*Extra* Ways to Pamper Your Pup

by Sundays

Looking for more ways to show your dog you love them? We have you covered.

Have you ever looked over at your pup and wondered if they’re happy? You give them cuddles and kisses, take them on walks, feed them, worry about them, and everything else, so they should know how much you truly love them, right?

Chances are, they probably know they have it good, but If you want to make extra-sure that your dog knows how special they are to you, try some of these really *extra* ways to spoil and pamper your pet.

Dog-Approved Spa Day

Most any dog can appreciate at least one of these spa day treatments. The extra attention and bonding time alone will show them how much you care. 

Paw Treatment
This is something you can turn into a regular practice to keep your pup’s paws from getting cracked or matted: 
  1. Check the paw pads and between the toes for anything that could be stuck there.
  2. Use a pet trimmer (not scissors!) to trim overgrown hair between the paw pads. 
  3. Gently clean the paws with dog grooming wipes, a paw cleaner, or just a washcloth with mild dog shampoo and water. Only use products and cleaners made for dogs, since their skin has a different pH than ours.
  4. Moisturize your dog’s paws with coconut oil or a dog paw balm, massaging them as you rub it in.

Nail Filing
If you’ve ever been terrified to clip your dog’s nails because you might accidentally make them bleed, you’ll be happy to know there’s a better, low-stress way. Instead of clipping their nails, try filing them. You can use either a dog-specific nail file (regular nail files won’t really work on thick dog nails) or an electric doggy nail grinder. No stress for you, and no stress for your pup! 

Find a delicious-smelling shampoo made just for dogs, and give your best friend a nice, warm bath. Maybe not all dogs will appreciate getting bathed, but their skin will definitely feel better after. And of course, you’ll need to get them a super-fluffy towel that you can wrap them up in afterward.

Oatmeal Treatment
You can use oatmeal in several ways to soothe itchy, dry skin in dogs, especially during the summer or winter. One way is to use it as a spot treatment for any mildly irritated areas. 

Choose 100% rolled oats and blend them into a powder, or colloidal oat bath packets. Mix a little bit of powdered oats with water to make a thick paste that you can spread on the itchy spots and leave for about 20 minutes before washing off. 

Or you can do a whole oatmeal bath for your dog by mixing about ⅓ cup with a bathtub of water for smaller dogs, and ¾ cup for larger dogs. Rub it into your dog’s skin as they soak for about 15 minutes.

This is the kind of pampering your dog has been waiting for! No special tools or products needed for this–just their best pal (you!). Get comfy with your pup, and choose a time when they are usually relaxed and loafing around the house. 

Take time to gently massage the ears and neck area, then move down the spine, massaging on either side of it. Don’t leave out their shoulders, arms, and legs, and take note of any signs of pain or discomfort as you massage each area. 

Comfy Nests

When was the last time you upgraded your dog’s bed? Sure, your pup may love their scruffy mat, but it’s time to give them a bed that’s fit for a truly pampered pet. 

Better Beds
If you have a small dog that loves to curl up, try a nest-type round bed with a soft blankie that they can snuggle up in. If you have a bigger dog that loves to just sprawl out, you might want to get a large, rectangular orthopedic bed. 

Heated Bed / Cooling Pad
For cold weather, you can try a self-warming bed, heating pad, or heated blanket made for pets. These are also great for senior pets that are starting to get stiff joints and move around more slowly. And then for the summer, they’ll of course need a cooling pad! 

Doggy and You Experiences

Scent Walk
There’s probably no dog that wouldn’t love going on a scent walk. It’s pretty much just a walk, but for dogs, it’s all about the smells! This time, take your dog walking somewhere you’ve never been so they can discover all sorts of amazing new smells. Let your pup lead the way this time from smell to smell!

Dog Beach
This one might depend on your dog. There are dog’s dogs, and there are people dogs. They either love meeting new pups and making new friends, or they’re the type of dog that sits down so other dogs can’t smell their rear end to say hi. If you’ve got a dog that loves meeting other dogs, going to the dog beach should be on your list.

And then you’ve got the dogs that love sand and water versus the type that seems appalled that you would take them to a place where they would have to step on sand and possibly get wet. 

If you’ve never been to a dog beach before, try it! We can’t promise anything, but there’s a good chance they will love it.

Here’s another one that involves your dog actually liking other dogs. You know your dog best, so if you think they would like it, set up a doggy playdate with one other dog. It could be a dog they already know and love, or a friend’s dog they’ve never met. Ask on Nextdoor if any neighbors are interested in setting one up.                                                     

A Special Treat 

Doggy Ice Cream 
One ice cream for the tiny creature with four legs, please! Make your pup their own dog-safe ice cream so they will love you forever. It’s really simple to do. 

You’ll need to freeze a few bananas first. Then toss them in a blender with some plain yogurt and peanut butter until you have smooth, creamy peanut butter banana ice cream that’s safe for dogs. Just make sure you don’t give them too much at once. You can even fill up ice cup trays with the mixture to make small portions.

And if you’ve never tried Sundays for Dogs food, you can get a sample sent to you and try it out. Dog love the taste so much, they think it's a treat! 

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