German Shepherd Dog Names

by Sundays

Here are some good names for German Shepherds inspired by pop culture and mythology.

Brave, loyal, fearless, strong, adventurous, and unmatched in intellect–that pretty much captures the spirit of German Shepherds. These are all qualities to keep in mind when you’re choosing a name for your own German Shepherd dog, aka GSD for those in the know. 

Whether you’ve recently adopted your new pup or you’re looking for just the right fit, German Shepherds are always a good bet. With their amazing capacity for learning new skills and their working dog background, they not only do great in K9 units, but they make amazing family dogs, too. You may even be lucky enough to find a retired military or police German Shepherd dog that’s already trained to a level that most pet parents could only dream of. 

When it comes time to name your new pup, you’ve got to go with one that aspires to maximum coolness so it’s worthy of your GSD’s distinguished breed: a tough-seeming exterior and protective yet loving personality. Here are some good names for German Shepherds inspired by the most badass characters in pop culture and mythology.

German Shepherd Names Inspired by Movies and TV

Mad Max–Whether you’re a fan of the original Mad Max from 1979 or you prefer the 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road, this name is a good option for any German Shepherd. 

Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity–All three come from the classic late-nineties sci-fi movie, The Matrix. Neo is the hacker name of the main character who turns out to be “The One” who can free humanity from the matrix. Trinity is also a hacker who was freed from the matrix and who brings Neo back to life. Morpheus frees them both from The Matrix and guides Neo to his path of becoming The One.

Chase–If you have a kid aged 3-7, or if your friends or family members do, you are probably familiar with Chase, the adorable, spunky German Shepherd pup from the kids’ TV show, Paw Patrol. 

Axel (Foley)--This might be the perfect name for a retired K9. We’re taking you way back to the ‘80s with Eddie Murphy’s character from Beverly Hill’s Cop–the wisecracking, street-smart undercover cop Axel Foley.

Han–Of course, we’re talking about Han Solo. You could argue that he is the true hero of the Star Wars saga. He’s a sarcastic, cynical loner type, although he has a special place in his heart for Chewbacca and the ragtag Rebel group he reluctantly becomes a part of.

Wednesday–This Addams Family character was so popular that she got her own TV show. Wednesday was goth before goth was goth.

Wolverine–This X-Men character’s got heightened, animalistic senses and razor-sharp claws, kind of like the animal he was named after. No, it’s not a wolf. Fun fact–wolverines are real, and they are actually part of the weasel family.

Spike–What better name for a German Shepherd than Spike? If you’re an anime fan, or were in a past life, you’ll recognize the name from Cowboy Bebop, where Spike Spiegel the bounty hunter / space cowboy travels through space, being sarcastic and just plain cool. 

Vash–Here’s another anime character from the show Trigun who plays the part of the outlaw–the one all the bounty hunters are after. Vash the Stampede is a mysterious pacifist who hates conflict but seems to stir up a lot of trouble.

Lupin–This “gentleman thief” first showed up in short stories at the turn of the century. He is a master of disguise who can make light of seemingly impossible heists. You can find the Lupin character in books, films, TV shows, plays, and even comics.

Stark–This can be an homage to either Tony Stark from Iron Man or any Game of Thrones character from the honorable House Stark. 

German Shepherd Names Inspired by Greek Mythology

Zeus–The head god on Mount Olympus, Zeus rules over the others as the god of thunder and the sky.

Hyperion–Before the Olympian gods, the Titans ruled the earth. Hyperion is the Titan god of heavenly light.

Eos, Helios, and Selene–These are the three lights of heaven: Eos is the dawn, Helios is the sun, and Selene is the moon.

Artemis–Close to a German Shepherd’s true nature, Artemis is the goddess of the wilderness, wild animals, hunting, nature, and protecting children.

Athena–She is the protector of the city as well as a goddess of wisdom and war.

Oracle–In Latin, oracle means “to speak.” An oracle can bring predictions and messages from the divine.

Nyx–This is the goddess of night who is so powerful she is even feared by Zeus. 

Prometheus–This Titan was the god of forethought but also did tons of things for humankind. He stole fire and food for humans and gave them the arts of civilization–writing, agriculture, and science.

Apollo–If you’re looking for a really well-rounded Greek god to name a German Shepherd that seems to be able to do everything, Apollo is your guy. 

Orion–In Greek mythology, Orion was a giant and a hunter. Orion is also one of the most recognizable constellations in the sky, alongside his two dogs, Canis Major and Canus Minor.

German Shepherd Names Inspired by Roman Gods

Aurora–This goddess of the dawn is the first one up in the morning, because her job is to announce the day by flying across the sky in a chariot of light. Sound like any early-rising German Shepherds you know?

Pax–This Roman goddess is the personification of peace, or should we say dogification?

Vesta–Goddess of home and family, Vesta would also be a great name for your newest furry family member.

Jupiter–He’s the king of all gods and the Roman version of the Greek god Zeus. Just like his counterpart, Jupiter was also a god of the sky and thunder.

Mercury–Full of speed and cleverness, Mercury was the messenger of the Gods.

More Good Names for German Shepherds

If you still haven’t found just the right name for your German Shepherd pup, try out some of these:


  • Justice
  • Ranger
  • Trek
  • Ice 
  • Nitro
  • Rebel
  • Shadow
  • Havoc
  • Wolf
  • Spark
  • Scorpion

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