Dog-Inclusive Summer Staycation Ideas

by Amy DeYoung

Sometimes, there really is no place like home.

Traveling isn’t always all that it’s cracked up to be. Between expensive hotel stays, long hours on the road, and overwhleming crowds sometimes, there really is no place like home. Many people have turned to enjoyable summer staycations as a way to take a break without having to pack their bags. Keep reading to get some fun summer dog activities you can do from home. 

Fun Things to Do With Your Dog At Home

Indulge In a Spa Day

Have a spa day, or should we say spaw day, with your pup at home. 

We recommend spending the day in your robe and filling the day with your favorite pamper day essentials, such as a face mask, hot bubble bath, a new coat of nail polish, or washing your hair with that lovely new lavender shampoo. 

Give your pup the works by clipping their nails, giving them a bath if needed, and brushing their beautiful coat. 

Finish the day by relaxing in front of the TV or reading a book while cuddling up with your favorite fur friend. 

Have an Indoor Picnic

Sometimes outdoor picnics are a pain, from allergies to scorching hot temperatures to insects crawling on your cute picnic blanket. 

If an outdoor picnic isn’t for you, prepare a picnic to eat with your pup in the middle of your living room. Set up a picnic blanket, pack everything into a cute basket, and choose foods that you and your dog will both love. 

Pack your favorite sandwich, pizza, wrap, or tacos, and plenty of dog-safe foods, like berries, carrots, and oranges. Don’t forget the dessert and a treat for your dog as a cherry on top! 

Movie Night

Enjoy a dog-centric movie with your furry friend. Consider watching classic dog movies like Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmations, and Old Yeller.

Take this idea up a notch by creating a dog-friendly charcuterie board for your pup or giving them a special treat or chewy to enjoy while you munch on your popcorn. 

Set Up a Kiddie Pool 

Set up a kiddie pool if your dog enjoys splashing around but doesn’t like full-on swimming. 

Kiddie pools are safe and non-intimidating for dogs that aren’t confident swimmers, so they can enjoy cooling off on a hot summer day. 

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Regardless of how many years young your dog is, they can always learn a new trick! 

Many dog breeds need a lot of mental stimulation to keep them engaged and happy, so this is perfect for your dog if they are the type to get bored easily or if they enjoy a challenge. 

Make training fun by providing them with a special reward, and be firm, patient, and gentle with them as they learn. 

Keep the trick simple, such as teaching your dog to spin around or set up a DIY agility course for them to enjoy running through. 

Just think how much fun you’ll have showing off your dog’s new trick to visiting friends and family!

Things to Do With Your Dog Locally

Explore Your Town Like a Tourist

Where haven’t you been with your dog before? Are there any dog-friendly parks, restaurants, or hiking trails you could visit?

Pretend you are both tourists for the day and explore the downtown area, visit new-to-you places, and enjoy the beauty right outside your door. 

Go Swimming

If your dog loves the water, look for more opportunities to spend time outdoors near a lake, pool, or beach this summer. 

Don’t forget to pack plenty of sunscreen, water, and food for both of you to stay fueled and hydrated as you enjoy splashing around. 

Try Out Water Sports

You can also check with local lake or beach businesses about renting a canoe, boat, paddle board or kayak and take your pup on an adventure on the water. 

Always make sure they wear a doggy life vest while on the water, even if they are a confident swimmer. Check the weather forecast to see if the weather is optimal and if the water is clear enough for sightseeing for the ultimate experience. 

Go Camping

Does your dog love the outdoors? 

Many campsites allow dogs. However, we always recommend you check each campsite’s specific regulations first, as some camps may allow dogs on the grounds but not on the trails. Pay close attention to all leash laws to keep everyone safe and having fun in the sun. 

Go Through the Drive-Through

What dog doesn’t love sticking their head out the car window to enjoy the breeze and sights? Make your dog’s day by taking them through a drive-through and picking them up something special. 

Many U.S.-based fast food chains offer dog-friendly options if you ask. Starbucks lovers know about the Puppuccino, a delicious treat of whipped cream in a cup, but many other chain restaurants provide their version of this treat. 

Some of these pup-friendly options are large and calorie-dense, so remember that these are best as occasional summer treats.

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