides in grass, pyrethrins in flea collars, or even synthetic fabric in carpet or beddings. 

Sadly, dogs can develop allergies to pretty much anything at any age. That’s why it’s crucial to start preventing and treating symptoms as early as you can. The easiest way to start is to find the best food for dogs with allergies. 

If you suspect your dog has allergies, make an appointment with your veterinarian. They will help you create a plan to help your pup feel better. 

How to Find the Best Food for Dogs with Allergies

The right dog food can be a game changer for pups who suffer from seasonal or food allergies. Dogs with food sensitivities aren’t usually treated with allergy medicine – so it’s important to rule out any ingredient allergens. 

The best food for dogs with allergies has a short list of clean ingredients. Avoid artificial and synthetic ingredients. Opt for natural ingredients you recognize that provide your pup with the nutrients their body needs. 

Sundays for Dogs is a great food for dogs with allergies and food sensitivities. The ingredients are all-natural and human-grade to give your dog the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. It’s even formulated by a veterinarian to ensure your dog is getting complete and balanced nutrition. 

Always consult with your vet before switching your dog to a new diet. They may be able to track down the ingredient that is causing your dog’s allergies. 

Treating Dog Ear Infections with Quality Food

Terra K. is a Sundays subscriber and dog parent to two Australian Labradoodles named Henley and Harper. The 4-year-old pups are sisters from the same litter but have very different personalities! 

“One is super needy, in your face and loves attention and the other is more independent, a little stubborn and loves attention but won’t fight her sister for it,” Terra said. “Both are sweet love bugs that love to play with each other, love belly rubs, and cuddles.”

Before Terra fed her pups Sundays, they suffered with repeated dog ear infections. Henley and Harper also had a hard time with licking their paws and stomach issues. 

“[It was all] costly vet visits and feeling helpless,” Terra said. “My dog with the stomach issues layed around most days and you could hear her stomach upset.”

Henley and Harper were on a kibble diet when their dog ear infections and digestion issues were in full swing. Terra learned that the pups might have a chicken allergy so she switched them from kibble to the Sundays USDA Beef recipe

“I wanted something natural because my vet had told me there is really no healthy kibble on the market. There were some that were better than others but by having to cook the food at such a high temperature, it really isn’t good and feeding raw was just going to be so time consuming.”

Terra has definitely seen a difference in Henley and Harper’s overall health and happiness. 

“You can tell they feel better overall – more playful and their ears have gotten better. I do occasionally have to use drops in their ears if the vet thinks they are a little irritated, but they are no longer red and infected like they were in the past. And the stomach issues have almost 100% gone away.”

Sundays is a great food for health issues like dog ear infections and sensitive stomachs because of the all-natural, human-grade ingredients. It’s easy on their digestive system while also providing natural nutrients from fresh ingredients to keep your dog in peak health.

Assisting Senior Dogs with Allergies

Dove is a sweet, social 12-year-old chocolate Labrador Retriever that loves strolls around his neighborhood. His pet parent, Linda T., says that he likes to make friends on his walks and is quite the “snuggle bug”. 

When Linda rescued Dove, he had a broken tooth, severe ear infections in both ears, and skin issues like rashes, lumps and moles. Linda said that Dove definitely has allergies but it was difficult to track down the source contributing to his symptoms.

“As dog parents, we want the best for Dove and want him to be healthy and happy. So, we strive to address Dove’s issues as they come up taking into consideration our vet’s advice (and the risks given Dove’s age).”

Linda was feeding Dove a combination of kibble and pumpkin toppers before transitioning to Sundays. She mentioned doing extensive research on a “nutritious, limited ingredient and human-grade” food for dogs with allergies that might help Dove. 

“We chose Sundays for the following reasons,” Linda said, “developed by a vet, convenient to store and use, is human-grade, and has a recognizable and well-chosen ingredient list.”

With the help of Sundays, Dove’s digestion has improved and his body is in better shape. Plus, he loves the taste!

“Dove loves Sundays. We have noticed a slight improvement in his sensitive stomach issues. Dove has lost weight on Sundays, which the vet appreciates since he is now at an optimal weight.”

Why Your Dog’s Appetite is Important to Their Health

Even if your dog is allergy-free, pay attention to their appetite. Dogs need complete and balanced nutrition in order to stay healthy – so if they aren’t eating enough, they may not be getting the nutrients they need.

Darcy T. adopted her dog, Rosie, from the Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue. Rosie is now a 5-year-old Australian Shepherd, Border Collie and Boxer mix who loves to bark at geese (but is ironically afraid of water)!

Unfortunately, Rosie developed a neurological issue when she was 4 and Darcy feared they would lose her to the illness.

“She could not walk and would not eat or drink and after nothing could be done at the emergency hospital, we brought her home and focused on keeping her comfortable,” Darcy said. 

An issue that contributed to Rosie’s condition was that she wasn’t motivated to eat her kibble, so she wasn’t getting enough nutrition. Darcy got her to eat tiny bites of boiled chicken until she could find the right food for Rosie.

“I knew she would need a food she was interested in (and healthy) as she didn’t even want the wet puppy food the vet gave us,” Darcy said. “That’s when I researched new food options and selected Sundays. I’m happy to report she has made a full recovery!”

While Rosie’s issues weren’t directly related to her diet, Darcy knows that feeding her quality dog food is essential to her health and happiness. 

“We would have done anything to get her healthy and we should do everything right now to keep her healthy and not take any time with her for granted. Rosie is now excited for her meals and I don’t worry that it isn’t the best choice for her.”

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