How Sundays for Dogs Helped with Foxy's Fresh Start

by Hannah Roundy

Sundays for Dogs customer Foxy

A human grade dog food diet is the key to unlocking your dog’s peak health. See how switching to Sundays helped this former shelter pup's recovery.

After losing their 13-year old dog in 2022, Jim and Cindy decided to welcome a new furry friend named Foxy into their family. They adopted the Border Collie/Shetland Sheepdog mix from a shelter in South Carolina. 

Foxy’s favorite activities include daily walks, rides in the car, and admiring the Golden Retriever next door. Her pet parents spoil her with multiple walks each day and Jim estimates they walk around 3 miles every day. Foxy also loves raw carrots and gets one every day for lunch.

“Foxy was, we believe, ‘on the run’ for quite some time before she was captured and taken to the shelter,” Jim said. “We are blessed that she very quickly realized we were going to be her forever parents and she has completely become a part of our family.”

Because Jim and Cindy adopted Foxy, they weren’t sure about her previous health conditions. The vet diagnosed Foxy with multiple cancerous mast cell tumors at the pup’s first exam, only six days after she was adopted. Just a few weeks later, Foxy had to undergo an operation on the tumors. 

Foxy was fed Hill’s Science Diet dry and canned food when she was first adopted. After her operation, Jim and Cindy decided that they needed to put their pup on the “best possible diet”. They placed their first order of Sundays in late February 2023. 

“We like a lot of things about Sundays: first, Foxy absolutely loves it, so that’s first on the list of why we like it! Secondly, it’s a very healthy and pure diet for her, who appeared to be prone to the mast cell tumors. We wanted only the best for our little girl.”

Foxy was also diagnosed with heartworms in 2023. Jim explained that Sundays has played a big part in her overall healthiness and ability to fully recover from heartworms. 

“We can’t believe she gets the nutrition she apparently does with such a modest amount of food. We feed her the recommended amount twice a day and her weight has remained very steady and healthy over the last 11 months. She’s active, her coat is great and her poop is A1 (that’s a big deal!).”

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